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Haywire – Episode 15

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Episode 15.








The uncle’s went on laughing on laughing their lungs out. All the other people there were surprised with what was funny at that moment. They started looking at each other as they wondered what was being laughed at.


Grandfather looked at grandmother then the uncle’s laughing and stood up.



“When you are serious on talking about this issue, let us know” grandfather said as he made his first step to walk out.

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Hearing those words, the uncle’s got quiet in an instant just like the way a bulb gets switched off. In an instant. It was at that moment they realised that their laughing was inappropriate to other people there.


“Please, please sit down. We are really sorry for the laughing. It’s just that we couldn’t believe the story. Please we sort out this issue” the uncle pleaded with grandfather.


“Yes please sit we help out our children” Fostinah’s aunt added.


Grandfather turned around and looked at his wife, grandmother. Grandmother nodded in agreement entailing him to sit and sort out the issue. Grandfather looked at the uncles all those around.


“We have come here because my child is the one wrong but that doesn’t give you guarantee to disrespect us. What’s so funny? There is time for everything and this is not time to laugh so carelessly as if you have been bewitched. You have no regards to us. I wont buy this disrespect anymore. Am not your agemate” grandfather scolded them.


He then went back to his seat where he was before me standing up.


“We are sorry. It won’t repeat itself” the uncle said.


“So you have heard what is on the ground, you can go on” said grandfather. “Our in-law, we have heard your side but we are still finding it so difficult to believe it. Is there anything else you would say?” Asked the uncle.

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“I have told you the exact truth. It might seem so lame but that is exactly what happened” Peter said.


“Fostinah, you said they were about to do it, am i right?” the uncle asked.


“Yes,” she answered.


“Meaning they did not do it?”


“No, they didn’t but if not for me, it would have happened”


“Okay, the point here is no adultery was committed. It’s just the water in the pipeline which was there. Nothing happened” the uncle said.


“Uncle, they spent a night in the same house, how can I believe that nothing happened?” Fostinah asked.


“That’s why you were supposed to calm down when you found them instead of acting like Evelett Salt from a movie shooting at them. If you stayed a bit with them, you could have got a lot of details from them. It was wrong of you to act that way. About them spending a night together, we don’t have evidence about that” the uncle said.


“Can I ask something?” Grandmother said.


“Yes mum” said the uncle.


“My dear Fostinah, when these people left, did you check your whole house to see if there was anything suspicious which could have proved that they did it?” Asked granny.


“I don’t know. I didn’t check anywhere.”


“So, our in-law when you ran away after the shooting, why did you go with Tamarah again?”


“I had no clothes on me she was shooting, I had no option but to go with her as it was the only safe and descent place I could be.”


“Okay, the main issue here is to establish if these two, Peter and Tamarah know each other and if they really got intimate last night. Without taking sides, I feel Fostinah was not wrong to conclude that these two were about to get intimate. That position was so huge to go unnoticed. Coming to these two, i don’t think they really did anything that night. Do you know why I am saying this?” Grandfather asked. The uncle’s shook their heads signalling they didn’t know.


“If they really enjoyed each other in the night, they wouldn’t have risked doing that in the morning knowing very well that Fostinah would be home anytime. That is why I give his explanation some faith. Nothing happened” grandfather said. There was quietness in the room as they each went deep in thoughts.


“Fostinah, you have heard what has been said here. It’s like they didn’t do anything and we don’t blame you for your conclusion. Do you have anything to say?” Asked the uncle.


“Whatever has been said but all am sure of is they know each other one way or another. Am tired of him cheating on me. I can’t take this anymore.” Fostinah said. “We can imagine how you feel but we are here so that you reconcile. We have to put this behind and forge ahead.” Said the uncle. More Interesting stories


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“I would like to tell you our in-law that you are supposed to be very careful with how you relate with people of different sex regardless of the relationship. Am sure there are some things which fostinah saw between you which is making her not to believe that you did nothing. Mind the way you act towards other ladies if you want to thrive in your marriage. That’s all I can say” said the other uncle.


