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His New Secretary – Episode 19

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Episode 19




Ella/Harley’s POV


Oh crap! How come I’m just waking up? And mum also didn’t wake me up


Don’t she knows I still have work to go? I mean I’m stuck with Reed for three years and it’s just few months gone.


I jumped out of the bed into the bathroom and quickly did my business there, I


came out and hastily put on my dress like a mad person I can be sometimes .

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Without Caring to make up, I dashed out of my room ..


Morning mum” I greeted. She was sitting at the dinner while I walked pass her ..


Morning Elle aren’t you having your breakfast before you head to work ?” She asked gesturing to the pasta on the table ..


No mum I’m late already” I said checking my wrist watch.


But you have to eat something ” she said with concern while I sigh


You don’t have to worry mum I will grab some food at work and perhaps I won’t miss lunch, see you later mum I love you” I said and perked her cheeks before using the door immediately else she might stop me again ..


I hailed a cab to work as many thoughts occupied my mind .


What will happen now as Reed discovered I’m the same Harley he has been longing for ?

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It hurts that I can’t remember how close we were except for the ones I saw, was it


in my dreams or… .


I so want to get back my memory as soon as possible…


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The doctor said I will regain them and it will mostly come as a dream and I shouldn’t force myself to remember.. so I’m hopefully waiting ..






I knocked with a shaky hand , first I’m late and second I’m nervous all of a sudden.


I can’t really tell what’s wrong with me anymore…


I heard a faint ‘ come in ‘ .


What I’m I gonna say now? Is it the normal good morning sir, your coffee? Or


what ..


Shit what am I even saying , I’m his employee anyways .


Good morning sir ” I said and shook my head avoiding any eye contact with him . I don’t know what I supposed to do ..


Morning Elle” he replied. Wow! For the very first time he called my formal name in the office here and the name only mum calls me …


Your coffee sir” I said and dropped it on his desk turning to leave but stopped when he held my wrist ..


My heart began racing a marathon and I became sweaty inside of me …


Harley look at me ” he said and raised my chin while I nervously looked at him . Our eyes met and I was forced to look away .


Since I have worked for him , I haven’t felt this way I’m feeling right now. This feeling is new and I guess maybe because I learnt we used to know each other.. It’s really hurt I can’t remember it’s hurts so badly. I won’t forgive that Emmett man .


He must be there enjoying the comfort of his home and wealth .



Please Harley ” he pleaded running his hand through his hair while I managed to look at him thou not directly at him but his chest …


I have searched for you for ages and now I found you, you are distancing your self from me please don’t do that to me ” he said and paused as I stared at him . No words came out of my mind like there got lost …



Don’t leave me again please ” he said as a tear run down his cheeks . Oh my ! I didn’t mean to make him cry . Gosh he looks so handsome when he’s worried Now what do I say to him . I wanted to voice out that I won’t leave him , I wanted to tell him the new feelings I’m developing , I wanted to hug him and tell him everything’s gonna be alright but couldn’t say a single word..


He pulled me to himself and hugged me so tightly like his life depend on it. At first I refused to hug him but later hugged him back with his hands hugging my waist and my hands wrapped around his neck.


I don’t know how many minutes we spent hugging but I don’t wish it to stop thou a knock at the door did break the hug as Reed groan and hissed …


Come in ” he said as we disengaged from the hug while I took the opportunity and headed out to my office as his manager came in …….





” It’s been a while I had lunch with you Ella ” Jeanne said beaming while I smiled


at him . I mean what’s the gain in having lunch with me ? .



Yeah you know I have really been occupied with work , all I do in the office is work and work ” I said and ate from my plate


I Know right it’s not easy working as Mr arrogant’s secretary” she said and we burst out laughing.


Really he used to be arrogant, rude and bossy but not anymore I guess .


Well can I join the ladies here ?” That very voice! Am I dreaming? Reed asking to Join us for lunch? Oh my God. I shook my head as he stood at our side …


Yes sir you are free to sit with us ” Jeanne said and pinched me to mouthing ‘ smile ‘ . Jeez! I almost shouted , it hurting.


I glared at her and glanced at my boss who took a sit opposite us .. Now I can’t eat again. I suddenly became shy and uncomfortable….


Thank you” he smiled taking my food and began eating. Really ? Can’t he just order for his own food ?



Jeanne looked from me to him then cleared her throat and stood up . Don’t tell me she’s leaving me with him .


Where are you going Jeanne?” I whispered in a way only her can hear .


I can see the tension in the air and me sitting down here will cause more ” she said and winked at me before excusing herself… It’s really gonna be tough…

If it was then , I could have asked him why he took my food but now ….


Harley” he called and paused searching for something unknown in my eyes . I looked at him straight in the eyes and the only look I could find was that of sincerity.


I Know you haven’t recovered from the amnesia and you won’t remember me but that doesn’t matter so long I have you now with me . I have been a dickhead from the very day we met and I’m sincerely sorry for that. Let’s start afresh and create new memories , I will help you to gain your memories as the doctor said seeing someone do what happened in your past will make you recover fast. I’m ready to keep my work aside and help you I don’t want to loose you again please” he said and took my hands into his .


I didn’t realize I was crying till a tear dropped on my cheeks . Reed came and sat beside me wiping my tears …


Reed’s POV


Oh my God! I don’t know how it happened but our face was now inches apart and my breath fanning her . We stared at each other with no one breaking the eye contact.


I can swear I’m hearing her heart beating so very fast and I’m sure she’s hearing mine too because it was running to God knows where .I drew her closer that her br**t was pressing against my chest ..


Our lips got locked up as I began kissing her hungrily.


Oh my God she kissed me back .


I can’t really tell .


She broke the kiss and ran away sniffing. I guess she was trying not to cry. Shit!


What have I done?

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