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His New Secretary – Episode 12

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Episode 12





Reed’s POV


I woke up with the urge to puke, I ran to the bathroom and pulled out my intestine . How do I get here ? I tried standing on my feet to recall what happened.



Crap! I was hella drunk yesterday evening and Ella brought me home wait, was I taking her as Harley? Oh my! How foolish I can be when I’m drunk but I can’t just understand what connection I have with that girl that each time she’s with me I seem to loose myself. I guess it’s just lust because I can’t love her …


I came back after taking a cold shower, I don’t think I will make it to the office today. I feel so weak .


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I will try work from home till tomorrow.


I brought out my phone to call Ella, I’m not gonna thank her .


She will feel on top of the wall if I do that .


I’m just gonna tell her to take care of the office work . I opened my phone ready to call her when my eyes caught her message..


Good morning sir, I’m sorry I’m just informing you now that I won’t be able to make it to work today as you might have known the reason. I mean if you can know my name without me telling you then you should know about my mum’s health and today is her surgery. Thank you as you read this message. I wanted telling you yesterday but you were all drunk.


Have a nice day”


I read the message and exhale. Today is her mum’s surgery? Anyways ! I don’t even know her maybe , one of this days I will pay her a visit after her surgery just

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to surprise Ella . I love giving her troubles .


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Ella’s POV


I kept pacing to and fro the hospital waiting for the doctor to come out already, it has been forever since the surgery started and no news from either the doctor nor nurses who kept passing by me.


Thank goodness the doctor came out wiping his face with a handkerchief.


Doctor how was it ?” I asked curiously


Calm down Ms Carter, the surgery was successful your mum is really a fighter. She survived it ” he said while I fell on the floor sighing in relief . I’m forever greatful to God.


Thank you doctor, thank you. Can I see her now ?” I asked



Not yet , she will be under close observation for the next hour before she can be shifted from the ICU to her ward ” he informed while I nodded. This is the best


news I have ever hard in a long time .


He patted my shoulder and smiled at me before walking away leaving me jumping up in joy .


Now it’s remaining the pay to be completed before I can take her home and I will do that immediately I receive the rest of my pay for this month. Yeah..




You did it mum ” I squealed and hugged her lightly so she wouldn’t be hurt anywhere.


Yes Elle , we did it . If not for you I wouldn’t have survived it ” she said and began sobbing.


Don’t cry please, it’s my duty to take care of you” I replied wiping her tears with my thumb


Thank you Elle ” she said and hugged me again .


Finally, I have my mum back . Yaaay…






Mr Emmett’s POV


What mess have I put myself into ? I know Reed will crush me just in a minute.


He’s not the little boy I used to know.


He’s now powerful and rich..


I regret treating him that way but I was being controlled by the witch I called wife .


I wish to change everything but it’s too late .


I just have only tomorrow to provide them but i learnt there left America some months back .


Where do I find them now ? I’m really done for ..


I will do anything to earn my son’s forgiveness . I’m really changed now ..


I was lost in thought that i didn’t know someone came in ..



Look who’s troubled” that voice ! The very voice I betrayed. How did he find me ? And why is he back to South Korea?


I know I’m gonna die today , nothing is saving me ..


Asher?” I called as I stood up shakily ..


The one and only ” he said and smirked giving himself a sit .


Surprised to see me? Well I’m here to take my revenge you ingrate” he yelled in anger .


I’m dead already….



Who’s is even this Asher sef

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