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Haywire – Episode 1

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Story Written By Benson Mphandika Lungu III. All rights reserved.

Episode 1.


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She was done making her round in the male ward she was assigned to work from that day. She wanted to ensure that she ascertained the condition of the patients so that the next person taking over can know where to start. She went and recorded her observations and areas requiring undivided attention.


“Sister Bwalya, am leaving now” she said to the sister-in-charge for that wing of the hospital.


“Oh dear, you have handed over everything to your friend?”


“Yes, i have”


“Oh okay, see you tomorrow.”

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“Thank you see you”


She got her chitenge material from her handbag and wore it to cover her uniform then going to the car. She got into her Allison and drove out of the hospital yard. The time around 18:00hours as the sun was a but high sky about to set in a quarter of an hour. There were a lot of people driving home obviously from work. Fortunately, being a town, there was no traffic congestion like it happens in cities. As she was about 100 metres from the junction leading to her home, she remembered that there were no vegetables at home. So she drove past the junction



heading to the market. She packed at a bank’s parking space which was near the market.


She then went to the market to get some vegetables and other spices she wanted.


Fostinah got to a stand where fresh vegetables were displayed for selling.


“I need three heaps of tomatoes for K3 each and two bundles of rape.” Fostinah said to the woman selling.


“Okay sister” the woman said as she got some plastics and packed what was needed and handed it to her.


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Fostinah got her pace and removed a K20 giving it to the woman.


“Let me just look for change. I haven’t sold anything yet as i have just arrived. You are my first customer” the woman said.


“Okay, it’s fine you can keep the change” Fostinah said.




“Yes, you need it more than I do”


“Thank you so much. May God bless you”


“Thank you”


“No wonder my daughter wants to become a nurse like you”


“Oh really? What grade is she doing?”


“Grade 4. She is my last born”


“Thats lovely. Tell her that nursing is one of the best professions. I wish her all the best.”


“Thank you so much. She usually comes with me at the market. When you come here again pass by here. She can really be happy to see you in your uniform.” “Oh okay. I will try to meet her. Thank you. See you” “Thank you”


Fostinah left the market going to the bank where she had packed her vehicle. As she was about to open the door of her car, she heard a musculine voice behind her. “Excuse me madam” the voice said.


Fostinah turned around and saw this fine gentleman glad in a spacious suit looking so good.


“Yes, how can I help you?” She asked.


“I don’t mean to interrupt anything going on but I just felt like I know you from


somewhere.” He said.


“From where?”


“Are you by any chance Sandra? Sandra from Mongu?”


“Ah No. Am not Sandra and I don’t even know the road going to Mongu” “Oh okay”he said with an astounding smile.


“Can I go now?” She asked seriously.


“Oh yes, thank you for your time. And by the way my name is Josne.” “Okay” she said the entering her car.


She strapped her seat belt on and started reversing leaving the bank premises. As she was about to drive off, she saw Josne enter into a Range Rover which was packed at the bank.


“Oh so he thought I can be lured away with his sweet talks? Nonsense.” She said as she drove off.


When she was half way getting home, her phone started ringing. It was her husband calling. She then picked it using her headsets. “Hello honey”


“Baby, where are you?”


“Am now driving home. I had gone to the market.”


“Oh okay, please get me two castlelites when getting home”


“Am almost home”


“But do what you can to come with those lites”


“So, you want me to make a u-turn to just go and buy those beers of yours as tired as I am?”


“I didn’t say that but if it will bring my beer then do it”.


“You must be kidding me!”


“No, am serious”


“Honey, i will find you home” she said then hanging up the phone.


Fostinah drove and got home. The moment she got out, her three children came running to her.


“Mummy, what have you brought for me?” Asked the youngest.


“Medicine” Fostinah answered.


“Ah mummy.”


“Don’t worry I have something for you. Get the plastic bag in the back seat.” She said to her oldest child.


She then carried the youngest who was five years old as she went into the house. She found her husband sitted in the sitting room watching some soccer highlights. “Hi honey”


“Oh well back baby. Did you bring me my things?”


“Sorry i didn’t manage. I am tired and I couldn’t turn looking at time” she said. “Oh okay.”



She then went to the bedroom to get changed into casual clothes. She went to the refrigerator and got some beef which she wanted to prepare for supper. As she was about to start cutting the beef, her husband came by. “Hope we are not eating beef tonight” he said.

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“That’s what I am preparing”


“No, cook fresh fish”


“I would have cooked but it’s very frozen. It will take long to dissolve the ice” “Okay but I want fish” he said going to the bedroom.


Fostinah left the beef in the basin and followed her husband to the bedroom leaving the children behind.


“Honey, you know the fish is still frozen how would you insist on it?”


“I really suffered to get where i am. So let me now have what I want. Is that hard?” “I didn’t say I won’t cook it but I said not today. If you really wanted fish why didn’t you remove the fish from the refrigerator for me? Huh?” “That’s your duty.”


“Okay, why didn’t you just tell Agatha, your daughter to get the fish from the


refrigerator and difrost it?”


“She is a young girl”


“She is 12 years old. She can’t fail to do that”


“Please spare my children from this”


“You know what, you are so heartless. I have knocked from work late and I have to try by all means to prepare what we will eat and you are making my things difficult. You knock off at 16:00hours, couldn’t you be helping me with chores?” “Fostinah, if you have failed to do home chores just let me know so that I can do what I feel would help”


“You don’t feel the fatigue I go on. In the morning, I prepare for kids to go to school and also you. Then I prepare for myself. From homes chores to professional work. I can’t even rest properly. When I come to rest you are all over me in the night. I am also human. You have to understand.”


“Oh so you mean to say, i should just be watching you at night? Huh?”


“We have been 13 years in our marriage, we need to reduce the frequency of it.”


“Don’t you go there” he said.




Watch out for episode 2.

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