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Frozen Love – Episode 34

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Episode Thirty-Four



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As Evelyn Spoke Nicklaus proceeds out of the underground with the twins. Hearing footsteps, Evelyn quickly told Abruzzi to hide thinking Morgana had return.


Abruzzi hide behind the while Evelyn stood still.


To her outmost surprise it was Nicklaus and Diana’s kid.


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Evelyn was shocked not believing her eyes.


Did the twin saves Nicklaus or this was a joke?


But that was not the question now, it was if Nicklaus would spare her.


“Aunt Evelyn we found father”. Claire who didn’t know what was going on said happily.


“Yeah.. We did it ‘. Esther said happily.


Nicklaus held them back as they approached Evelyn..


Evelyn quickly pulled out her gun and pointed it to Nicklaus.


The twin quickly hide behind him in fright.


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You know better not to shot “. Nicklaus said and stopped in front of her. “points the guns to kids and you’re a dead woman”. He said angrily.


Even before she could blink her eyes, Nicklaus disarmed her and grabbed her by the neck.


“Working with my enemy will only bring you misery and death, you should watch where you tread lady”. He said tightly his grip..


Evelyn was choked as she was struggling to breath, she tried to pull off Klaus had but he was much stronger than her.


Nicklaus stared at his kids innocent face as they peeped front behind. He let go of Evelyn and she coughed loudly falling to the ground. “Dad why did you do that?”. Esther asked.


“Come we need to go”. Nicklaus said holding their hands as they walked out. They got into his vehicle and drove out of the place speedily.


Abruzzi rushed out of his hiding and raised Evelyn up. “Hey are you alright?”. He asked and she nodded.


“i had the opportunity to kill him”. Evelyn whispered.


“You better don’t try, he calculated all possible moves you could make as he approached you and he could block any method you try”. Abruzzi said. “You never told me that he had kids for Diana”. Evelyn said and he nodded.


“i just got to know recently but they’re the reason he didn’t kill you, he don’t want them to see what he is”. Abruzzi said.


“You need to leave Abruzzi, am to face the wrath of Morgana when she returns… I know she won’t kill me but I’ll have to serve her punishment”. Evelyn said.





Nicklaus parked the vehicle in front of the house and bounced down with his kids.


“I wanna climb your back dad”. Esther said.


“Cool”. Nicklaus said full of smiles and squat down.


Claire quickly jumped on Klaus ‘ back and laughed loudly.


“She’s a cheat dad, i told you first”. Esther argued angrily.


“Come i could take the both of you”. Nicklaus said.


Claire held Nicklaus tightly and a carried Esther in his arms.


“Dad is strong”. Claire said happily.


“Wow! This place is beautiful”. Esther said looking around.


“Your mom wouldn’t want you to come here you know”. Nicklaus said forcing a smile.


“Dad, you’ll talk to mom would you?”. Esther said and Nicklaus heard voices at the second floor where his room was.


His maids, driver and Abruzzi were out of the house, then who was in.


“Stay here”. He said dropping the kids.


“Dad”. Claire said with a sad look.

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“I’ll be back”. Nicklaus said picking the knife on the table.


He climbed his stairs gently with full grip on his knife.


He tiptoed into his room and pushed upon his door slowly.


To his outmost surprise he didn’t see Diana but a C14 bomb on the bed.


At this moment Nicklaus knew there was an intruder in the building.


He picked his gun and walked out toward where he heard voices earlier, it was at the corridor that leads to Gwen room.


As he approached, he could hear a voice saying she knew Klaus and Morgana’s weakness, silence ensured and then a gun shot.


He quickly raced into Gwen’s room and pointed his gun in but to his shock was Diana and Morgana.


“Who are you?”. Diana asked the man in the mirror.


He slowly retreated his gun as he stared at the dark men.


“The fantastic three, all in one room”. The man said and paused.


“Am a mystery you would never solve”. He said and the mirror scattered into pieces.


Diana and Morgana who noticed a third presence quickly turned back and where also shocked to him.


“Let’s start from what are you doing in my home Morgana?”.Nicklaus said angrily. “No, how the heck did you get out from my coffin?”. Morgana said pulling her dagger.


Diana pushed them apart angrily


“Am sick of this stupid fight, the question is how did you keep this evil in your home for so long? “. Diana screamed pointing to groaning Gwen.


Gwen, the lady who cooks all Kepler meals… Serves Abruzzi and I with Kepler meal and the rest human foods.. I knew she was bad but so bad i don’t have cook to replace her “. Nicklaus said with an evil smile.


“You intentional let evil stay in your house, do you know what it could have cost?”. Diana shouted.


“Whereas how did you get out?”. Nicklaus asked.


Diana slapped Nicklaus across his face and her finger made a long line on his face. “What were you thinking Klaus, i should kill to the spot right now”. Diana said. “Well your sister took vengeance already by putting me in her golden coffin”. Nicklaus said.


Morgana cocked her gun and made to shot Gwen but Nicklaus blocked her way. “I don’t have a back up cook you daughter of the devil”. Nicklaus said angrily. “Step aside Nicklaus, people who knows my weaknesses don’t live “. Morgana said.


“That maid of yours umm. She could become my maid you know or option two Diana be my maid both kitchen and the bed i guess”. Nicklaus said and she slapped him again.


“I’ll take that as a compliment”. Nicklaus said and turned swiftly to Morgana grabbing her by the neck.


“You’re not leaving, i promise you Morgana… Strip you na.ked and hanging you upside down on the streets of Korea”. Nicklaus whispered.


