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How I Killed My Husband – Episode 2

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I layed on the ground, catching my breath. I prayed for death to come take me. I prayed for the building to fall on me so I could die.



It was early the next morning I woke up and saw that I has injury on my left arm. I was badly feeling the pain.


I dressed my son for school and waited fit the school bus to come pick him up.


It was a Saturday so Samuel would be at home. My mind was restless. Saturdays were always an headache to me.


“Erica! Am I not going to eat in this house today? Hurry up and fix something for breakfast.” Samuel ranted as he sat in the bed, reading a newspaper.


I was very tired to do anything else that morning.

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Infact,I was feeling dizzy. And i felt like vomiting too.


All of a sudden,my system changed. I sluggishly walked across the room but stopped again as I felt my eyes turning.


“Are you deaf? Hurry up and make breakfast!” Samuel yelled again.


I lifted a foot and made to walk again when my eyes turned and the next thing I knew,I was laying on the ground. I fell against the door wincing in pain.


My husband did not even stir up from where he sat.


“Erica,right now I don’t have the time to teach you some sense. Will you get up and bring my food!” He yelled angrily.


But I couldn’t stand up. My eyes were turning so much a d all of a sudden I passed out and everything went blank.


When I opened my eyes,I was laying down on a hospital bed.


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A nurse was beside me. She looked alerted as I glanced around.


“Where am I?” I asked tiredly.



“Calm down ma. You are in a hospital. I’m going to call the doctor now. She said to call you as soon as you are conscious.” The nurse said and quickly left.


I swallowed a mouthful of saliva, looking around. I had a drip on me. I tried standing up but lacked the strength.


The nurse came back with the doctor who out her telescope on my chest, checking my eye balls.


She smiled at me, calming me down. “You have nothing to worry about. You are save with me.” She said and breathed in while I nodded


” But why?” She suddenly asked.


“Why? What are you asking me of?” I asked her.


“You are there weeks pregnant with heavy internal injuries. Your arm… your…oh my God. Your va.gina. There is injury there. What happened? Where you rape?” The doctor asked me.


My tears came rolling down. I tried stopping it but couldn’t. Looking away,I said no.


The doctor sighed. “Honey,in a doctor. Something’s wrong. What happened? You could tell me.” The doctor said soothingly.


I looked back at her, nodding. Maybe telling this caring doctor wouldn’t hurt much.


“Yes. Yes,I will tell you happened ” I told her.




Samuel showed up in the evening and I was discharged.


I begged the doctor who was a lady to say nothing to him else I was in big trouble.


She told me I could sue him or report him but I just couldn’t.


I loved my husband and I had faith he was going to change.


When we got home,I met a young girl of about twenty three sitting in the living room carrying Christopher on her laps.


She quickly stood up to greet us. Christopher ran to me and I carried him up,my eyes still on the girl.


“Who’s she?” I asked, glancing towards Samuel.


He was silent. He slowly looked at me and our son. ” The nanny I got. She is going to stay with Chris tommorow while we go out.”


I was bewildered. Was he indicated to my condition? He did not even bother asking me what was wrong with me.


“But……as you can see…I’m.nit very fit to go out..”


“Are you trying to tell me I’m blind! That I have no eyes! That I have no right to talk to you!” Samuel raved.


The new nanny was confused at the atmosphere. She shifted her feet about, looking for a way to leave.


The chance finally came when Chris said he wanted to drink water. The girl quickly picked him up and they headed for the kitchen.


“Samuel, please. Calm down and listen to me. I’m there…”


“How dare you interrupt me! You are growing wings,do you Know? Anyways,I don’t have your time now. I have a very busy evening ahead of me.


We are going out tommorow and that’s final. Try me.” Samuel said glaring hard at me before walking up his room.


I buried my head in my palms as I slowly sat on a sofa.


The next day was a Sunday and I went it with my husband.

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They were having a conference meeting with the office and I put up my best smiles.


I pretended everything was fine. Samuel pretended the more. He put his arms around me at the reception and smiled all along while people glared at us, smiling and naming us the best couples.


The press even took our pictures and interviewed us.


A part of me was happy,wishing the pretence will last long.


But it did not.


As soon as we got home,all pretence were thrown into the winds.


Immediately we entered our room, Samuel pushed me against the bed and I fell on it,with a gasp full of surprise.


I never k ew he would attack me so suddenly without warning. “What was the meaning of the rubbish you did out there?” He fired. “What.. what..” I stammered, already in tears. I was confused. “Oh,you are asking me? As in?”


“I don’t know what you are talking about! What have I done!” I screamed in tears.


Samuel nodded, clapping and turning away.


Turning back sharply,he gave me a hot slap. I shouted in tears as I held onto the bed.



“You are shouting at me! Erica,you are shouting at me!” Samuels queried. “Okay,you don’t know what crime you commited? I will tell you. Why did you tell the press that things have not been so easy? Why! You want them to start suspecting? Now,I want you to tell me exactly what hasn’t been easy.” Samuel charged,ready fir another hit.


I moved backwards on the bed, begging him to leave me. ” Please,just leave me alone! What have I done to you!” I yelled as tears streamed down my face.


Samuel’s face crumpled up with rage. A rage that left me frightened.


It was a face full of rage that could kill.


“How dare you!” He yelled at him and before I could move further away,he pulled back his leg and into the air,then kicked me hard in the stomach with his shoe.


I screamed like never before as I felt my insides burst into flames.


I screamed again, feeling like I was going to die when I saw it tickling down the floor.


Blood. Coming from between my legs….it flowed down the carpet.







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