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Frozen love – Episode 14

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Episode Fourteen





Next Day



Nicklaus walked out of his room wearing a watch, he stopped by the corridor and turned to the kitchen where the pleasant aroma was coming from.


He pushed open the door and there was Gwen dancing to the tone of music as she


flagged the pan she was holding.

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“Kitchen rules, no music”. Nicklaus said and she turned back slowly.


“Sorry boss”. She said and switched off the radio.


“And that thing should be ready in two minutes”. He added.


“Am almost done boss”. She replied.


Nicklaus walked down the stairs and met Myung Hee mopping scrubbing the floor with a brush.


“You should be done with that soon”. He Said and she looked back.


“Oh morning boss”. She said raising to her feet quickly.


“have you ever used a gun before”. He Asked and she froze.

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“What do you mean boss?”. She stammered.


“Continue”. He said walking away.


Abruzzi was arranging guns into a bag when Nicklaus approached him.


“Almost done boss”. Abruzzi said putting the last gun into the bag.


“Good, where’s Jai Mi?”. He Asked.


“Right behind you sir”. He heard a voice..


“The next time you startle me well….”. He Said and turned.


He was stunned by the way she was dressed.


a short skater’s shirt which showed her flat tommy and a bumshot.


Well there’s a mission at the moment right now, he could have her all to himself later.


What do you have? “. He Asked.


Checked out some local ganglord that works for Hayato, Fibonacci will be transported to another location today and his gang might probably rescue him “. Jai Mi said.


if they rescue him successfully then he’ll be coming for me “. Nicklaus said and stuck one of the pistol behind him.


Hayato transport vehicle is heavily guarded i doubt if anyone can break their defense “. Jai Mi said.


What happens when I kill the Fibonacci? “. Klaus said.


You become the gang lord boss, that’s the rule”. Abruzzi said.


“Exactly, that’s what i want so.. We’re going to kill the son of a bitch?”. Nicklaus said.


“We’re only three boss, hijacking a transport vehicle is….”. Jai Mi was saying but


he cuts in.


“Shhh, no one objects my orders, not you, not anyone, you follow my plan and all this is done in the twinkle of an eye”. Nicklaus said.


“Breakfast is ready boss”. Hyung Hee said walking down the stairs.


“Why don’t we go over the dinning hall, let’s start the grand plan”. Nicklaus said.


“Do join us, now”. He beckoned at Gwen as he walked away.



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Morgana opened a cabinet and brought out four desert eagle.


She Dropped them into her bag and catwalks out of the room.


She collides unto Evelyn who was moving with a basket full of cloths.


“Sorry ma’am”.


“Drop the basket, you’ll do the laundry when he return”. Morgana said walking away.


“Where are we going to ma’am?”. She Asked.


“Well now that we know Nicklaus don’t work alone, i think i found a way to punish him”. Morgana said.


Evelyn dropped the basket and followed after her.


“Nicklaus does not care for anyone ma’am, he wouldn’t care if you hurt anyone close to him”. Evelyn said.


Morgana made a creepy smile and turned to Evelyn.


“Not anymore, Nicklaus cold hearted self is because of his supernatural powers and when those powers were taken”.


“He’s a mortal who may now care for people”. Evelyn said.


“Exactly, that’s the reason i haven’t killed you ever since am fighting my mortal self from caring for people, more reason i kill those men to reassure my self am still cold hearted”. Morgana said and Evelyn swallowed the saliva in her mouth. Morgana just blew a big secret, she was fighting not to be human.


“Seems Nicklaus must be passing through that too, he would never take some random people to work with him, he might pretend to be using them but we share same pain and feeling”. Morgana said and chuckled.


“Deep down he cares for them, my source says he has two maids and two guards who follows him around”. She said and turned to Evelyn.


“if i can’t kill Nicklaus because we’re connected, well i can repay with those who work for him”. Morgana said and handed over one of the gun to Evelyn.



“wear something charming Evelyn, it’s time for a payback”. Morgana said with a evil smile.






“Boss i don’t know how to use a gun”. Myung Hee said.


Nicklaus ignored her as Jai Mi opened the door of the vehicle and they entered.


Abruzzi got into another car with Gwen who was armed with a XM8 rifle.


Myung Hee was in tears already begging Nicklaus to let her go.


