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Endless Love – Episode 6

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Episode 6








“Nope l truly love Blue with all my heart”


“And does she?”


“I’m not answering that..”


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“Oh babe…I know she doesn’t love you. I’m with you whenever and how every you want me”,and right there she was na.ked in front of me.


She moved close to me as l was trying to control myself. I still feel something damn it.


“Don’t you wanna touch me anymore”,as she moved close and whispered into my ears.


“Don’t you wanna taste me like you used to”,and she sucked my earlope.


“l know you want me…”,and suddenly I remembered Blue.


“No I don’t want you. l always want my Blue and no one else.”


“Okay….fine”,as she screamed loudly.


“What is wrong with you?”,l asked as she screamed again while people rushed into the room including his fiance Noah.

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Noah squeezed my neck, “What the hell did you did to her?”


“He raped me…”,he said as everyone gasp.


“My son can never do that…”,my nanny said.


“But he really did this time…Miss Bella”,she pretended to cry as Noah punched my nose.


“You imbecile….”,he punched me again.


“You have to go to the police station..”,and Noah began pushing me and other guys joined him.


“Wait…”,as everyone turn. it was Blue.


“Blue?”,l said excitedly.


“He didn’t do it..she lied”


“No l will never lie”,Alicia exclaimed.


“l was here when everything happened…You asked him for sex and he rejected you and with anger you try to accuse him of rape”


This woman amazes me. How come she knows everything in a second. “No I didn’t…”


“Guys open your eyes. Do you think Gabriel Sanchez would ever raped someone. He is a good guy. He just came to changed his wet clothes and how did you ended up here?”




“You what? See,she is stammering and only liars stammer. You just came here to seduce him right?”,as Blue moved around her.


“No….l…”,and Blue slapped her.


“Stop denying…You entered the room 5mins ago before he came in. Gabriel would never seduced u”




“You did it right..”,as Alicia remained quite.


“She did it..Please release my Gabriel”


“I’m really sorry “,Noah apologise to me and left.


“l put the party to a halt…everyone go home”,l said as everyone left including Alicia.


I turned to Blue, “How come you….”


She place her finger on my lips.


“Don’t worry..what matters now is that you are saved”


“Thanks..I wanted to tell u something”,as l wrapped my arms around her. “What is it…”


“I’m crazy in love with you Blue”,as she froze.




“Yea..l love you.. Please stay for tonight.”


She smiled, “okay..l want to wear your shirt then..”


And quickly l brought up my shirt as she went na.ked and wore the dress. She really amaze me sometimes and l desperately want to touch her. She sat on the bed as she looked at me.


“Come here…”,she stretched her hands as l slept close to her inhaling her scent.




“Yes baby…”


“l love you so much…”


“Me too love..”


I’m really glad she confessed her feelings to me.








It feels right to be with this handsome man.I really love him and I’m afraid of losing him.


We cuddled,his legs between my thighs as l giggled.


“Good night Blue”


“Good night handsome”


The next morning when l woke up He had breakfast in front of me.


“Good morning”,as he gave me the sweetest smile.


“Good morning ”


He feed me with the meal..


“What are going to do this morning?”,l asked him.


“We are staying in bed all day”


“But..you have to go to work..”


“No I’m staying right here with you”,he said as l kissed him.


I went for a bath as he washed the plates.


We returned sitting on the bed watching television.


It was getting to afternoon and we watched about 5 movies already.


l looked at his face for a while..


“What?”,he asked

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I moved close to him and kissed him deeply. “Blue..are you doing this to turn me on..?” “Maybe…”


He rose me to his feet as he brought me into his arms and kissed me deeply while l responded.


l want him so bad.


l wrapped my arms around his neck. He lifted me off my feet holding me to him.


My nipples teasing his hard chest and l felt his erection on my belly.


“Are you sure?”,he asked hoarsely.




He brought me low as we stood beside the bed.I reached for my shirt but he held my hands and kissed them.


“l want to undress you”,he said.


He did slowly. Raising my shirt as l raised my hands.


He pulled it over my head and tossed it aside.


He kissed my breasts then suddenly l felt the heat if his mouth on my nipples.


l moaned..


l grabbed his shirt as he shook his head.


“Not yet…”,he whispered as l felt his hands in my panties.




Endless Love



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