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Frozen Love – Episode 22

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Episode Twenty-Two




“Am sorry boss i promise to keep it a secret”. Jai Mi begged.


“It’s late Jai Mi”. Nicklaus said.


Abruzzi hand was shaking as much as he don’t want to hurt Jai Mi but he couldn’t disobey.


“What are you waiting for?”. Klaus shouted.


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“i won’t tell anyone!”.


Abruzzi exhaled heavily and pressed the trigger but all he heard was a click.


He pressed it again but it still the click sound.


There was no ammo.


Nicklaus dropped the clip of bullet and kicked it to where he sat.


“I’ve watched you fight and i know You have the opportunity to snatch that gun from Abruzzi and shoot me but you didn’t, tell me why?”. Klaus asked.


“It wouldn’t change anything, I’ll just kill the only person who sees me as someone useful, I’ll betray your trust the second time “. Jai Mi said.


“You passed my test Jai Mi, for that I’ll spare u, and if by any means that secret leaks out you’ll have yourself to blame”. Nicklaus said and walked out of the house.


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“Boss isn’t cold hearted after all”. Jai Mi said cleaning the tears in her eyes. “Boss only spare does who are ready to die for him, be careful how you tread Jai Mi”. Abruzzi said and she nodded.


Nicklaus drove off to the Black Market and as usual his weapons were taken.


“Is the device ready?”. Nicklaus asked.


“Yes Mr. Nicklaus i kept to my own end of the deal”. Hayato said handing over a box to him.


Klaus opened it and brought out the telephone.


“This looks a little old”. Klaus said.


“Of Course Mr. Klaus, Scientist have been working on it for years now, it isn’t the modern type of telephone, you type the digits of the person you wish to call, no cost applied, it’s free but the signal can’t reach some galaxies so it’s best used for galaxies close by “. Hayato said.


And I’ll be needing new set of fire arms… Silver bullets laced with poison “. Nicklaus said.


That will cost a lot Mr. Nicklaus i don’t think you’ll be ready to make this deal “. Hayato said.


My mission is to carry out the operation yours is to tell me “. Nicklaus said.


It’s quite complicated Klaus, one of my men was captured by the cops two days and i can’t bail him because he was caught committing murder..he got a classified information i need and there’s no way i can get to him “. Hayato said.


What do you need?”. Nicklaus asked.


He will be transported to the court house today i need you to hijack the transport vehicle and kill him after retrieving the information “. Hayato said.


” Quite complicated”. Nicklaus said.


“Indeed Mr. Klaus if you can do this for me the classified fire arms is all yours plus any other thing you need for now”. Hayato said. “Deal”. Klaus said.


“Deal, be careful Mr. Klaus don’t leave traces that leads to me”. Hayato said.


Nicklaus nodded and left.


As soon as he got to the mansion, Abruzzi ran down the stairs.


“Do you remember Elisa’s digit?”. Nicklaus asked.


“Yeah Boss, X78X909VQ”. Abruzzi said.


Nicklaus typed it on the little phone and dialed the number.


A satellite was displayed on the screen and signal emitting from it.


“Wheels Heroine:PlanetKepler…”. was soon displayed.


“It’s working”. Nicklaus said then suddenly.


“Connection lost “..


Nicklaus was so angry and tried to smash the phone.


“I might know someone who’s good at boosting signals”. They heard a voice and turned.


“Sorry for walking in unaware…. This planet you talk about what’s the name”. Jai


Mi asked.


“Comet Galaxy”. Abruzzi said.


“The distance might be quite far from this one”. Jai Mi said.


“You said you knew someone who could boost signals”. Nicklaus said.


“Yeah, an Ex-Hacker who was said to quit recently, so i don’t know if he’s willing to help”. Jai Mi said.


“I don’t care if he’s willing to help, all i want is this device start working”. Nicklaus shouted.


“Yix84z is a stubborn hacker who can’t be force to do things”. Jai Mi said.


“Do you mean Yikixa Zondek?”. Abruzzi asked.


“Yeah, do you know him?”. Jai Mi asked.


“Why not show us the son of a bitch, we have an unfinished business”. Nicklaus said.


They all got into a vehicle and drove away.


“Let’s just hope we don’t trigger his security system.. Yz don’t like guests”. Jai Mi said.


“Drive, i didn’t ask you about his info”. Klaus said.

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They soon stopped by a building and got down.


“Yakixa has a mansion, so impressive”. Klaus said and kicked open the gate.



They all walked into the compound, he didn’t bother to knock as he pushed open the door.


“We might be walking into a trap”. Jai Mi said running after Klaus as he marched in with Abruzzi.


Suddenly a laser appeared at their front and back and Nicklaus chuckled.


