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Frozen Love – Episode 36

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Episode Thirty-Six




“Who are you?”. Esther asked walking back with her sister.


“Your nightmare”. Min Ho said and entered into the wall, she appeared from the wall opposite them and they screamed out loud. “What do you want?”. Claire screamed.


Min Ho grinned a wicked smile.


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“I want you both”.


“No, stay away from us”. Esther said in fright.


“Very well”. Min Ho said marching toward them.


“Hold it right there you intruder”. Jai Mi said walking out of a room as she points her gun at Min Ho.


She turned back slowly and rushes at Her.





“Seems we got an uninvited guest”. Nicklaus said as the Dai Shi proceeds down to the earth.


The Shi conjured a great deal of lighting at them and they dived into different direction.

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Diana bounced to her feet and twist her hands into different directions causing the falcons flip off the riders.


The Shi landed perfectly holding their tridents with glowing eyes.


The Dai chariot raced at them but Nicklaus threw his dagger and it pierced into the head of one of the horse causing the chariot to stumble.


The Dai jumped out of their chariots and threw their Sickles at him.


Nicklaus slides over it and rose to his feet slowly.


The Dai stretched their heads and their Sickles return back to their hands.


They raised in up causing a streak of lighting to descend but Diana held it with her powers.


“i can’t hold it longer”. She screamed.


Nicklaus pulled the other dagger behind him and raced at the Dai with Morgana. The Shi conjured lighting from their tridents and directed it at them causing them to jump back.


That was when Elisa rose up slowly, she rubbed her eyes walking out of the smoke.


That was when she saw the battle before her.


She could see Diana, a lady who was claimed that she was pregnant for Nicklaus holding down a lighting and Nicklaus plus Morgana trying to get to three individuals with sickle but another set with tridents are blocking their ways.



The Shi wriggle their tridents in the air and stab it on the ground causing an earthquake that threw them away.


Diana groaned as she struggled to get up.


Elisa quickly rushed to Nicklaus and raised him up.


“Brother, can you hear me?”. Elisa said.


“What are you doing here?”. Nicklaus said angrily.


“I came to help you”. Elisa whispered.


“with what?”. Nicklaus asked.


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Morgana threw her rushed at one or the Shi, she launched her dagger but it was knocked off by a tridents and the other kicked her away. Diana controlled her with her hands and lands her safely.


The Dai Shi marched toward Elisa as the edge of their weapons sparkle ❇ with lightning.


“Do it”. Nicklaus said.


“Do what?”. Elisa asked in fright.


“Scream, scream Elisa”. Nicklaus shouted as they raised their weapons up.


Elisa inhaled heavily and roared out like a wounded lion.


Her scream had hit the highest pitch that anyone could imagine as it blocked everyone’s eye not exempting the powerful wind which threw the Dai Shi back causing them to stumble over them selves.


Their weapons melted down including the cars in the area.


Elisa couldn’t control it as she kept screaming climbing higher to a tougher pitch. Nicklaus covered his ears as he staggered toward her fighting through the wind she was causing.


“Stop Elisa”. He shouted but it was just whispers.


Nicklaus grabbed her down but the wind from her mouth threw him away.


Elisa finally subdued the scream as she calmed breathing heavily.


The entire place was in ruin as everything made of iron were no more, glasses were also shattered down and everyone were still hearing echoes in their ears. Nicklaus hits against a wall and groaned.


The Dai Shi who the scream had little effect on since they were immortal staggered to their feet and pointed their hands at Elisa causing her freeze bit by bit. Morgana rushed at them and pushed the Dai with all her might.


She pulled out the pistol behind her and made to shot but one of the Shi flung his hand to the left and a force hits her to the left.


Diana conjured all the powers in her and hits the Shi against the wall.


Elisa regained her self as the ice melted off.


Nicklaus quickly rushed up to her raised her up.


“Hey Elisa you shouldn’t have come”. He said.


“I know brother, i had to, i heard to tell you that whatever is happening between you and Morgana is just a plot by someone we don’t know”. Elisa said


Esther and Claire raced out of the house with Jai Mi who was shooting at Min Ho as she emerged out of the wall.


“You daughter or the devil”. Diana said and fisted her hand choking Min Ho, she flung it away and she crashed to the ground.


The sisters quickly hid behind their mom in fright.


“Thanks”. Diana said and Jai Mi nodded.


The Dai Shi rose up slowly as fire emits from their body.


“We call on on you master, it’s time to intervene, el fineak ul granda zudu”. They chorused.


The sky began to strike with lightning and Nicklaus’ team stood in their position. Elisa stared at Diana wondering what the lady her brother rejected was doing with him now.


“long story i guess”. Diana said


“What’s happening?”. Nicklaus asked.


“I sense evil father”. Esther said which shook Elisa. That means this were Diana’s kid and Klaus was truly responsible for the pregnancy.


They had a resemblance of Klaus so she need no further examination.


“Me too”. Claire said.


“It’s no ordinary evil… It’s one from Kepler… Someone is breaching to earth.. I can feel it”. Diana said.


A black portal suddenly appeared in the air and a dark man in a black hood could be seen emerging from it.


It was the same man Jai Mi and Gwen spoke to in a mirror.


The Dai Shi disappeared from the scene immediately he stepped his foot on earth.


“I am by name, the dark master”. He said in a baritone voice.


