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Ecstasy – Episode 54

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“Father.” Carlisa called.


He looked at a Rebecca. “Rebecca.” He called.


Rebecca stood still confused, he looks so familiar, like they where close before.


“Its me rebecca, Nicole.”

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“Nicole?” Rebecca asked. Different blurry flashes began to appear in her head. She closed her eyes trying to get the real picture.


“Remember who you are Rebecca, remember us.” Nicole said.


Rebecca was still trying to get the clear picture.


“Dad will it work?” Carlisa asked worried.



“I know it will.” Nicole replied.


Everything became clear to her, who she is and where she is. She opened her eyes and smiled at Nicole, “Nicole.” She called.


He smiled at her, Carlisa was unbelievably happy.


Rebecca hugged Nicole tightly, “you came back.” She said.


“Yes I will always comeback for you.”


Rebecca looked at Carlisa, “is this really my baby? Is this my Carlisa?” She asked.


“Yes mom.” Carlisa replied and hugged her.


“You are so grown up.” She said and looked at Carlisa sadly, “i wasn’t there when you where still growing. Am so sorry. Am sorry I made you see all this, and brought you into the world of crime.”


“Don’t be, I hated it before but am in love with it now.”


“Rebecca.” They heard a voice, Carlisa and Nicole looked at the person, while Rebecca turned to look at her.


“Maren.” Carlisa called.


“Hello. Rebecca let’s go.”








“You bitch.”


“I think you finally regained your memory so unfortunate.” Maren said.


“You destroyed my family, am going to make you pay for it.” Rebecca said.



“Try it if you can. You can destroy ice doesn’t mean you can destroy me.” Maren said and threw a sword at Rebecca but Rebecca shifted making it to fall close to Carlisa feet.


Carlisa carried it up, “mom its your fight, defect her.” She said and threw it at her.


Rebecca smiled at her and faced Maren.


Rebecca charged at her transforming to a vampire. She used both the sword and her nails, and fangs in fighting maren. Maren too wasn’t weak she was hitting hard.


Maren tricked Rebecca by dividing into two making Rebecca confused. Maren used that opportunity to push Rebecca to the ground. She cut her hand with her sword, without giving Rebecca a breathing space. She raised her sword, about to stab Rebecca with it, when Carlisa pushed her away. .






Gab ran to save Maren from Carlisa but imogene stopped him.


“You ingrate.”


“I better be an ingrate than your daughter.” She said and pushed him away.


She transformed to a beast. They both where hurting each other but they never gave up.


Imogene used her power as a witch and beast and pin him down to a tree.


She removed a sword from him and raise it up to stab him but couldn’t, she couldn’t kill her father, it will hunt her forever but she have to do it. This was the man she once love. Suddenly the knife left her hand. She opened her eyes to see gab groaning in pain, he’s been stab, she look at the person who stabbed him. “It was hard cause he was your father, but what need to be done has been done.” Elma said she threw the knife away and hugged imogene. .







The mom maidens saw that gab have been killed so they attacked. Nicole singlehandedly kill them all, it wasn’t a big deal for him, he killed them in just couple of minutes.


The remaining granduwellas knew that with just Nicole, Rebecca and ice, Maren


and her demons will be destroyed.








Ameera seeing this tried to run but Eliza caught her by freezing her.


“Not to fast, we can’t risk having another Maren. I won’t make another mistake, I let Maren go during the last war and she became evil. Not anymore.” Eliza said.


Maren looked at all the people she brought but they where all dead except ameera who will soon be dead cause nana was with a sword and it was obvious that she will slice ameera. And she did, breaking ameera frozen body.


Maren knew she can’t do anything, so she tried running, but Carlisa cast a spell on her leg which made her paralyzed.


“Let’s join our powers together, that way we can finish her off.” Carlisa said.


She stood in front while, Rebecca, Nicole, elma, and imogene where behind her.


They all placed their hands on her and closed their eyes. Tiny lights began to emit from their body transferring into Carlisa’s body.


Carlisa stretched forth her hand and a very heavy beam of light came out.


“Urghhhhhh.” Maren shouted cause the light was too powerful for her.


It burnt her to nothing in front of the granduwellas. Everything she created disappeared with her.


“It is done.” Carlisa said.








Carlisa knelt down trying to catch her breath. “Peace have finally been restored.” Rebecca said.


Rebecca came close to Freda and hugged her, “hello mom.” She said so did Nicole, they all took turns in hugging each other with emotions.


“I wish my dad was here.” Eat said.


“Don’t worry, I will fulfill your wish, I will bring him back.” Rebecca said.




“Yes sweetheart.”


“Thank you.” Elma said and hugged her.



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