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His New Secretary – Episode 1

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episode 1




Ella’s POV


I’m sorry Ms Carter the operation needs to be done within two months else she might not survive it as the cancer is beginning to affect her lung and you know what that means” the doctor said while I sob helplessly.


doctor please help my mom, she’s the only one I’ve gotten ” I pleaded .


I will be glad to help but you know the hospital’s policy, I can’t start the surgery without any deposition please try and work for it. I will be in my office” he patted my shoulder and walked off. I stared at the lying figure on the on the bed and sob harder . Why is life being so unfair to me ? for the past 22years of my life , no day comes without hardship and strive now the only one that has never abandon me through thick and thin is about to leave me . I took her hands into mine .


don’t worry mom, I promise I will do anything to make sure you undergo the surgery just please don’t leave me in the hands of this cruel world” I wept bitterly and ran out of the ward to nowhere in particular. I kept running till an idea struck me. I should go to Lia my best friend maybe she might be of help. I began running to her work place at the coffee shop .


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Ella what is wrong with you, you look worn out” she said immediatetly she saw I wasn’t in my best mood , crap! I have never even been happy in my entire life .


it’s mum , her health worsen and she needs to undergo surgery within two months or I loose her for life . Lia you know I can’t raise a huge amount of money like that of five hundred thousand” she hugged me and we began crying together like two babies been beaten by their mum .


it’s okay please stop crying, I think I have a solution” she said and my face soften.


you do?” I asked curiously


“yeah I do, you know even my ten months salary is not up to one-third of the money required but I saw a job interview which your CV might land you the job” she explained


wow! that’s a good news , what’s the job about and where?” I asked d


the CEO of Emmett and Co needs a new secretary and you are perfect for the job but” her expression changed into fear.


but what Lia please let me know”

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he’s ruthless and heartless, I even heard that none of his secretary have lasted for more than 24hours . What if you get the job and the same thing happen to you?” she asked worriedly but I think I’m already determine to get the job .why will he be that heartless not to be considerate and firing his employees like he’s chasing perching flies away .


don’t worry it’s not bad giving it a try is it? just tell me the time of the interview okay ” I smiled at her which she did return


it’s on Monday at 8am , that’s two days from now ” she replied.


thank you Lia for the information I’m really greatful”


” it’s nothing bes , I pray you get the job ”


alright I should leave you to do your work , see you after my interview” I hugged her and ran straight home to prepare something for mum before she hopefully wakes up .



Reed’s POV


good morning sir” my company’s secret agent greeted . I hired him to look over the private affairs of the company.


go straight to the point and stop blabbing I don’t need your greeting” I replied coldly , he looked at me fearfully which satisfied me . I want everyone to be afraid of me .


sir Mr Fletcher is planning on selling the company’s shares to your enemies” what! I trusted that bastard but all he have to do is to stab me at the back ? why did he chose to play with a burning flame?


you know what ? keep an eye on him and monitor his every movement till evening, for now I have a meeting to attend ” he nodded and left hastily. I brought out my phone and dialed someone’s number.


hello boss



keep it fool, Mr Fletcher should be captured before the next two hours if you want to keep your job


noted boss what should we do with him ?

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just make sure he goes through the worst torture in his life , I will kill him myself.


I said and hugged up , in his next life he shouldn’t mess with someone like me Reed Emmett the most feared and I’m proud of it .



coffee sir ” my PA said seductively taking me out of my beautiful trance . Didn’t she get it that I’m not into girls who throws themselves cheaply at me ? I guess today will be the last day .


drop the coffee and you are fired ” I said sternly while she gasped .


I’m sorry sir please don’t fire me ” she pleaded and I scoffed


get the fu.ck out of here or I let the security throw you out and I don’t want to ever see you near this building what so ever again unless it’s your death wish now get out of here you slut ” she hesitantly left the in tears . Good for her .






I entered the car as my driver began driving me to the conference meeting in town and not quite long we arrived there . Ignoring the stares, I began moving into the Hall when something or someone rather bumped into me . It was a young girl, she looks so tattered which disgust me , oh my precious body .


are you blind that you can’t watch where you are going ?” I yelled


excuse you?, you were the one who bumped into me and for your information I’m not blind ” she yelled back . How dare she ! i fumed


how dare you talk back at me , did you know who I am ? ” I snapped at her .


huh? some kind of Greek God or God’s right hand man? look I don’t give a damn about who you are except for the fact that you are an arrogant spoilt brat , now if you can excuse me I have something important to do than standing here and talking to a dumbass like you ” she spat and left.


Waoh! that’s a lot to take in . Didn’t she know who I am ? or she’s new in this town ? I guess yes ! I must find out about her . I have to do a background check on where she’s from .


she’s a gonna ..


who is this girl that have the guts to insult the whole Reed ?

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