He kept laughing out so loud that Jai was tempted to join him.


He turned to Myung Hee and cleaned the tears in her eyes with his finger.


Jai Mi watched them from the mirror above her and jealousy struck her.


Myung Hee sniffed and cleaned the tears left in her eyes.


“I haven’t touched a gun before”. She stammered.


“Well you’re do today”. He Replied.


“Please boss”. She begged. More Stories @ More Stories @


“What are you waiting for Jai Mi? Start the car, we have five minutes until the transport vehicle leaves the black market”. Nicklaus said.


“So Tell Me what weapon can you use in your entire life, the mop you use for cleaning or the bucket”. Nicklaus asked and Jai Mi chuckled.


Nicklaus gave her an angry stare and she quickly consecrated on the steering.


“Sorry boss”.


“Um.. I normally go hunting with my father…”. She stammered.


“So What does he use to hunt, a stick”. He Asked and she nodded.


His eyes popped out.


“i guess your father killed monkeys not tigers and lions”.


“Actually it’s a spear”. Hyung Hee said as she sniffed again.


“So Tell Me Hyung Hee would you fight if i provide you a spear?”. He asked and she nodded.


“Oh my Geez, we got an ancient warrior here”. Nicklaus said with a funny look.


She tried to keep a stern look but it didn’t last as she smiled softly.


They stopped by a shop where he bought two spears.


Jai Mi stopped the vehicle as they approached the black market and they waited patiently.


Soon a black truck pulled out and Nicklaus put a call across Abruzzi.


“Mark your position, the truck is moving”. He Said and disconnected the call.


They waited for the truck to drive off before the followed up.


The truck was driving passed a cross ➕ intersection when Abruzzi vehicle pulled from nowhere and hits it.


“Now!”. Nicklaus said and jumped out of the car.


He carried his AK 47 and opened fire on the truck causing the escorts to jump out. Jai Mi bounced out of the car and rolled the SPAS48 shotgun hung behind her back to the front.


She stuck her finger into the trigger and fired the first man.


The bullet threw him away like a missile and a crashed to the ground.


Shotguns though their short range do a great deal of damage but requires constant constant reload.


Gwen reversed the car speedily while Abruzzi got down and fired at the men with his XM8 rifle.


Nicklaus approached the truck as he kept shooting, someone jumped out and grabbed him to the ground causing the gun to fall off his hand.


Myung Hee slapped the man’s face with her spear, he made to rush at her but hits


him on the crouch with the spear. Ouch! So painful .


Nicklaus kicked the man away and carried his gun.


“Welcome to the gang ancient warrior”. Nicklaus said and she forced out a smile.





Morgana opened her shirt slightly for a street gangster to see her cleavage..


“You want me, then follow me”. She said and handed over a gun to him.


“How many do we have ma’am?”. Evelyn asked.


“We got nine, just one left, my source says Nicklaus left with his gang this morning, his escort were four today, we’ll lay an ambush, we’re going for Nicklaus gang not Nicklaus “. Morgana said.






As Nicklaus made to enter the truck two men appeared from behind pointing their guns at him.


Gwen hits them off with the car and hit the brake.


He nodded and entered into the truck.


He grabbed handcuffed Fibonacci by the neck and flung him out.


He jumped out of the vehicle and land behind Fibonacci.


“The skull gang are approaching”. Abruzzi alerted.


Nicklaus looked around and saw black jeeps approaching, he quickly pulled out the pistol behind him and blew Fibonacci head.


The gun men in the jeeps quickly jumped down but it was late already as Fibonacci dropped to the ground..


The gun men returned into their various vehicle and drove away.


Nicklaus smiled mischievously.


“i guess we await Hayato’s wrath now”. Jai Mi said.


“Congratulations we’re officially Gangsters”. Nicklaus said walking toward their vehicle.


They got in the way they came and drove away.


They arrived at the mansion and they got down from the cars except Jai Mi and Abruzzi who drove the cars to Garage.


Nicklaus walked toward the building as his maids followed after him but stopped getting to the door.


He listen carefully to the sound he was hearing.


It was that of a vehicle, he turned back quickly and there was Morgana getting off a limousine with men who were armed with desert eagles.


“Get in!”. Nicklaus shouted as they positioned their guns at them.



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