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His New Secretary – Episode 15

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Episode 15




Ella’s POV


Now this is confusing, where have they met?


Mum what’s going on?” I asked inquisitively. I can’t seem to understand anything here, I mean we just came back from America just few months ago and we have lived there all my life according to mum so how is this possible mum knows this rude dude ?


Elle ” she called and paused looking so scared while she shook her head..


Aunt , I have searched for you and Harley for the past 15 years but didn’t see any of you I learnt that it was my dad who sent you and Harley away and talk of her where’s she aunt” he asked staring at mum like wise me.


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She raised her head looking from me to Mr boss while she pour more tears ..


Don’t cry aunt I don’t wish to see you cry please” he said wiping her tears .


I didn’t know he can be this kind . What of this Harley girl? Who’s she ? And why’s mum not saying anything?


This is more confusing than I thought..


Asher’s POV.


Get me the rod you idiot” I yelled angrily. Yeah I came to visit Emmett in my private cell. I want to punish him slowly till he’s dead, I’m not angry at the fact that he made me rape an innocent girl but the fact that he tempered with my child and made attempt to kill me before I ran away far from this city ..


For the sake of the friendship we once shared, please forgive me ” he pleaded


I wish to see you die a painful death Emmett ” I said and wiped him while he winced in pain. That’s what he made Norah went through.


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Please Asher I’m changed now don’t kill me please, I will asked for forgiveness from everyone of you and make sure they reunite with you, I mean Nora and your daughter” he said in tears . Wow ! Almighty Emmett is shedding tears


You will do that ?” I asked and he nodded. I don’t really have his time right now. For now , I wish to go see Nora and my daughter .

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I dropped the rod and head out .


Don’t touch him again understood?” I informed my boys


Yes boss ”


Ella’s POV.



All of us stayed quiet without saying anything watching mum cry profusely. I think I’m the only one lost here, how did mum knows this Harley girl?


Mum please stop crying it’s not good for you” I said and sat beside her . Seeing my mum cries made tears welled up in my eyes without any reason . I mean I don’t know anything so I shouldn’t be bothered but mum is involved.


Elle! This is Reed ” she said and sniffed


I Know he’s Reed mum he’s my boss ” I replied. Why will she introduce him huh?


Really?” She beamed and in the next moment she became sad again


Yes Aunt she work in my company and don’t be scared my dad won’t come for you again ” he said and smiled at mum. What did they have in the past that I don’t know.


Mum nodded before she spoke up ..


Reed” she called and paused looking at me while I stared at her and she continue


Elle is Ha…” She was cut off by w knock on the door .


I will go get it ” Reed said and stood up from the couch and in no time he reappeared with someone.


A man rather who can possibly be in his late early fifties. Who’s he ? I looked at mum to see a surprise look on her face That of fear , surprise and shock…


The man came in staring guiltily at mum ..


A…. Asher ” mum stammered and before we knew what was going on, she fell on the floor and passed out..




Mum !” I shouted and ran to her .



Nora please wake up ” the man said and picked her from the floor taking her to his car while I followed suit..

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