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His New Secretary – Episode 22

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Episode 22




Asher’s POV


I continue wiping Emmett with all the anger I’m me .


He’s done enough and now Elle is suffering to recover the memory loss …



I Know I have wronged everyone badly including my own very friend but even if I have to die, can you allow me ask for everyone’s forgiveness? I’m really sorry for what I did in the past and it came hunting me ” He said , why am I even soft hearted like . I was moved by his words. It’s really touching


Yeah I will do just that but before then , I wish to torture you I want to see you suffer the way my daughter is suffering right now”

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Ella’s POV


I saw my younger self being dragged into a building while mum was tied up .


Let go off me ” I shouted and tried to leave their grip but who was I ? A little girl with no power ..


I tired talking again but was given a hot slap ..


I cried and cried till my tears got dried. They kept me in a very small room hitting me like an adult …


Weak and tired, I sat down with no word nor reaction. A man walked in with a mocking smile on his face …

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Little rat’s daughter that even at this age my son is into you” he said and huffed.. I wish I can smack his head for calling my mum a rat. Wait is he Reed’s father ? I thought childishly. Mum told me he is very powerful.


Fear engulfed me at that ..


Please don’t hurt me ” I begged fearfully shaking inside me ..


You can say that when I’m done with you” he smirked while one of the men that brought me handed him a string .


My eyes became watery . What is he doing with it?


He came closer to me and squat in front of me before forcefully injecting me with it ..


Now you will never remember the name Reed again ever. I’m Emmett, I do what I wish ” he laughed devilishly .


I became more weak and in no time everywhere became blurry and I blacked out..







I jolted from my sleep and landed on the floor…


Ouch ! My butts hurt…


I’m sure I recalled another memory. It’s really true Reed’s father injected me to


forget his son . Too bad !


Are you okay Elle ” Reed asked coming down from the bed …


I hugged his body and he didn’t hesitate to pull me to him …


Your dad he…”


He injected you?” He asked cutting me off while I nodded..


Don’t worry now , I’m with you and no one can ever hurt you again not even my dad I will kill him. He ran away from home but I will find him no matter what ” he roared angrily.


I mean I have known him as a hot tempered dude but never seen him this angry …


I will squiz him, I will break his bone ”


He said and paused looking at me ..


You are save now okay ” he said while I nodded …


I love you my Harley” he said and kissed my cheeks ..


I wanted telling him I love you too but my feelings are confusing me … We haven’t even spoke about last night or few hours ago to be precise.. Gosh !


You don’t have to tell me you love me too , I can always divide mine for you because it’s enough. You are mine and I will protect you with my last drop of my blood ” he said and pulled me closer while I buried my face in his neck..




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