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His New Secretary – Episode 21

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Episode 21





Ella’s POV (cont’d)


” Like what you see?” He asked and smirked while my face flushed in


embarrassment.. Don’t Tell me I have been drooling ….


I shook my head as he took my hand into his …


I wanted to ask him why he took off his shirt .. was it to see my reaction?

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Anyways, I came to take you out ” he announced and I was forced to look at him


. Take me out? For what?


I don’t mean any harm pretty , just to make up for those days I have been an ass please don’t turn me down” he said with a puppy eyes while drawing my cheeks. If not for the fact that I’m not I my best mood I could have hit him so hard for doing


that …


I sigh and stared on the floor unable to give an answer…


That is a yes from you then, thank you so much pretty” he said and hugged me but I refused hugging him back .


Who will know that the almighty Reed can be such a sweetheart and can actually plead? Isn’t that great?


Someone cleared her throat as he disengaged from the one sided hug ..

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It was Lia . She smiled at me before turning to Reed with a wide eyes … I know that eyes , she’s suspicious already..


Oh my Gosh! Is this really Mr Reed Emmett?” She asked taking her eyes to Reed and i ..


It’s really me Ms Lia ” he said and smiled . Wait what? He knows her name ?


How did you …”



Know your name? Of course you are Harley’s one and only best friend so why won’t I ?” He said and shrugged.. Lia is gonna kill me today !


Harley? Who is Harley?” She asked confused… This is really awkward. I need to put a stop to this conversation..


Uhhm Lia I will explain to you later but for now can we go in to my room?” I asked while she nodded but not before staring at me….


Let’s go already” she said


After you ” I replied and she didn’t hesitate to go before she went to my room .


I’m sorry I didn’t know you haven’t told her about you ” Reed said guiltily.


It’s nothing, let me go change before we go then ” I said


No need , you are beautiful like this ” he replied and stared at me lustfully or what?


At Least let me inform Lia and mum ” I said …








We arrived at a beautiful beach house. It’s looks like it has been there for a long


time but still looks beautiful..


The owner of this place must be fu.cking rich ..


Reed opened the car door for me to come down like a gentleman he’s trying to


become .


You like it here? ” He asked as he opened the door while we head inside..


Yeah it’s beautiful” I replied looking around..


Well it’s mine ” he said and smiled . He own this whole place? No wonder he’s damn rich . I can really testify to that..



Really?” I asked with mouth agape..


Yeah , my gave me as my 5th birthday present” he replied. And talk of his mum, I heard that she’s late but I can’t really place it.


I nodded while we climbed the heel near the beach house..


According to him, he said we should pass away time there before returning to the beach actually..


Don’t be scared babydoll, I’m here with you” he said as I held him tight, I can’t leave his hand in case I will fall .



We sat down atop of the heel in a cool silent. No one spoke but this place was really freezing as I hugged my body with my hand ..


Take and put it on you are freezing” He pulled off his hoodie and wore it for me




What about you aren’t you cold?” I asked


You don’t have to worry about me, I’m fine if you are fine ” he replied.


Did you come here more often?” I asked


It’s been 15years I came here last , and with you even if you can’t remember and since then I couldn’t come as our memories will come rushing back” he said . Really? We had memories together actually?


Just then


I saw a younger me and 8years Reed at the edge of this very heel…


Reed don’t leave my hand I’m gonna fall” I shouted in fear ..


Don’t worry Harley I’m here with you just hold on to my hand ” he said while I gripped his hand tighter …



It’s really fun here , look how the houses are looking so small ” I beamed while Reed at my side chuckled ….




I shook my head. Was it another memory?


What’s wrong Harley ?” Reed asked worriedly…


It’s nothing, I think I saw us at this exact place and I was telling you not to let go off my hand ” I replied and looked away. It’s embarrassing that I’m trying so hard to remember everything..


Oh my God you remembered?” Reed said while I nodded … Maybe he remembered too. ..


I’m happy you are regaining your memory ” he said and pull me into a hug.


We stared at each other after the hugging for almost 2minutes.


All I could see in his eyes was love , sympathy and worry ! Is he worried for me as well? But t his father caused this .


Our lips came closer about to get locked up when I stood up immediately. I can’t let that happen now ..


Let’s go already it’s getting dark ” I said while he nodded in disappointment.


We will have to sleep at the beach house before I take you home tomorrow” he announced..hmm. what do I have to say . It’s already dark and it might be dangerous driving at this time …




I shifted uncomfortably on the bed. It was too small and Reed and I have to manage .


He’s too close to me with his breath fanning my back .


I’m sure he’s not asleep as well …


This is going to be a long night .




He drew me closer to him and wrapped his arms around around my tiny waist with one of his leg on top of me ..


I became alerted and my heart began beating like a drum ….



Harley! ” He called and turned me in a way he was now on top of me .. I’m gonna die .. The close proximity between us is something I can’t tell. Does he feel the same way I do?


I love you Harley , I always have loved you” he confessed and began trailing kisses on my body …


I couldn’t react nor say anything as I lay like a statue ..





(I warned you o )



He rested a hand on my thigh close to my p**sy pulsing with excitement. Then he inched his head closer until his lips were flushed against mine and in a flash , his has were lifting over my shirt , his lips were skating over my br**st before his d**k slowly slided into me .


I winced in pain and pleasure as many moans escaped my mouth ..


I hope I won’t regret this night! So help me God .

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He continue thrusting into me till his c**k was fully buried inside me while his other hand was fondling my breast….


I don’t want this feeling to ever end as it felt so right ….


I’m sure it’s gonna be a night to remember..

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