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His New Secretary – Episode 16

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Episode 16





Ella’s POV


Mum was quickly rushed to the hospital and attended to but the doctor is not out yet ..


If anything happens to my mum I will die …


The three of us kept pacing about in the hospital waiting for an outcome when a hand was placed on my shoulder jerking me ..


It’s me daughter don’t be scared ” it was that same man that made mum unconscious calling me daughter..

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I stared at him then at Reed who’s eyes have been boring hole into me since we arrived here ..


Who are you?” I asked while he flashed me a smile and I must say even at his old age he looks handsome.


You will know who I am later and that should be after your mum wakes up okay I don’t want you to cry anymore” he said while I nodded ..


Come give me a hug ” he requested. I hesitantly hugged him .


No! I’m not hallucinating, he’s definitely crying because I’m hearing him sniff . I wanted asking when I saw the doctor coming, I ran to him as everyone one followed.


Doctor how’s my mum ” I asked shaking vigorously.


Uhhm she’s fine now but the next time this happens, she might not survive it. Keep her away from anything that will shock her you know she just undergone a surgery just 2days ago and any small thing might affect her health ” he said



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A surgery?” That man asked


Yes sir a surgery and it’s a pleasure having you in our hospital sir ” he said and stretch out his hand for a handshake


It’s no problem doctor thank you ” he replied


And Mr Reed Emmett ? It’s nice meeting you” he smiled at him and for the very first he smiled back . This is wonderful and everything is confusing.


Reed what?” The same you that your father ….. Anyways that should be for later


the Asher man said clenching and unclenching his hand. What’s his problem now ? And what was he about saying?


Reed just stared at him like the way I am mopping at him too before he spoke up.


Doctor can we see her now ?” He asked


Yes she’s awake ” he said and walked off while we ran to her ward ….






Elle ” she called faintly as she saw me


Yes mum hope you are fine now ?” I asked and she nodded that was when Reed and the Asher man came in.


Mum shook her head .


Nora ” he called and paused trying to get mum’s attention but didn’t work out.


Please can you listen to me?” He said and sighed


And mum glared at him.


What did you want me to listen to Asher? Please let me be” mum replied about to cry again as Reed and I watched like a movie



I’m sorry for the pain I caused you please forgive me ” he said this time as tears poured out of his eyes. Render More Supports To Us By Sharing Out Our Stories To Friends And Medias




Forgive you you say? After what you did to me and left me to cater for our no my child for the past 22years? And you are asking me to forgive you? You are not serious Asher ” mum said and sniffed.


Wait ! What child? Who ?




It was like something hit my head as I fell on the floor..


I saw a younger me and mum walking through an alley when I saw a boy probably some years older than me lying lifeless on the floor ..


Mum look at this boy he is sleeping here in this cold ” I said childishly while mum turned with her eyes wide


We went closer to the boy and mum checked his what I don’t know.


This is Reed my ex boss son let’s take him home he’s just unconscious” mum said and backed the boy ..


Mum is he going to be fine ?” I asked


Yes he will ” she said using a water in the bowl to cool his body…


I saw another place where I was running around with Reed and…..




Ah ” I shouted holding my head , it hurts so badly.


Are you okay Elle” mum said and stood up from her bed .. Was I day dreaming? What was this thing that just happened? My head …


Ah ” I shouted again


Ella what’s wrong” Reed said and the Asher man came holding me ..


My head it hurts ah !” I shouted..


I will go get the doctor” Reed said and walked out of the ward…


“Ah” I held my head and lay rolling in the floor as I tried remembering about The Young Reed and I but I couldn’t …


The doctor rushed in and hold me but I was strong to leave his grip ..


My head ..


He gave me an injection and I became weak . My eyes became heavy and I suddenly became sleepy and slept off…








Reed’s POV.

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She’s going to be fine ” the doctor said but I wasn’t convinced. Why was Ella behaving like a mad person..


What’s actually wrong with her doctor” I asked


Well she’s suffering from amnesia, she was injected with a drug to make her loose her memory and now she wants to remember it forcefully that’s what’s causing the headache ” he said . I remembered my dad telling me that but is she Harley? Dad said she changed her name then it must be her


I have to ask Aunt Nora about it later . My Harley..


Will she be able to recover her lost memory?” Aunt Nora asked


She will but you shouldn’t let her remember it with force .it’s just a minor amnesia and the memories will come back by itself ” he said and left . Aunt Nora began crying while Uncle Asher stormed his leg in anger .. This is too much .

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