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His New Secretary – Episode 3

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Episode 3

your office is right after mine and your work is to answer the company’s calls and emails , get me my coffee at exactly 8am everyday , you will edit our files to see the mistake , now get out of here and go get me my morning coffee else you will get fired instantly, later we talk about your pay ” he said sternly , I glared at him and walked out of his office . how am I supposed to find the coffee shop now huh? I guess it’s gonna be tough . I know he have motives for employing me knowing very well I was the one that washed him with my tongue few days back but I’m smarter than he is . I know how to handle people like him trust me on that ..


I head to Jeanne to show me where I can get the coffee which she did gladly and in no time I was back to his office .




here is your coffee sir ” I said sarcastically .


damn you , I don’t take this kind of coffee get your filthy legs out of here and get me black coffee . ah! I can’t take this ! I won’t allow myself to be insulted because of money . I smiled at him and did as if I was going out but hit my leg on his desk making the hot coffee pour all over his body…


What the hell!? ” he yelled


I’m really sorry sir ” I feign sincerity ..

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you are…..




is this Ella okay ?



Ella’s POV.


Are you freaking kidding me? ” Lia asked


I’m serious here stupid” I said and hit her .


You mean six hundred thousand? For a month salary? Who does that? ” She asked seeming shock


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My boss Reed Emmett does that ” I said rolling my eyes.


I guess I know what he is paying you that huge amount of money” she said what I shot her a confused stare.


What did you mean? That he has another motive?”



Yes of course and I think he don’t want you to leave like others ! Oh my God did he love you already? I just remembered it’s been a week since you started working for him and you aren’t fired ”

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Stop being ridiculous will you ? How did you expect that arrogant rich folk to love me? Anyways I’m planning on resigning after my first page after all by then i will get what I really came for which is the money ” I explained


You must be a joker ! Are you sure you are not sick? Which job in this whole city pays that amount of money which you want to loose? To go back to zero? Heck I won’t allow that happen idiot ” she glared at me . Why’s she taking it over now ? Is it her me?


I have made up my mind and that’s period ! Gotta go , see you soon girlfriend” I winked at her heading out of her apartment.


You dare not do such thing else I will kill you silly” she roared .


I love you too” I said sarcastically . She’s such a drama queen.


I need to go check on mum , it’s Saturday and no work today so I’m free . Free from Mr arrogant troubles .


I entered my mum’s ward and guess she’s awake .


Good afternoon mum” I greeted as I kiss her forehead.


Elle” she called


Yes mum how’s your health now ”


I’m fine so long you are with me Elle and I’m really sorry you have to work so hard just because of me ” she said in a sober tone .


No mum , I’m not complaining and the work isn’t stressful okay you don’t have to worry yourself I’m fine , immediately I get my salary I won’t let it be up to two



months that the doctor said instead , we will commence the surgery thereafter” I said


” Thank you Elle, I love you ”


” I love you too mum ” I said and hugged her .


I wish to dad was here the family could have been completed but heck ! I don’t even know my dad and when I try confronting mum about it , she either yell at me or began crying.. I know but I wish to know and meet you one day Dad, I don’t


care who you might be , I just want someone to call father .


I know I will meet you someday so please be safe for me , your beloved daughter

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