She made to hit him on the crouch but he was faster to block it with his knee. He grabbed her hair and showed her the knife.


“Shall we begin”.


Gwen who had recovered from the shot pushed her hands forward and a heavy wind blew them out.


She took to her heels running from the kitchen as fast as she could. Diana went after her speedily as she ran through the corridor.


Gwen ran down the stairs and seeing the twins she conjured fire on her hand. The twin quickly held their hands and raised their other hands up simultaneously. A force threw Gwen up and she crashed roughly on the table.


Diana ran down the stairs and was shocked to see her kids. “Mom!”. They screamed happily.


Nicklaus moved slowly toward Morgana with his knife as she walked backward.


“You think i wasn’t getting out”. Nicklaus said.


“Stay back you son of a bitch”. Morgana warned.


“Not until i do what i promised”.


Klaus launched a fake attack with his knife and as she tried to block with hers, he changed direction and got the strip of her gown causing it to fall to the left. The knife cut her shoulder and they both bleed.


He tried to cut the other strip but she blocked it and headbutts him, they both staggered back.


“Just say the truth Klaus, you wanna see my intriguing body don’t lie, you like it didn’t you, don’t be shy, say it”. Morgana said mockingly.


Klaus rushed at her but she dodged his knife and kicked him away.


“Don’t worry Klaus, when the love charm kicks in again.. You’ll see my body again and be in the coffin the second time”. Morgana said and escaped out of the building through the window.


Nicklaus dropped the knife and walked away.


He got to him living room and there he met Diana leaving with her kids.


“Stay back, I trusted you but with what you’ve done I don’t think i should let my kids close to you”. Diana said.


“Mom we wanna stay here”. Claire said.


“Not now”. Diana said and dragged them out as they refused to move.


She stopped by the door and pointed to Gwen who was unconscious on the ground. “She entered into my mind and now know everything including your weakness, she’s all yours, do to her what pleases you”. Diana said and left with her kids. Nicklaus bit his lower lips and collapsed to the couch.


“For once in my life i was happy because of my kids but i guess i have a habit of destroying good things”. Nicklaus said and burst into laughter.



Kingdom Of Persia


Elisa and the king could be seen walking down a tunnel.


“Father am sorry for what did yesterday, i was angry?”. Elisa said.


“Yes I know, i shouldn’t have taken your brother from you”. The king said. “please father, Just do this for me and I’ll be forever grateful, i need to tell Klaus that his fight with Morgana is just a plot by someone we don’t know”. Elisa said. “Going to earth Elisa is just a waste of time, you’ll be adding to his burdens down there… This Dai Shi are gonna kill him, he’s no match if they attack in their numbers ‘. Elisa said.


No one can settle the war between Morgana and Klaus, not you, not anyone…


They just keep fighting… Telling them that they’re war is a plot is a waste of time.. Only if someone knew the cause of this war.. Only then can you settle the conflict but without it whatever anyone say is useless to them “. The king said and paused.


What you’re asking me to do is against the law of the council, they’ll find our you’re missing from this planet and track you “. The king said.


please father…i got no life here.. Only with Klaus i got a life… Am supernatural.. I can help him against the Dai Shi “. Elisa said.


You’re still learning control Elisa “. The king said.


“The first born of the family who died, you said he had same powers right and Klaus thought him control even if he was younger”. Elisa said. “Klaus can teach me”. Elisa added..


“I just hope i won’t regret doing this”. The king said and stretched his hand, a blue glowing stone appears in his hand and he dropped it. The size of the stone began to increase forming a portal.


“Remember daughter… If Klaus and Morgana fall in love… They’ll return back to Kepler and you’ll be stuck there alone forever… Except the council are compassionate to bring you back”. The king said and she nodded. She turned to him and hugged him tightly


“I know I haven’t said thus to you my entire life but…”. Elisa said and exhaled heavily.


“Thank you Dad, You’re a good father”. Elisa said and dived into the portal. It closed up immediately.


Seoul City



Diana could he seen removing the glasses that pierced into Morgana’s skin as she escaped from Klaus.


“You vowed not to step into my house”. Diana said.


“i got to choice before i bleed out.. Well so good he’s feeling the pain too “.


Morgana said paused.


It’s been years now and you said the lady who entered your mind knows my weakness”. Morgana said.


“You pretend you don’t have a weakness Morgana but deep down you have, you told me years ago you know”. Diana said.


“Things changed Diana, when you were gone”. Morgana said.



“But your weakness didn’t change… Klaus told me everything i missed and i came to discover why everyone don’t know your weakness… It’s because Klaus is filling in the responsibility to protect her and then everyone think she’s his weakness but deep down she’s your weakness “. Diana said and Morgana bowed her head.


Elisa, Nicklaus sister isn’t it, she’s your weakness right from time “. Diana said and Morgana raised her head up slowly.


She’s not here Diana so no one can get at me using her, that secret must be hidden Diana… It must be between you and i alone”. Morgana whispered angrily

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United States Of America


Brooklyn City


A portal appeared in the sky and Elisa fell out.


She groaned as she staggered to her feet..


“Where’s this?”. She said looking around.


She saw an old woman walking down the street and quickly approached her.


“Do you know where Nicklaus lives?”. Elisa asked.


“Haven’t heard of that before”.


“Where’s this place?”.


“Viko street”. The old woman said walking around.

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Elisa exhaled heavily as she looked around.


Where was she going to find Klaus now?



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