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His New Secretary – Episode 18

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Episode 18




Ella’s POV.


I walked into the sitting room to see Reed and Dad discussing what God knows what . I mean I have ever dreamt of having a dad and he finally came so why won’t


I address him as one .


My princess what’s the matter” he said as he patted his side for me to sit .


It’s nothing dad just have few questions to ask mum , where’s she?” I asked and sat beside him placing my head on his shoulder by his will while Reed stared at me


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I wonder why he hasn’t been talking since yesterday.


I’m here ” mum said coming out of the kitchen.


She took a sit opposite us


Mum please I’m lost , I don’t seem to understand what has been going on for a while now and I think you should be the only one to answer me because I have a lot of questions to ask but for now I will just ask two. Who’s Harley and why did Mr Emmett asked them to.. to.. I mean uhhm took advantage of you ?” I asked politely. I don’t want to say anything that will be somewhat rude .


She shifted I’m her sit and cleared her throat.


Elle you are Harley” she said and paused . If I’m Harley why am I now bearing Ella?


My eyes met with a blue pair of eyes and I quickly turned away.


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Does that mean I’m the Harley he once called when he was drunk?


I stared at mum and nodded my head so she could continue.


Emmett was the one that wiped your memory so you could forget about Reed because of the closeness you two shared , he took us far away from here when you were barely 6 to America and threatened me to change your name or he kill both of us . That’s why I named you Ella, you didn’t know because you couldn’t remember anything including your name only that you remember me as your mum ” she said as a tear escape her eyes .


What did I do to that man to have hated me at that young age? Heck I don’t even know him so why ?


Why did he hate me to have done that to me mum?” I asked trying hard not to break down in front of everyone here.


He doesn’t hate you but me ”





Nora’s POV


I cried continuously as I saw mum and dad and my two elder sisters being shut in my very present.


Please don’t kill them ” I pleaded but a slap landed on my face and I yelped and fell on the floor ..


Shut the fu.ck up you little cat ” the man I don’t know said and smoked from the chicha pot in his hand …


I went to the lifeless bodies and began shaking them to stand up but to no avail


Mum , dad , Sharon and Janet please stand up you can’t leave me all alone in this world please” I said and cried more .


Boys take her to the mansion I’m not gonna kill her but will make her pass through hell in place of her father ” the man said while some huge men came in and dragged me to a car ..



I pleaded and pleaded so there could let me go which ended up in several beating. My father was a good man, I don’t know what he did to that man to have taking away my family from me . Why didn’t he kill me also …




We arrived at a very beautiful mansion to be said those men dragged me out while their boss came out from another car .


He stood in front of me as his boys held me tight . My arms were hurting but I couldn’t bring myself to do anything in case of any beating or more less flogging.


Well you are not here to enjoy the luxury of my house but to work as a maid here , I’m Emmett no one messes with me and your father did he forcefully took the company my dad intended buying for me and you will have to pay for his stubbornness even after death ” he said and smirked at me staring at me with hatred..


Just because of a company he took away my family and wants me to become a slave to him ? This is pure wickedness..


Please set me free , you have already done enough to me . You broke me by taking away my family, what else did you want from me ” I said and sniffed tired and weak of crying..


I want to see you suffer yes that’s what I want. Boys , torture her ” he said and left who the boys took me into a room and tied me up , they continue flogging me till I went uncouncious….


Flashback ends




Ella’s POV..


And after then, I became the one to do all the chores ” she said crying as Reed patted her back .


I can imagine what she went through , how painful it is to see your parents and siblings being killer in your present. Terrific!


I’m sorry mum ! I didn’t mean to remind you of that but what about if you got pregnant?” I asked curiously. I can’t remember meeting that man for once ..



I ran away and used the little money I had to find a house and hid there but he found out 4years after I gave birth to you and by then Reed was already living with us , Emmett drove him out as ordered by his new wife . That was when he went into the street I guess and you found him that day we went for a night walk” she said..


Anger boiled up in me! I wish to see him and strangle him with my bare hands. He


made my life a mess . He made my mum an orphan .


I stood up angrily and went to my room …

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This is more than I can take, I wish I can remember my memory I mean even if I was young then I would have still remembered somethings from my childhood..


” Harley ” Reed called and ran after me .


I’m his Harley ? I can’t believe it. It all a shock to me to be honest ..


I entered my room and shut the door before he could come nearer.


I need to be alone and clear my head ….


His father caused all this but should I be angry at him ? (Sighing) I climbed my bed and buried my face in the pillow…


Harley please open the door ” he said but I kept mute …


Please Ella ” he said this time in a sober tone.. I closed my eyes and cried my eyes out till I slept off ……








Reed’s POV


It’s a bright Monday and I hope Ella or Harley which ever of them comes to work today .


She hasn’t showed up as usual .


I just can’t believe she’s my Harley, the very one I have looked for for ages and she was right beside me yet I couldn’t feel it. I’m so dump but you wouldn’t blame me




What if she now has a boyfriend as she doesn’t remember me again?


What if she now hates me because of my father’s stupidity ?



Thou if that happens I will kill my father first .. He doesn’t deserve any pity but for now ? I have to focus on how to get my Harley back. She’s mine and mine alone

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