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His New Secretary – Episode 8

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Episode 8

Ella’s POV..

I stretched myself and stood up from the bed. I really had a good sleep yesterday

till this morning like never before. Sometimes I just wish I wasn’t working so I

could sleep and sleep and sleep.

Reed gave me a day off yesterday and I was very happy, now it’s a brand new day

with new desires .

I entered the bathroom and took my bath, came out dressed up and head to the

kitchen to grab some pancakes I ordered yesterday which was still remaining I

quickly warmed it up with the oven before i eat it and when I was done , I took the

nearest can to the company..

” Morning J ” I greeted

” Morning Ella you didn’t show up yesterday what happened?” She asked (More Stories @ https://generalloaded.com)

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” Yeah ,I was unwell” I half lied

” Sorry babe how’s it now ?”

” It’s better thanks for asking” I replied..

” Alright then see you at lunch” she said and I nodded smiling at her .

I pressed the elevator and entered, to my surprise, Zach was in there

” What’s up Ella , what happened in the party ? You told me you were gonna use

the rest room but disappeared and you didn’t show up at work yesterday” he said in

one breathe while I stared at him

” You are just asking me that now? What happened to yesterday? Didn’t you know

where I live? What if I died in the party ? You will just forget me like that when

you were the one that took me to the party ?” I snapped at him while he scratched

the back of his words maybe out of words

” I.. I’m really sorry Ella ”

” Save it ” I cut him shut

Please..” he began saying when the elevator stopped and I quickly came down

and entered my office…

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What a relief

I dropped my bag and walk to the coffee store to prepare for Mr boss ..

Reed’s POV

Give us more time sir

More time you say ? It’s been 3 good years and you are still asking for more

time ? You are out of your mind

Please sir we will give you feed back about her soon

Idiot better do that within this month else , you will have your head cut off


I hung up on him . For the past three years I gave him a simple job to do and he

can’t, just to find Harley for me is taking forever.

I began destroying things in my office , anger boiled up in me .

I sat down on the floor and began crying . I need to find Harley and Aunty Nora

even if it’s the last thing I will do ..

They were the only one that picked me up when no one wants me including my so

called father and mother. Gosh I hate them so much .

” I hate you father for making me a monster ” I shouted and hit the wall , my hand

hurts but I don’t care. I need to unleash my anger before it gets to the best part of

me …

The door opened and Ella came in .

” What Mr Reed your hand is bleeding” she said with wide eyes.

” Does that concern you? Drop the damn coffee and get out here before I do

something drastic” I yelled but she stood where she was

” No sir you are loosing so much blood, let me see your hand ” she dropped the

coffee and confidently walked towards me taking my bleeding hand and examine it

. She looked around for God knows what and left my hand walking to the firsy aid

kit .

She brought it out and began treating my hand while I watch her in amusement, I

wanted telling her to let go of my hand but I couldn’t ..

” Done , next time don’t be so angry to wound yourself ” she said and rolled her


” Why did you do that ?” I asked

” Do what sir ” she asked innocently

” Why did you treat me ?”

” You don’t have to thank me , I’m glad to help” she said sarcastically and left my

office.. This girl is hell of a crazy character . I didn’t even thank her and she did

as if I did do that ..

I shook my head at her as I tried standing up smiling at nothing in particular

Unknown POV

” Sir I think she left America” my investigator said

” What! How possible is that?” I asked

” I’m confused too sir , I have been keeping tap on her as you instructed but she

just disappeared” he said

” No! What of my daughter? Did she take her alone?” I asked

” Yes sir ”

” Find her, do anything I mean anything to locate where she is ! I can’t loose her

and my daughter, find Nora for me ” I yelled in anger and disappointment.

” I will sir ” he said and left .

How can I be this foolish to have let her go? For the past 22years I have seen her

and anything she does in her life , even when she gave birth I was there . I have

watched her raise our daughter .

I’m so stupid to allow my fear take over my sense of reasoning not being able to

approach her for I have wronged her so badly.

I couldn’t approach her because of the fear she will send me away .

I couldn’t approach her for the fear that she will hide my daughter away from me .

“I’m sorry Nora I wish to find you and our daughter soon , apologize to you then

we come together as one family” I said as tears flows down freely …

I need her and my daughter, I want to make up for those years she lacked fatherly

love .

I pray they are safe .

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