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Frozen Love – Episode 40

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Episode Forty






“You know i can’t do that”. Nicklaus roared.


“Really? The father who sent to die on earth or your kids”. Nicholas said.


“Stop giving me choices Nicholas don’t act like you’re the good person here”.


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Nicklaus said.

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“I give you choices now Nicklaus and if you prove stubborn I’ll happily slit their throats right at your front”. Nicholas said


“And what makes you think that i give a Damn about them!”. Nicklaus said. “Don’t think you can trick me like you did with the Dai Shi, actually i wanted you down here, you’re feet for the job at hand”. Nicholas said.


“And what gives the strength to kill your own father?”. Nicklaus said. “Same strength that made me kill my brother… Dark magic brother.. But now you’ll be killing father yourself”. Nicholas said. “Why can’t you do it yourself?”. Nicklaus shouted.


“You want revenge don’, father tried to kill your lovely sister, he used her to get you”. Nicholas said.


“And it’s better than a brother who tries to take advantage of his sister, uses his niece against his brother and want his father dad… You’re becoming a demon brother”. Nicklaus said.


“They’re not my damn niece.. Their pretty mom is dead that settles it”. Nicholas said.

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Nicklaus got angry and punched the barricade angrily but It shocked him.



“Save your strength brother… It’s powered by the ancient magic from the four corners of Kepler no one can break through it “. Nicholas said.


if you think am gonna bend to your wishes then you’re wrong brother “. Nicklaus said.


Enough of the talks brother, it’s time “. Nicholas said and fisted his hand a portal appeared and Abruzzi carried Esther in.


Nicholas snapped his finger and a force threw Claire in. The barricade disappeared immediately.


Morgana rushed at him with full speed but a force hits her back.


Warning, you try anything funny and those kids are dead… I think you should caution your gang Nicklaus, am not a lenient being”. Nicholas said


“I promised myself not to put anyone in a coffin but i think I’ll go against it, when this is over, I’ll make sure i put you in a golden coffin with your head on your hands”. Nicholas said.


“Nice threat Morgana, we’ll see to that”. Nicholas said.


“Father is heavily guarded we can’t get to him that easily”. Nicklaus said. “I know… A good reason we’re attacking Kepler”.


“What do you mean?”.


“The prodigal son returns home with a group of hooligans to destroy the kingdom… Father will show up brother as usual and then I’ll deal with him myself”. Nicholas said.


“Father’s power surpass ours… His teleportation powers we cannot out beat”. Nicklaus said.


“I give orders brother and you listen , i wield dark magic… Father’s powers is nothing compared to mine”. Nicholas said.


“Then why don’t you just kill him yourself instead of involving me”. Nicklaus said. “No my questions brother”. Nicholas said.


Nicklaus grabbed him by the neck and breath angrily.


“I could burn you to ash right now brother”. Nicklaus said.


“Good….dark powers made me immortal brother and take caution… You try anything funny and your kids die, they’re far away right now from here, if you love them then do my bidding… Start walking brother”. Nicholas said.


They began the journey to Kepler on foot as the sun shone it angry rays on them. “You could just use your portals instead of this punishment”. Nicklaus said. “Nay… Come close Elisa. you should be by my side”. Nicholas said wanting to hold her waist but she pushed him off angrily.


Nicholas chuckled and danced backward.


“You’re gonna regret this brother i promise you”. Elisa said.


“Of course my queen”. Nicholas said.


They arrived at the gate of Kepler and Nicklaus blew it down with a heavy fire.


“Haha that’s the spirit brother”. Nicholas roared angrily.


Nicholas turned to his team.


“Stay back Yakiza, Elisa join him, I’ll go in with Morgana and Jai Mi”. Nicklaus said.


“And I’ll stay back with sister”. Nicholas said.


“Am not letting you go close to my sister… Am no match for father right then show him you’re his match”. Nicklaus said.


“You finally accepted defeat”. Nicholas said as Nicklaus left with Morgana and Jai Mi and rolled over the XM8 rifle behind her.


The soldiers opened fire at them as everyone ran Helter skater for their lives. Nicklaus used fire to consume some markets and abandoned building but was careful not to hurt anyone in the process.


Morgana did not use her powers as she used her hands instead flipping the soldiers and warriors in whatever direction she wished. They fired bullets at her but it no impact on her.


Jai Mi whose gun was loaded with tranquilizer pins was firing into soldiers body sending them unconscious.


Nicholas did not fight as he danced behind them enjoying the fight.


It was tough breaking past the palace guards but they did it.


