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Endless Love – Episode 4

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Episode 4






Gabriel’s Pov .






It was amazing watching movies with her. lt felt nice wherever she feels shy about the sex part.


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“Hmm…l just wish my future husband does the same to me”


l wish I’m your husband,Blue,l thought.


After watching the movie l put the bowl of popcorn in the kitchen. l came back as l


saw her sitting on the sofa with her hair spread across her face..Why does she have


effect on me.l moved close to her.


“Shall we dance?”


“l don’t know how to”


“Don’t worry…l will teach you”


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She stood up as l looked at her in my shirt. She is really sexy. My hands wrapped around her waist as l held her hands and slowly we danced as she rest her head on my shoulders.






“l just want to tell u l will leave you tomorrow morning”


“lts so soon…just wish you stay a few days with me”


“Hmm…u know that’s impossible”


“Then I guess we have all night to dance”


“l think so”,as we continue dancing. My hands rubbed her back as she raised her head.The room was dim and i really like it. Our noses touched and l really want to kiss her. My hands moved to her nape.l pulled her close to me as l felt her nipples teasing my chest.l was about to kiss her when she cleared her throat. “l think l need water”,as she pulled away.


“oh okay”


I really want more than a kiss.Minutes by minutes l feel restless without her.


The next morning,when I woke up,she has prepared breakfast.


“Good morning Blue”


“Good morning Gabriel.l prepared breakfast”


“Mmm…thanks”,as l sat the meal.


“Gabriel l have to go..its time”


l stood up as l hugged her…l will miss her.


“I’ll miss u a lot”


“l know”


“l hope we see each other again”


“l don’t know but whenever you need me,just call my name and i will be there”


“Thanks..let me escort u”


She reached the ocean as she turned and hugged me again and gave me a kiss on


my cheeks.


“Bye Gabriel”




She entered the water as l saw her golden tail flapping the water with her breasts


still bare. She is indeed beautiful.






One month later


l was in my office as l remembered Blue.Suddenly someone just bashed in.


“Dude,can’t u just knock?”,l asked. it was my friend Bruce.


“I’m sorry but l heard Alicia broke up with you”


“lts nothing”


“Hmm..you sure? Do u still love her”


“Yea…l guess”


“Then win her back”


“l can’t… She is with someoneshe loves. l guess she was interested in my money”


“Sorry….Glad that u will be 26 very soon but the worse part is your news is all


around the city of Miami. Your mazagine is everywhere. You need to take care of that”


“l have nothing to do about it but after my 26th birthday,everything will be fine”


“What are you planning to do”


“Well…its a surprise”




One week passed and I was on bed when l remembered Blue. Wait…what if l invite to my birthday party to make Alicia jealous.


l closed my eyes as l echoed her name in my room.


“Blue..”,suddenly l felt her hand covered my eyes.


“Hi Gabriel….”,as she removed her hands.Her smile so beautiful. She was wearing


a short dress.


“Hi….”,l smile back


“You called me”


“l want to tell you I’m celebrating my 26th birthday so I’m inviting you”


“Oh okay…l will be there”




“is that all?”




“Okay later…”,as she turned.






As l move close to her and kissed her forehead.


“Take care of yourself”


“okay “,as she vanished. Damn it,how l wish I kiss her.


On Saturday evening,everything was prepared. l was in my tux lookingso nice. l like my hair being wild.


There were a lot of guests and reporters and photographers everywhere. My party was really grand. I was greeting all the guest as l saw Alicia with a guy…My heart missed a beat as she gave me a wink. I still feel something for her. They were walking towards me…How l wished Blue was her.


“Hello Gabriel…”


“Hi Alicia….”


“Its being long”


“Yea…I know”


“Meet my boyfriend Noah. Noah meet my ex”,as we exchanged greeting.


“I’m glad you guys are dating”


“Oh yes we are so happy and we are getting married soon”


“Excuse me I have to see a friend”,Noah stated.


“Okay baby”,as she kissed him and it really had an effect on me.


