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Endless Love – Episode 12

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Episode 12






I distribute the small desserts to everyone, and one of the clients catches my arm as I put it in front of him.


“I agree, well done,” he says. One strong pull, and I’m in his lap.


His hand is around my waist, fingers stroking against my skin, pulling me down onto what is obviously an erection.


“I can think of other things that could be well done.” He snickers, voice crawling across me like slime.


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There’s no air in the room. I don’t think I’m breathing, and I can’t move. I hear someone clearing his throat, and I see Cole stand.


“This club is a haven for people to explore who they are, and you are welcome to do so. I’m sure you’ll find plenty of willing people downstairs who would want to join you. However, my employees are off limits. That is not a service they provide, and if you put your hands on Andrea again, or any of my other employees, you will not be welcome here. Am I understood?”


The man, still nameless, loosens his grip and I scramble off his lap, putting distance between us.


“I understand,” he says, but he’s smirking.




Gabriel looks at me, and I can tell he’s checking to see if I’m all right. But now that he’s said that employees are off limits, he can’t show me any kind of favor.



“That will be all, Blue. Thank you. I’m sure Rosie could use your help downstairs.”


I nod, heading for the door, and I feel his eyes on me the entire way, and in the hallway it feels like I take my first real breath in minutes. What the hell was I thinking? Gabriel owns this club.

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Even aside from the fact that I want him to strip me down and kiss every inch of skin, do I really want to be the girl who sleeps with the boss on the first day? Yeah. Not the best plan. I make my way downstairs, trying to fight my disappointment at losing something that I never really had.


I drop off a tray of drinks to a group of women watching people have sex.


A girl is strapped to a table, a man alternating using a vibrator and fu.cking her. She keeps screaming out every time the vibrator touches her, and it’s…hot.


I imagine myself in her place, tied down while someone gives me no choice in pleasure, and heat runs straight through my body. The result is that I’m blushing furiously as I collect my tips. That’s…interesting. I’ve never considered anything like that. My sex life has been pretty normal. By the standards in this club, I think it’d be called boring.


But hell, a few hours in here and I’m already thinking of all the different things I’ve never thought of that I could try.


I mean, why not? If I’m going to work here I might as well experiment a little. Who knows, it could be that the atmosphere in here is making me crazy. It’s intoxicating in its own way.


I work my way across the dance floor, bobbing with the music and trying to take everything in. It’s getting later, and there’s far less clothing now. It doesn’t matter which direction I face. There are scene areas lining the walls, and it seems like every one of them is being used.


It’s strange, seeing people fu.cking like this out in the open like it’s totally normal. But because nobody seems uncomfortable with it, it also doesn’t feel awkward. In fact, it feels pretty great.


This is not how I saw this job going, but I’m glad. I think I’m going to have way more fun here than at some normal restaurant job slinging soda. For the rest of my shift, I simply work.


Filling drinks, taking orders, and of course spying on the sex.


being fu.cked by two men at the same time.


There’s a man down on his knees in front of another man. In another area, red wax splashes across a woman’s breasts and I find that I can’t stop looking.



The watch on my wrist vibrates, and I see that my shift is over. I hurry back to the bar, using my code to drop off all the cash that isn’t tips, and I clock out. Normally when I finish a job I feel exhausted, but tonight I feel electrified. I wander back over to watch the couple with the wax as he drips the wax further down her body, closer and closer to her pussy.


The woman is squirming as the wax hits her, but it’s obvious she’s not in pain. Instead, it looks like she’s about to come. God, I don’t even know what that would feel like.


“Like what you see?” The deep voice comes from behind me.


I don’t need to turn to feel Gabriel behind me, so close that we’re almost touching.




“Maybe,” I say. “Honestly, I have no idea. Half of this stuff I never would have thought of.”


“I’ll be happy to introduce you to anything you like.” I turn, trying to gauge the look on his face.

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“I thought employees were off limits?”


Gabriel’s eyes go dark and angry.


“I’m sorry that happened. I swear it won’t again.” “I’m all right. It was just…surprising.”


“As for being off limits,” he says, taking an impossible step closer.


“You know we have a strict no sex while working policy. But now you’re not on the clock, and anything that happens from now on has nothing to do with work. You’re not an employee, you’re a woman with the most tempting skin I’ve ever seen. I’m not your boss, I’m just a man who would like very much to introduce you to some of the things Club Deep has to offer.”


I raise an eyebrow.


“There will be sex involved?”


“That,” he says, “is entirely up to you.” Gabriel leans down and his mouth meets mine.


That fire that I thought was going to explode earlier roars through me with searing need.


His arms come around me, and we’re pressed together in all the right places. I open my mouth to him, allowing him to explore, and I explore right back. Fingers are at my hips, teasing the skin just above my pants. .





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