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Frozen love – Episode 1

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Episode One




Nicklaus POV


I was woken up by the sunrise whose rays pierced deeply into my eyes like it life depended on it.


I yawned loudly and looked to my side.


There laid the half nak3d lady who was still fast asleep.


That was when i remembered what happened last night, i got drunk during a party and i brought the lady to spice up my night.


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I staggered to my feet and stared once more at her.


“Abruzzi!”. I screamed out..


The door flung open and my personal guard rushed in and bow.


An immortal like me having guards, it’s crazy right, well the bitches help me do my dirty job.


“My prince “. He Said.


“Dispose this Slut”. I told him and walked out..


Everyone knew me, every lady, so any slut who decides to spend the night with prince Nicklaus should also be ready to find themselves on the street the next morning.


Kingdom Of Persia


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Persia was one of the Kingdom in Planet Kepler out of numerous other kingdom. The Kingdom was known for it strength in time of war and no Tribe or Kingdom dared wage war against them.


The fear of the Immortal King was enough to drive enemies into disarray.


But there in the Kingdom was the Son of the King, Nicklaus, The one an only


Arrogant and Crazy being in the Royal family.


He was also immortal as his father which gave him the guts to do whatever he wanted, take whatever he wants and no one questions him.


It have been two Months now since he waged war against Morgana, Princess Of the Amazon. He was waiting patiently for the time she steps out of her kingdom that was the best time to strike.


Nicklaus POV


Found my way into my room and freshen up.


I walked out of the bathroom with a towel around my waist to meet the Maid arranging the room.


I licked my lips and close the door behind me.


I made to grab her from behind but that was the moment i saw my mom leaning on the door.


She always act like a ghost.


This was trouble, a big one, she can’t do shit to me but whenever she rant at me, i become destabilized.



She was the only one with the super power to melt my heart and make me feel guilty.


“What wrong Klaus? Go on, do what you wanted?”. My mom began.


“shit! Not again”. I cursed in my heart.


“Trying to make out my maid don’t you?”. She asked and stared at me with disgust..


“If i may ask who was that lady you brought home last night”. She asked.


“Stop it mom, am no kid, you can’t try to meddle with my life”. I shouted at her.


“You, leave”. She told the maid and she hurried away.


“Back to you Klaus, Is this how you will rule your father’s kingdom when he’s gone”. She asked.


“Damn it mom, this nothing to do with the kingdom”. I said angrily.


“Well said, maybe you should get a wife soon, instead of being a s3xual pervert”.


She cursed and opened the door.


That statement hits me so hard that i boiled in anger, only if this wasn’t said by mom i would have killed the individual at that spot.. “Get out mom!”. I screamed in fury.


“Am leaving”. She replied and walked away.


I kicked the door closed.


“Damn!”. I shouted.


I opened the cabinet and brought out a pistol which i hide in my behind me.


I bounced out of the room and found my way into the multi purpose hall.


I needed someone to pour my anger on, that was what i always do.


But there was no one in the hall except my sister Elisa, she was only twenty, that makes me her elder bro as my age was twenty nine. I quickly tucked the pistol into my trouser and smiled softly.


Elisa’s POV


I smiled softly seeing Nicklaus, despite the smile he forced out, his red eyes told me that he was angry again.


Aww. Dear mother have stepped on Klaus toes again.


I don’t blame her you know, she was only concern about her son.


Everyone actually saw Nicklaus as an Arrogant Devil but i have a different view. Nicklaus was the only one who cares for me in the family, he does anything to make me happy.


My parent seem to hate me for my alliance with him but i don’t care.


He would do anything to protect me so he was kind of my Bodyguard.


No one dares woe me when Klaus is around, he was gonna burn you to the very spot.


“Hey Klaus”. I whispered as he sat beside me and wrapped his arm around my neck..


“Elisa, you’re looking good, today you know”. He Said.


“I know Klaus, you don’t have to tell me”. I replied and he nodded.


“Heard mom’s morning crow, is everything alright?”. I asked and he laughed..


“Caught me staring at a maid butt..”. He Said And i gasped.


“Oh brother not again”. I said..


Though Nicklaus was really close to me i dare not tell him to the face that what he did was wrong, he could change his mood, that i wouldn’t want to risk.


“Umm. You couldn’t resist temptation i guess”. I whispered and he smiled.


Time to actually drop what was in my mind.


“When are you getting married Klaus?”. I asked and his smile turned to a frown. I was indirectly telling him he should stop going around with various ladies but i prayed silently he didn’t know the full interpretation of what i said. “What does that have to do with this?”. He asked.


I held his cheek and drew it playfully.


“Come on why the frown? Just i question”. I said and he smiled softly.


Oh god, a narrow escape.


“There’s something bothering you Elisa, tell me”. He Said.


Shit! This was the thing about Nicklaus, even when I put a happy face, he knows my true mood, deep within.


I couldn’t afford to lie because he was gonna find out the truth.


“My boyfriend…”. I stammered.


“What happened to your boyfriend?”. He Asked…


I tried to speak but tears were forming in my eyes already.


“He broke up with me”. I cried out.



Nicklaus POV


That anger that was vanishing returned back with full force..


I hate to see her crying, it hurts me badly.


“Your boyfriend, Daniel?”. I asked angrily.


She nodded in tears.


“Cheer up sis, why don’t we take a ride?”. I whispered into her ear..



Elisa knew what i meant by a ride, i was gonna beat the f*cking crap out of Daniel.


Found someone i was gonna pour my anger on..






Amazon was ruled by a queen called, Cecile, she was respected for her courage and strength, she was also part of the trade federation in the galaxy.


Her Daughter, Morgana was a ruthless lady, She was immortal just as her mother and everyone feared her all over the kingdom.


Morgana’s POV


I stepped out of shower completely nak3d as i closed the door behind me.


“Eric!”. I called out.


Eric was one of my guards, temporal guard as i employ new guards everyday.


The door flung open and he entered without knocking.


He stood shocked staring at my nak3d body.


“Sorry ma’am”. He Said quickly and made to leave.


“You should have knocked you know, you move an inch and i kill you at that spot”. I threatened..


I smiled seductively and bit my lower lips..


The poor dude fell into my trap.


“You like what you see don’t you?”. I asked walking toward him.


I grabbed him close and placed a kiss on his lips.


His body iced up immediately and he dropped to the ground like a sculpture.


That was Morgana’s rule, no one sees me nak3d and go scout free.


Every in the kingdom knows that rule so if you actually decides to see me nak3d, you’re welcome dear but that’s the last thing you were gonna see.. I wield the power of ice.. So whenever I kiss anyone, you freeze.


“Damon!”. I called out.


Damon was my personal guard as he was always careful not to fall into my trap.


“Excuse me ma, May i come in”. He Asked.


“Wait a sec”. I said and wrapped a towel around my chest.


“Clear”. I said and he entered.


“Is my ride ready?”. I asked.


“Yes..”. He Replied.


“Good. Dispose this thing in the coffin”. I said.


I got lot of coffins underneath my room, that was were i dispose all frosted bodies. Eighty percent were men and the remaining twenty percent were ladies, mostly my maids.


They were not dead yet, it was only gonna take twenty years for the ice to melt off.


“What’s the count now?”. I asked.


“two hundred ma’am”. he replied dragging the statue away.



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