“So Gabriel….So you got another girl”.


“l think that isn’t part of your business”


“l know your answer will be no because Gabriel you still love me and I can see it in your eyes”.


“That’s what you think because l feel no love for you”


“Oh okay….”,as she came close to me.Her hands on my chest.


“Hmm…i never loved you Gabriel. l only loved your money and fame”.


l pushed her ,”And you are the worst whore l have ever seen. You sell your dignity for money,how shameful of u”


She was about to slap me as l got her hand suddenly I saw her…Blue.


She painted her lips red which match her gown.Her black hair spread across her back.She caught the attention of the crowd. Everyone was gazing at her as she walked towards us.l could see a little shyness but she didn’t care. Alicia snatched her hand from mine as she stared at her.


“Gabriel…..”,she said softly and hugged me.


“Baby….I miss you”


“l know…”,as she looked at Alicia. My hands wrapped around her waist till l realised her back was bare. Oh God why do l sometimes think this girl is dangerous for me. She does things without knowing she is arousing a man. “Aren’t you going to introduce her to me”,Blue asked.


“Alicia meet the love of my life. Blue meet Alicia my ex”,as they shook hands.


l knew Blue was following my plan. Alicia was speechless.


“Blue I miss u…”


“You said that already”


“l know….”,as l kissed her temple. “I want to make love to you”


“l feel the same way”,as our noses touched.Alicia stamped her feet and left us as we laughed.


“Thanks for your help,Blue”


“Don’t worry”


“You look beautiful…”


“Thanks….”,as she hugged me.Everyone was staring at us as photographers took


photos of us.


“Lets dance”



“Okay.. .”,as we started dancing till people joined us. l looked at her face and slowly stared at her lips. l want her badly in my bed.


Our noses touched as she looked at me.(Join Group) More stories @ www.generalloaded.com “Don’t…..”,as she blinkedand continue staring at me.

“Did you hear me? l said don’t look at me like that”,as l felt her pulse beating high


fast in her throat.






Blue’s Pov






“Don’t “,his voice was low,the way it has been before. Now it’s rough. “Did you hear me? I said don’t look at me like that”


l knew what he meant. l want him to kiss me but l need to pretend.


“Don’t look at you how?”


“Blue…”,he said, “Do you know what you are doing?”


“No…”,she whispered “But l know what l want”


“Damn it”,as he whispered against my lips and follow it with a kiss. His kiss was hungry.


l had waited a long time for this and l don’t care whether reporters are around.


The only thing l care is his lips on mine.


l wrapped my arms around his neck as he lifted me off my feet ,holding me to him


his chest pressed on mine, my hips pressed to his, his erection powerful against my belly.


l curled my toes in my shoes because I haven’t felt anything like this before. When his mouth left mine , l buried my face against his throat.


“Oh my goodness Gabriel….This is too much”,l said panting. He brought me low as l opened my eyes.lt was then l realised people were applauding for us.

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“l have to leave”


“No Blue….Stay with me”


“l can’t …The moon is full and l need to be inside the ocean” “Okay….can l come to the ocean with u”




We walked to the ocean as we talked about stuff. “l guess it’s goodbye”


“No it’s not. Close yours eyes”




“Just close your eyes…”,as she closed his eyes.


“Happy birthday Gabriel….open your eyes now”, and it was a necklace which


looks familiar like mine.


“Blue…”,l said surprisingly.


“Do you like it?”


“l love it Blue…Thanks”


“You are welcome”


“This is used to represent our friendship”


“Can you wear it on my neck”


“with pleasure”,as l tiptoed and wore it around his neck. He kissed my shoulders as his hands moved sexually on my back.


“Gabriel….”,l whispered.


“l want you Blue”,slowly l felt his kisses on my neck as l moaned.


“Hmm…thats enough”,as l pulled away.


“l know you want me too”


“Hmm…your ex has been here for minutes”


“Wait…how do you know?”


“l saw her….she followed us all the way here”


“Damn it….”


“Don’t fight her….l know a perfect way”








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