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His New Secretary – Episode 5

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Episode 5




Reed’s POV



I would kill a million times to see this look on Ella’s face . If not for the fact that I hate to laugh with commoners or anyone at all I could have burst out laughing right now.


I knew that with the amount if money I gave her , she will want to quit her job because it’s more than enough for her mum’s treatment .


You are very wicked ” she said glaring at me while I kept a straight face and a smirk on my face to annoy her more . I don’t know why but I love seeing her troubled…


Say that again and I will….”

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Do what huh? Let those hooligans like you flog me ? That’s the least of my


problems right now , it’s not surprising if you can kill then the flogging is just a mere punishment, just know that I am not afraid of you Mr Reed Emmett”


She said and picked her bag and left my office .. This girl is getting on my nerves but I don’t get why I can’t bring myself to get angry at her . It amaze me of how confident and fearless she is in front of me who everyone including my family is afraid of .


I must do anything to make sure she become afraid of me .. yeah I’m never giving up and that’s why I kept her here with me , she can’t resign else she will be jailed which I’m sure she doesn’t want to ever happen. I think I’m gonna enjoy how I will frustrate her .


I’m not going to kill her naa! She’s too pretty to die but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t Worth dying in my very hand .


She has to beg me one day and that’s a promise.


I smiled victoriously to myself and get back to work.


I picked up my phone and dialed her office number, I need to pay her half of her salary to at least be able to pay for her mum’s surgery..

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Yes sir .


She said harshly over the phone while I chuckled



I will transfer part of your salary to you so submit your account details Ms



Okay sir I will forward it to you now


She said and hung up


She’s so hot headed , no one dare cut the call on me but she’s the first . I heard the phone beeped , I guess she just texted me the details. I wanted her to come to my


office but she did the other way round feisty.


Ella’s POV


It’s lunch time but that boss of a man gave me loads of work to do with time to be submitted so I couldn’t go and eat and I’m damn hungry. He’s so bossy, arrogant and heartless who is only concerned about himself. Gosh I hate him .


I continue punching the laptop looking for old files and making corrections. I didn’t eat the breakfast because I was late , now he denied me of my lunch indirectly.


I heard someone cleared his throat and I raised my head to see the devil himself standing at the door with arm crossed


I understand that you own the company but this is my office and you have to knock before you come I’m ” I said glaring at him


It’s my company and I have the right to enter anywhere I wish to ” he replied cockily


But not my office Mr boss” I said while he smirked and walked to my desk , he hit it which made me flinch standing up .


What the hell was that for ” I said raising my voice at him


To show you I can do or have anything I want Ms Carter including you” he said flirtiously


That will be in your dream ” I said composing my self , his word freaked me out seriously


Then watch me do it ” he said and came nearer which I began shifting back till my back collided with the wall and he was able to pin me with his hands ..


I only know that he is ruthless and heartless but didn’t know he’s a flirt .



What are you doing” I said trying so hard so my voice won’t crack , this close proximity is something else. It’s making my legs go jelly and my heart beat very fast .


He grabbed my waist and kissed my earlobe , to my cheeks and down to my neck as I was trying so hard not to moan right now. What is he doing to me ?


He brought his mouth to my ears again and whispered


I guess you are already falling for me poor thing, you are doomed ” he said , kissed my forehead before releasing me and head out of my office.


What just happened? Jeez! I can’t believe I almost allowed him to kiss me . Oh my goodness!


I stayed rooted in the spot unable to move when the door cracked open revealing Jeanne .


What’s up girl I have been knocking on your door since but you wouldn’t answer


she said while I faked a smile


I’m sorry Jeanne I spaced out” I replied


Anyways, I noticed you didn’t come out for lunch and I guess you are busy so I brought you lunch ” she said smiling, aww she’s so kind .


That’s so thoughtful of you Jeanne thanks” I said as she handed me the flask


It’s fine Ella , why are you off?” She questioned staring at me .


Nope it’s nothing I’m fine ” I lied


Alright then see you later don’t forget we will hang out later ” she said and left .. I sat down on my chair with my mind drafting to the scene that happened minutes ago ..


What do that man really want ? And what did he mean by I’m falling for him ? That’s never gonna happen. Me ? Fall for his arrogant ass?


Over my living body . That guy is a pain in the ass. He threatme to sign an agreement unwilling and now this ? I’m sure gonna regret why I start working here





At least he’s giving me 300,000 so I will go deposit it immediately for my mum’s surgery.




Jeanne has been ranting since we arrived here but I wasn’t listening, my mind is far


from earth . I told her about my mum and she sympathise with me .


Earth to Ella ” she said tapping me


Sorry I zoned out”


You have been spacing out lately what’s the problem?” She asked




” It’s nothing Jeanne I’m just worried about mum’s health ” I lied again much I hate lying


. How



Oh! Don’t worry Elle she will be fine okay” she consoled me


Thank you J”










I didn’t wanna be late like yesterday again so I stood up on the first ring of my alarm.


I ate some lasagna and hail a cab to work .


I got Mr boss his coffee before heading to my office. I’m surprised why he’s all calm today though it suit him .


I entered my office and began working immediately, I need to rest because I stayed with mum awake in the hospital till mid night before I head home . I jolted from my sit at the sound of the intercom


Ms Carter to my office now


It announced while I grown , what did he want me for in his office now huh? .


I stood up and left for his office.



” I’m here sir ”


Go to the second floor , arrange the library and look for a book titled ‘ my pride ‘ and bring it here for me in not more than an hour . You can now go ” he said sternly and dismissively. Arranging the library is never my work and he wants me to look for a book for him ? I know he’s just giving troubles which I’m sure of ..


Afternoon sir I’m here to look for a book” I said to the Liberian who shook his head and smiled of which I definitely don’t have a clue why he did that .


Afternoon my daughter you can go search for it” he said and smiled at me


I began arranging and looking for the job in each and every shelf but yet to find the exact book ..


I look for the man but he was no where to be found , he might be of help. I sigh and resumed searching till I finished going round the shelves . Still , the book was not found .


Did he just want to suffer me ? I mean what if he knows that no book like that is here ?


And it’s remaining just 20minutes

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Maybe I should go buy from a store to avoid his troubles ..


I put a call across to Lia and she picked up not long after .



Hello Lia



How are you, you should be working now why calling me ?



Did you know a bookshop where I can get a book instantly? It’s urgent



Which book did you want to buy



I think the name is ‘my pride ‘



My pride ? I have the book you can come get mine instead , I’m home



Oh thank God, I’m coming right away


I replied and hung up and in no time I was there .


She gave me the book and I ran out of the house without uttering a word to her . I should thank her later but now? My time is up ..




The book sir ” i handed him the book which he hesitantly collected


Where did you get it from because I’m sure it’s not from the library ” he said while I hissed in frustration


Well, I couldn’t find it in the library so I got it from a friend” I replied staring directly at him .


Either way , I wanted to make you suffer and it worked . I’m now satisfied you can get back to work ” he said and grinned evilly


What !”


This man is impossible .

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