They walked into the hall in the chamber and there was Shania playing with her cat.


Fear gripped her immediately she saw them. “Where’s father?”. Nicklaus said “Brother, you, where’s Elisa?”. She asked.


“Answer me right now Whereas father?”. Nicklaus roared pulling out his sword.


Shania pointed behind them and they turned slowly.


There was the king standing with his staff.


“Prodigal sons return home i guess”. The king said.


“Oh father there you are, I’ve come to claim what’s mine?”. Nicholas said.


“The throne..i should have known my offspring had start to wield the powers of the old tradition, it consumed you and make you seek more “. The king said.


“What do you say father you give it to me or i take it myself”. Nicholas said as his eyes turned red.



“What do you think I’ll run away from you, no i fight and i don’t care you’re my son, oh Nicklaus it’s a pity you sided with this bastard”. The king said. “Nicklaus and i had an unfinished business you know”. Nicholas said.


“Am sorry father but you gotta die… My kids or you, i think I’ll choose my kids over you”. Nicklaus said holding his sword angrily.


He rushed at the king and launched his sword but the king appeared behind him. Nicholas hits him away with his dark magic and as he king appeared behind him he kicked him off.


The fight lasted for about five minutes as Nicklaus was launching fires at the king but he was teleporting really fast.


Nicholas was also fierce as he was as attacking the king with his dark powers which weakened him.

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The king appeared behind Klaus and made to hit him but Klaus kicked him and he crashed into a chair.


Klaus grabbed a stake and forced it into his heart.


He groaned in pains.


“I think i changed my mind brother… I’ll kill him myself and then take his powers”.


Nicholas said drawing the sword behind him.


Morgana began to scratch her body as she began to transform to Diana slowly.


That was when Nicholas reasoned that she haven’t used her powers all the while.


“You bitch”. He roared and thrust the sword into Nicklaus’ heart.


A little portal appeared before him and he spoke.


“Kill them Abruzzi”.



An Hour Ago


After the returning from the black market, Nicklaus and Morgana were


contemplating on what to do to Gwen whose memory was wiped when Abruzzi


walked in.


“I did it”.


“What do you mean?”. Nicklaus asked.


“I’ve been with you for years boss… Even before you fired me from being your personal guard, it’s me Kenneth your Ex personal guard”. Abruzzi said. “What does that mean?”. Morgana asked.


“And with my stay with you no Matter how cruel you are I shouldn’t pay you with this, i know you hate traitors and i won’t forgive myself if i do this”. Abruzzi said as tears formed in his eyes.


“I don’t understand you Abruzzi”. Nicklaus said.


“Before you fired me because you suspect me for suspicion about me… I was responsible for the charm that made you believe you killed Jason… Nicholas made me do it with various promises he never fulfilled….after you fired me he used a


magic to change my face and i joined the army with hopes of getting closer to you luckily it worked and i worked for brother… I was part of the entire plot the entire time till now “. Abruzzi said.


Nicklaus was furious as he grabbed Abruzzi to the wall


How dare you i trusted you? “. Nicklaus roared.


I wanted power boss and now I’ve known what chasing after power could do… I lost the love of my life to the person i trust for his own selfish reasons, Evelyn “. Abruzzi said.


Nicklaus and Morgana were shocked.


You and Evelyn are…”. Morgana staggered. TOPSTER STORIES


Yes… Even as Kenneth…. She knows am the same person but i kept this from her and it cost her life… I wanted this to be over and have a happy life with her but Nicholas ruined it”. Abruzzi said in tears.


Nicklaus held him by the shoulder.


“I much as you’re my guard Abruzzi as much as you’re a brother to me, even if i was going to oppose your relationship i was never going to kill her”. Nicklaus said. “I think I know that now and i think i know the person i should have sided all the entire time I’ve told Nicholas all your plans including returning to Kepler very soon, he’s going to kill Diana and her kids “. Abruzzi said.


What do you mean? “. Morgana said.


He wants Nicklaus to help him kill his father so he’ll become the king… He wants power.. When we arrive at Kepler he’ll capture Diana’s kid and kill her, he’ll use it to threaten to kill your father”. Abruzzi said.


“My father or my kids”.


“Exactly but we could override this and when this is over you could just kill me boss, i deserve it am a traitor”. Abruzzi said in tears.


Nicklaus held him closer and parted his back.


“Am not going to kill you Abruzzi, together we’re going to kill him”. Nicklaus said and Abruzzi nodded.