Diana tried to raise her hand up but his eyes glowed and her arm broke.


Diana screamed trying to stand on her feet as Morgana held her staring at the dark man.


He raised his hand up and several portal appeared in the air.


It because charged with magnetic field which attracted them to it.


They all held hands trying not to fall into the portal as the dark man laughed wickedly.



Elisa turned to his direction and tried to scream but he fisted his hand and her mouth became glued. She tried to open her mouth but couldn’t.


The dark man clinched his fist further and Elisa let go of her brother.


She screamed as the portal swallowed her.


“No!”. Nicklaus and Morgana screamed as they let of of the window frame they held and charged at the man.


He threw his hands into opposite directions and a force hits them toward the portal,


Diana was fast to intercept as threw her hands back and another force threw


Nicklaus and Morgana back.


The dark man seized the opportunity as he snapped his finger and one of the portal swallowed Diana.


The dark man turned to Jai Mi and used his magic to throw her into another portal. He raised his hand up wanting to throw the twin in but Nicklaus and Morgana held their hands and gripped a vehicle close by.


The force raises the kids up as they screamed holding Morgana an Klaus’ hand tightly.


The dark man snapped his finger and they felt pains in their necks making them to let go of the twin.


In the air, Esther and Claire held hands and pointed the other to the dark man just as they fell into portal.


Their combined magic hits him off balance and he disappeared including the portal.

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“noooo!”. Nicklaus screamed.


“i guess here we, lose everyone, back to a


zero point i guess “. Morgana said.


You daughter of a bitch, you caused this “. Nicklaus screamed grabbing her neck to the wall.


He got choked too and let go of her.


Give no shit about you Nicklaus, all i want is getting my loved ones back “. Morgana said.


and when did the daughter of Lucy begin to love? “. Nicklaus said.


I could kill you right at this spot Nicklaus, this is all your fault, your family was responsible for sending the Dai Shi down here “. Morgana said.


Now you need my help don’t you”. Nicklaus said.


“I’ll rather die than ask for your help Nicklaus”. Morgana said and walked away.


Nicklaus walked into his building as tears formed in his eyes.


He couldn’t believe this.



“In just one day, just a few minutes and i lose everything, everything I love, everything i care for”. Nicklaus whispered.


He took his phone and dialed Abruzzi’s number as he walked out.


“Hello boss”.


“I need you and Myung Hee to assemble all gangsters immediately”. Nicklaus said and disconnected the call.


“Hey!”. Yakiza said staggering toward him.


“I need you to stay as far as possible Yakiza…continue the project with the available resources I’ll provide the rest soon”. Nicklaus said.






Morgana walked into her building in fury and Evelyn quickly knelt as she saw the fury.


“Am sorry ma’am i didn’t know the twin would find their father”. Evelyn stammered.


“What do you mean?”. Morgana asked angrily.


“I left to do some chores and when i returned i couldn’t find them, shortly they came out of their basement with their father, I tried to stop them “. Evelyn cried.


I don’t give a shit of how Klaus escape, right now.”. Morgana was saying when a portal appeared behind Evelyn and she fell in.


You think I was just walk away, no i wanted you both to split “. A voice echoed and as the dark master emerge from the mortal.


He clinched his hand and Morgana fell into the portal with him.






Abruzzi walked in with Myung armed with XM8 rifle.


“They’re here boss”. Abruzzi said.


A portal appeared behind them and swallowed them up.


“You still act like a supernatural Klaus…The only reason you’re strong is because of everyone around you.. Now that they’re gone, you’re a just a piece of cake”. Nicklaus heard a whisper behind him.


He made to turn but the person grabbed him into a portal.



Unknown Location



Nicklaus, Morgana and Abruzzi appeared in a glass cage and there was the rest


who were swallowed by the portal.


“Brother”. Elisa said and hugged him tightly.


The twin also hugged his legs tightly.


The dark man soon walked to the scene and stopped in front of the cage.


“one big family, all in one room, awful rebook i guess”. He said.


“all i needed was the Dai Shi on Kepler that was the only way i could dethrone the rulers of Amazon and Persia but was no way except putting them into another body”. The dark man said.


One of the Shi dragged Myung Hee and Evelyn in whose hands were tied.


“But first, i need you two weak for possession..starting from killing those you don’t care for and then to those you care “. The dark man said.


He decapitated Evelyn and Myung Hee with his sword immediately.


You son of a bitch “. Nicklaus and Morgana screamed angrily.


Hm.. Improvement i guess.. The next on the list is your lovely driver Nicklaus…


Then your weakness Morgana, Elisa …followed by your sister, then your weakness Nicklaus, should I whisper it into your ear… Your kids.. They look cute you know”.


“I’ll make sure i rip you apart if you lay a finger on them”. Nicklaus said angrily. “i can’t use my powers in here”. Elisa said.


“Me too”. Diana said.


“You still believe the council lied to you, no you can still get your powers with true love but that’s impossible, we all know, your powers did not come because your love was a charmed one, you’re stuck here brother”. The dark man said.


“What did you just mutter?”. Elisa screamed angrily.


The masked man took off his hood and to their uttermost shock it was Nicholas, Nicklaus’ brother.

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“Everyone underestimate me you know”. Nicholas said and bite his lower lips. “Don’t worry sister you’ll be my wifey and Dad, mum, Shania and Legendary Nicklaus would be our servants “. Nicholas said with an evil smile.




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