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Endless Love – Episode 7

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Episode 7









High rounded breasts,slender waist. A woman hips lush and lovely. Those long elegant legs.


“Blue… you are beautiful”


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She reached for my shirt. At least it was half unbuttoned and now she undid the rest,her eyes never leaving mine.


l shrugged off the shirt while her hands were at my belt.


l pushed her hands side gently but there was nothing gentle in the way l undid my zipper stepped back into her arms.


l sucked her nipples. Her soft cries were music to my ears.l kissed her navel and then kissed her lower till her thighs parted and l watched her beautiful famine part. Her cries came fast.


Her hands dug into my hair


l kissed and licked her sex till she screamed and came against my mouth.


Then l rose moved up to her body and kissed her till she tasted herself.


She moaned.


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Raised her hips and arched against me.


l pinned her hands as l entered inside her and she gasp.


“Are u okay….?”




“How are u feeling”


“Abit painful bit I’m okay…”,and l moved again till we became one being. She slept in my arms as l stroke her hair. She was really beautiful and l can’t wait to propose to her the next morning.


The next morning when l woke up she was gone.


Why did she leave on the first place? or has she regretted loving me?


l dressed up as l went to the office. The employees wished me a happy birthday but then l didn’t mind.


l was only thinking of her.


“How was your night with her Gabriel”,l got distracted by a voice.


“What are you doing here?”, l yelled.


“l came to pay you a visit..”


“l came to pay you a visit..”


“l don’t need your visit… just get out of my company..”


“okay l will leave”,as she took a gun on me.


“What are you doing?”


“What does it look like I’m doing. l love you Gabriel but what did u do? You


betrayed me and took that good for nothing girl… if l can’t have you then she can’t


have you too”


“Don’t do this?”


“Goodbye Gabriel”,as she shot my left chest and my stomach.


l fell on the floor breathlessly. l can’t believe this is the end of me. How is blue going to cope without me.


“Blue…”,l whispered as she appeared.


“No no…Gabriel”,as she knelt in front of me.


“Who did this to me…”




“That woman has no heart”


“Stay with me Gabriel please…”


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“Stay with me Gabriel please…”,l begged as his hands cupped my cheeks.


“l love you Blue…”,and slowly he close his eyes.


l can’t believe he is gone. l don’t how to save his life but within me l knew there was only one way.


lf l save his life l would lose my mermaid form and he will lose his memory about me.


l vanished with me as we went to the seashore and that was when l saved him with all the powers.


After l realised he was waking up l just hid behind one of the coconut trees…




Days passed and l looked for job at the a club.


I’ve been told that Club Deep owns the whole building, though I don’t know what the upstairs floors are used for. None of my business, anyway.


The bouncer waves me through, and I gather my hair in my hands, trying to wring it out the best I can.(Join Group) More stories @ www.generalloaded.com


I twist it up into a knot at the back of my head, trying to tie it back while I hurry down the stairs. I should have worn better shoes and changed into the heels once I got here. Lesson learned. Shoes are the only things the club doesn’t provide. There’s a deep pounding through the walls. Bass from the music.


I start to hear the sounds of people, and the stairs are lit up with flickering, colorful lights.



This place was impressive when it was empty and dark, so I’m excited to see it when it’s full of life.


I hit the last stair wrong, and I stumble, fighting to keep my balance. In classic Andrea fashion, it doesn’t work, and I’m about to end up sprawled on the ground when an arm catches me around the waist, saving me. The person helps right me, and I immediately turn.


“Thank you. I’m so sorry. It’s pouring outside and I must have slipped and—”


My words suddenly fall short as I take in my rescuer. It’s his lips I notice first. Full lips, begging to be touched. Then his eyes, which are dark.


I can’t tell the color with all the lights, but I don’t need to see the color to feel the intensity of his gaze. He’s wearing a button-down shirt and vest. it was Gabriel. They fit him perfectly, and the sleeves are rolled up to show toned forearms with a peek of tattoos underneath.


Arms that are still around my waist, holding me firmly to make sure I’m standing.


Arms leading to a body that feels rock hard. Damn.


If this is the kind of person that frequents Club Deep, sign me up. Yes, please! He smiles, slow and easy.


“Are you all right?”


“Yeah. I think so.”




Behind him, I see a waitress passing by and my mind snaps back to why I’m really here.


“I’m sorry, I have to go. You don’t happen to know where the employee dressing room is?”


Handsome man lets me go, pointing across the club. “It’s over there, entrance is behind the bar.” “Thanks.” I wish I had more time to talk talk to him.







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