“I will ask our in-law to apologise for what happened earlier in the morning so that we can wrap up and go.” The uncle said.


Peter shook in his head as he tried to get comfortable so that he could apologise.



“Fostinah, I know I have been unfaithful to you but I can assure you that I didn’t do anything with Tamarah. She is my sister for that matter. I don’t blame you for acting how you did because if I was in your shoes i would have done the same. I need you to forgive me. I will try by all means to prove that I am innocent on this. Am sorry,” Peter said.


“She should also apologise” grandfather said referring to Tamarah.


“Am sorry Fostinah for this whole thing. I didn’t mean to bring chaos in your marriage. I will try by all means to stay away from you and your husband from now on. Am sorry for making you go through this torment.” Tamarah said. “And mt daughter, please, no matter how angry you get, stay away from guns” grandfather said.


“You have hear their apologies, what do you say now?” Asked the uncle.


“I have accepted their apologies. It’s fine” Fostinah said.


“At this time let me just finish. All has been said already. We expect you two to live in peace now. Forget about this chalade and start on a new slate. Marriage has ups and downs but we all pull through. So stick to what the elders have told you.” Said the uncle.


“Uncle I have heard and forgiven them but that doesn’t mean I can go on with this marriage.” Fostinah said.


“What do you mean?” Asked her aunt.


“I want a divorce”


“What?!” They shouted in unison.


“Yes, i want a divorce”


“Fostinah do you know what you are wishing for? Divorce is not a solution here.” the aunt said.


“I have had to put up with this life. This is the fourth time we are sitting here to talk about his cheating and I feel it time to leave him before he infects me with STIs. I can’t go on”


“Fostinah, divorce will ruin things. It will ruin your future, your career and the lifeof your children. Think before you act” the aunt said. “I have thought through this and that’s my decision”


“No, this will not happen”


“It will happen aunt. You can’t force me. My happiness amd safety matters.” “Fostinah, you are full of emotions right now. I urge you to let emotions pass after that, you can decide. But this decision of today is not taken. Sorry” the uncle said. They went on deliberating among themselves to try to make fostinah change her mind but to no avail. She stood giantic on her divorce decision.



“We will give her time to think through then let us know of her decision.” The uncle said.


They agreed to give her two weeks to think through the whole thing and decide later. It was also agreed that during that two weeks Peter was to stay away from her. That’s how the deliberation came to an end.


Peter went to the bedroom to pack some clothes and other necessary things which he needed for two weeks. He also got his car keys.


Grandfather, grandmother and Tamarah went into the vehicle they came with while Peter went into his vehicle.


“Are you not going into your boyfriend’s vehicle?” Grandfather asked Tamarah.


“Grandpa, let’s go home before I walk on foot” she said.


Grandfather drove out of the yard while Peter followed behind in his car. After driving for about five minutes, grandfather stopped by the roadside making Peter also stopped in front of them.


“Tamarah, go into his car” grandfather said.




“This is the only opportunity for you to mend your ways. If you miss this opportunity and you go back, you will become strangers” “No, grandpa let’s go”


“I will not move until you go into that car”


Tamarah looked at grandfather, Peter’s car in front and then to grandmother.


Grandmother nodded to her signalling her to go.


She got out of the car and went into Peter’s vehicle. She sat in the front seat.


“Don’t be late home!” Grandfather shouted as he drove passed them.


“Why did he make you come here?” Peter asked.


“He said its our chance to talk.” She said.


“Oh okay, I get it now” he said starting the engine and driving off.


“Elo Peter, am sorry for making you go through this. I am sorry that she got it that way” Tamarah said.


“Don’t worry, she will calm and all will be fine”


“What if she sticks to her decision?”


“The truth is even then, I won’t die”


“You know, I feel so bad that i am at the Hem of your chaos”


“Don’t blame yourself Tamarah, we will sort this thing out.”




Watch out for episode 16.

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