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His New Secretary – Episode 6

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Episode 6





Ella’s POV


I can’t believe I was been fooled gosh! This man is really a devil in human form .


You heard me right , take your book I don’t need it Ms Carter” he said sternly


You are just unbelievable, I can’t believe I have three good years not month to tolerate your arrogant and cocky attitude” I spat angrily. I wish to rip off his head right now because I’m beyond pissed


Yes darling you are stuck with me and when I mean you are stuck with me is plus everything in you especially your body is mine ” he said and licked his lips while I stared at him not believing my ears.

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You are the best joker of the year , but where are your cameras ? You need to record that because the joke is too expensive Mr Reed” I said sarcastically


It doesn’t look to you like I’m joking Ms ” he retorted shooting daggers at me


Well then , for your information, I’m not like those cheap things you sex ” I snapped my fingers at him


Stop acting like a saint you are not ,quit it because you don’t seems to be a virgin to me ” he said and roll on his chair


And what business did you have with me been a virgin or not?” I roared . What’s really his problem? Did he keep me here to humiliate me?


I knew it! That you are already loose ” he said


You know what ? I don’t have time to waste here with you, I gat work to do” I said and walked out his damn office.


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How can he say he owns my body ? . I will make sure I give him a sounding


slap the next time he vomit that rubbish again and I mean it …


Earth to Ella ” Zach one of the employee said ..


What are you doing in my office Zach ?” I questioned.


Can’t I come and see a friend again? I mean you told me we are friends right ?” He said and shrugged . Yeah Zach and Jeanne has become my friends ever since I came here . We do eat lunch together and sometimes hail a cab home together too before we drop at our destinations ..


Yeah I’m sorry I shouldn’t have asked that ” I replied


It’s fine, I just came to request something from you ”


And what could that be ?” I asked and he began scratching the back of his head



Erhhm , Ella there is this party in town this night and I want you to be my date please do turn me down. Just this once ”


I’m sorry Zach I’m not a fan of party like I’m not a party person ”


Pretty please it’s just my first request and you are turning me down” he sigh dramatically


I’m sorry..”


It’s okay I understand” he said sadly and disappointedly before walking through the door..


Zach !” I called while he stopped but not facing me


I will be your date for tonight’s party ” I replied. Seriously, I have never been to parties before


Thank you so much Ella ” he said and hugged me ….. Weird! ✓


It’s no problem ”


Alright I’ll come pick you up at 7pm ” he said excitedly while I nodded ..









I just pray I won’t regret this , going to a party with a guy I just met few weeks ago.


I heard a knock on my door, I guess it should be Zach ..


Hey ! You look beautiful ” he compliment as I opened the door while I blushed (Join Group) More stories @ www.generalloaded.com


Thanks , you don’t look bad either ” I replied


” Let’s go already, I came with my car ” he said while I nodded..


He opened the passenger door for me before he say down and began driving . The drive was so boring and uncomfortable as neither of us speak to one another . In no time, the car halted inside a gigantic building. Wow ! This is money . The house is so beautiful I’m sure the person hosting the party is damn rich


C’mon Ella let’s head inside ” he said and held my hand as we walk inside to a table .


What did you want to take ?” He asked .


Just water will do ” I replied


Water ? Are you kidding me? Let me get you something a little intoxicating” he said and stood up


No Zach I don’t take alcohol ”


Oh alright , can I have a dance with you?” He requested


Sure” I took my hand into his and stood up with all eyes staring at me which made me hella nervous


We joined the people on the dancing floor . Zach put his hands around my waist while I put mine on his neck and we began the slow dancing being played.


The sent of Alcohol everywhere was really getting into me , it makes me wanna puke gosh . I’m now regretting why I came here in the first place


What’s wrong Ella ” Zach asked , I guess he noticed my change of mood


I just want to use the restroom ”


Okay go by your left and be quick ” he said while I smiled at him before going to the direction he gave me ..




” Hello pretty ” a guy said and hold my hand as was about entering the restroom.


Let go off me ” I said and hissed


I want this sexy body of yours so how much for the night ?” He replied undressing me with his eyes


I’m not a hooker please let me go ” I said almost crying, his grip hurts like hell


Not until I have you warm me ” he replied and pressed my boobs .


I don’t know how but I found my self giving him a slap which angered him . Oh my God what have I done?


How dare you” he yelled angrily and tore my dress now showing my bra and cleavage. He pushed me to the floor and climbed up on me removing his belt ..I wanted shouting for help but he was quick enough to cover my mouth with his left hand.


God please help me! Don’t let me to be raped this way ..



I felt him being lifted from my body by a guy who punched him leaving him groaning in pain..


How dare you make attempt to rape her ? You are dead already idiot” the voice was too familiar, I tried standing up to see him but couldn’t


Ella are you okay ?” He asked and raised my chin


Reed?” I called and before you know it , my eyes closed slowly till everything became blurry and I blacked out..




Reed is her saving grace after he have finished talking in the nonsense and in the


rubbish .


Just remembering Jennifer


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