A Young Man sipping appeared at the the scene walking toward them.


“banging into my house is punishable by death”. He Said and raised his head up.


He was shocked as the juice he was holding dropped from his hand.


“Prince Nicklaus”. He stammered.


He Quickly pressed a button on the wall and the lasers displayed.


“You come to take my soul i guess”. YZ said.


They chuckled and hugged each other tightly.


“What are you doing on earth Klaus, don’t tell me you travel thus far to see me”.


YZ said.


“long story Yakiza but in summary, the council sent me down here, punishment you know”. Nicklaus said.


“They found out you helped me escape from Kepler? “. Yakiza asked.


“They think you’re dead, Just ran into some troubles you know, I’ll give you a gist when am done with the situation at hand”. Nicklaus said.


“You didn’t tell me you were going to get a new female guard but she looks Korean”. Yakiza said.


“Hired her as a driver when i came here”.


“Oh she looks familiar and am trying to pin point where I’ve seen the face before”.


Yakiza said.


“So what do i serve you prince?”. He added..


“Down here got no magic..just mortal msst especially i can die now”. Nicklaus said.


“Oh Klaus what have you done to make the council do this?”. Yakiza asked.


“Long story but for now i need your help with something”. Nicklaus said.


“Always at your service prince, i owe you my life”. Yakiza said.


“Am trying to use this device to get in touch with my sister at Kepler but it can’t transmit signals to our galaxy”. Nicklaus said. Yakiza collects it from Klaus and examined it.


He took a screw driver and opened up the device.


“Our planet is a far one, the device needs a signal booster to help us link with Kepler’s signal”. Yakiza said.


“Do you have one?”. Nicklaus asked.


“Unfortunately i sold it last night to a dealer”. Yakiza said.


“Damn! Am gonna make sure i get it at all cost”. Nicklaus said..


“It’s a black market Klaus, they’re dangerous and you said you are now mortal right?”. Yakiza asked..


“What dealer? Do you mean Hayato?”. Klaus asked.


“Yeah, how did you know him?”. Yakiza asked.


Nicklaus took his phone and dialed Hayato’s digit.


“Mr. Nicklaus I’ve compiled all documents you need to know about this mission, you should send someone over to take them?”. A voice rang out.

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“You talked about some extra reward for the mission, how about a signal booster you got from a hacker recently?”. Nicklaus said.


“Deal Mr. Klaus, a successful mission for classified fire arms and a signal booster”.


Klaus disconnected the call and turned to Yakiza.


“You’re Hayato’s Hitman?”. He Asked.


“Provided i get all i need, I’ll do anything to speak with my sister”. Nicklaus said.


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“So tell me Diana, what’s did for you brought your kids to visit their evil aunt?”.


Morgana asked crossing her leg as she sat.


“You ain’t happy to see your niece”. Diana said as her children played around the house.


“They look more like Klaus and make me remember him”. Morgana said.


“hush sister, we promised not to raise the topic today, let’s just be siblings for today you know”. Diana said.


“I got no problem with you Diana, Just stay away from Klaus and then we got no problem”. Morgana said.


“Is Evelyn around?”. Diana asked in order to change the topic.


“Went out to get some things, I’ll just have to say it sister but don’t try to reconcile Klaus and I, let’s go the dinning before the food gets cold”. Morgana said and they left.


As soon as they left Min Ho emerged from the wall and looked around to make sure no one saw her.


She walked toward her room and didn’t bother to open the door as she she passed through the door like an invisible being.


She moved to the mirror in her room and stood it front of it.


She cut herself on the wrist and flicked it on it.


A dark looking man on a black hood appeared on it.


“Why did you summon me?”. He Asked.


“My Lord, Morgana is becoming vulnerable my lord, the desire to hurt Klaus is quenching”. Min Ho said.


“Is this all Diana’s plight?”. The man asked.


“Morgana is getting cold Master but now that Diana is coming into her life, am afraid my lord she might reconcile them”. Min Ho said. The man grew angry and the mirror began to vibrates.


“That must not happen, i won’t let Diana ruin my plan for them, all I’ve been working for, you must not let that happen not when we’re close to bringing the Dai Shi in “. The man shouted.


Diana is quite powerful my lord “. Min Ho said.


Don’t tell me that shit. Take.. “. He Said and a hand erected out of the mirror with a dagger.

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Min Ho collected the dagger from him and examined it.


One strike and she’s dead, Kill Diana and set up Klaus, make him attack you, that will trigger a new war between them, as long as they’re at war they won’t see what’s coming”. The man said.


“A successful operation i promise my lord”. Min Ho said.


“Good child, now go, make no mistakes”. He said and disappeared from the mirror.



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