“There’s this potion that transform people to their desired figure… It only lasts for twenty minutes… He’s the plan i figured out would work… Morgana and Diana will use it, Morgana becomes Diana and Diana Morgana… Nicholas is going to kill the suppose Diana with a sword that kills immortal “. Abruzzi said.


Am immortal “.


Yes that’s why you’re best fit for it… Immortal can survive it but ordinary supernatural can’t…. There’s a ring that steals the power from magical still have it don’t you… When he wants to kill you make sure you touch the sword with the ring.. It will steal the powers of the sword making it ordinary, he kills you with it but you pretend to be dead.. He think he killed Diana….Diana who’s you now will act your role of fury.. He’ll propose his Plan which Klaus will resist until he threatens the kid… I finally leave with the kids and you agree to help him…


Before leaving use your sword to touch the ring on Morgana’s hand.. The power of the sword will be transfered from the ring to yours… I believe you know how to finish the rest boss and kill him, he’s immortal but your sword now kills immortal”. Abruzzi said.


“I don’t know how to thank you Elisa but I’ll remain indebted to you forever”. “Invite Elisa, she has the device and can use to communicate with father and Diana also… We need to make this real… No mistakes”. Nicklaus said.


“Yes boss”. Abruzzi said and left.





Diana tried to attack Nickolas but he flip her away with his power.


“die brother”. Nicholas roared as he thrust the sword deeper into Nicklaus chest but Nicklaus chuckled loudly.


“Why ain’t you dying?”. Nicholas roared.


“Time is up son”. The king said.


“In summary, you messed up with the wrong squad”. Nicholas had Morgana’s voice behind him.


He sword thrust his chest from behind and he groaned as his face was becoming pale white.


Nicklaus rose up slowly and Morgana smiled.


“You had me lay on that hot desert sand, you’ll have to bath me honey”. Morgana whispered.

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“As you wish my princess”. Nicklaus whispered.


“You should moan brother your kids are dead”. Nicholas stammered.


A portal appeared in front of Nicholas and Abruzzi walked out with the twins. “Remember my promise”. Morgana said and pulled out the sword as Nicholas dropped to his knees, she flung it over his neck and his head dropped to ground. Nicklaus ran to his father and hugged him tightly..


“Am sorry father for being such a rude and arrogant son”. Nicklaus said.


“No son its me, i should have cared for my children… It’s out of my hatred at one decides to follow the dark path but you’ve seen light soon and decided not to follow Nicholas path. Am also sorry for all I’ve done”. The king said. Elisa walked in and hugged Shania too.


“Oh gosh you guys thought me how to be an actress… I can’t believe who all acted our part really well and trapped evil brother…”. Shania said.


“Thanks to Abruzzi and the device I use to contact dad and told him everything”.


Elisa said.


“I thought i asked you to tell the king about the final coffin i want”. Morgana asked Elisa and four men danced in with a golden coffin. “Here comes the undertakers Morgana”. Elisa said.


Nicklaus reunites with his family again as the moles in the council who worked for Nicholas were arrested and sentenced to death.


Elisa also reunites with her old lover Daniel and Morgana reunites with her mom.


The queen was quite happy to see her grand children.


The issue between Klaus and Morgana was settled as he accepts the children as his, Diana wasn’t getting married to him but he was to take care of the kids.


Yakiza and Jai Mi became new citizens of Kepler thought Yakiza served some punishment for escaping from Kepler.


Abruzzi was getting over Evelyn death as a chemistry begins between Jai Mi and Him.


And not forgetting our main actor and actress Morgana and Nicklaus who were now the best couple on Kepler.


“Oh i miss those days on earth when we were enemies”. Morgana said holding Klaus’ hand as they walked in a forest.


“You know you were the villain”. Nicklaus replied.


“No it was you, you raised an empire of gangsters, you’re the bad guy”. Morgana said.


“You know i won’t argue”. Nicklaus said.




“Because everyone knows you’re the bad lady”. Nicklaus said.


“Umm.hum i could still buy coffins Klaus if you dare me”. Morgana said And he chuckled.

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“and i could blow up your garage again?”. Nicklaus said.


“Dare you”.


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“You know what I miss the most, the bond, when I offend the almighty Morgana all she had to do was cut herself and put spice”. Nicklaus said and they chuckled. “You know i still miss”. Morgana said and paused as she changed her voice to a baritone.


“I’ll strip you na.ked Morgana and hang you upside down on a pole in the street Korea”.


Nicklaus grabbed her and they laughed as they tripped over a wood and somersaults down the slope until they fell off a cliff.




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