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Ecstasy – Episode 53

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“What do you want?” Rebecca asked.


“I called you for a talk.” She said and came close to Rebecca. “Mother.”


Rebecca felt complete when she heard her say mother. Was she referring to her? But her mistress told her to kill the chosen one cause she is evil.


“Mother I know you are in there.” Carlisa said.


Rebecca pushed her hard to the floor, “am not your mother.” she said.


Carlisa stood up, “yes you are, and I will make sure you remember everything today.” She said.


Rebecca created a ball of fire and threw it at carlisa, but Carlisa made a wind which change the direction of the fire ball.


“Try remembering the granduwellas.” Carlisa said.


“Shut up.” Rebecca shouted kicking carlisa hard on her face.


“Fine, if you want to remember the hard way, we take it the hard way. Sorry


mom.” Carlisa said and transformed to a vampire. Rebecca also transformed to a










Elma knocked at carlisa room cause she felt weird that night. No one replied.


She knocked again, but still, no one answer.


“Is she sleeping deep?” Elma asked. She kept knocking but no reply. “What’s wrong?” She pushed the door open, and no was in the room. “Carlisa, Carlisa.” She called but no reply.


She search the bathroom and the dressing room but no reply.


“Carlisa.” She called.


She closed her eyes connecting her mind to carlisa but couldn’t, that means, carlisa wasn’t near by but far.


“I have a weird feeling about this.” Elma said and ran out.


“Carlisa.” She kept calking alerting others who came out.


“What happened this time?” Michael asked.


“Carlisa is gone.”


“What do you mean by that? She was with us last night.”


“Yes but she is gone, don’t know where she is now. I tried connecting our minds but she is not close by.”


“Where is she?” Nana asked.


Imogene called Alex, but Alex told her that she wasn’t with him.


“Alex said she is not with him.” She said after hanging up.



“Where the fu.cking hell is she?” Ashton asked.








Ameera ran to Maren’s room.


“Maren, there is bad news.”


“What happened?”


“Rebecca is missing.”




“I tried finding her and found out that she is on earth.”


“Hope she haven’t met any of those granduwellas who will try to make her remember?”


“That is what am worried about.”


“We need to find her A. S. A. P.” Maren said.








Rebecca was getting the upper hand as she was making carlisa weak.


“Mother try remembering who you are, your family, your love and me.” Carlisa said. She wouldn’t lie, her mom is powerful.


“Shut up.”


“Maren is just using you, she is the evil one here, she separated you from your family.”


“Arghhhhhhhhhhhhh” rebecca screamed and tried choking Carlisa but Carlisa pushed her to the floor.



“Mom Maren lied to you, believe me.”


“Stop talking.” Rebecca said. She was hearing voices, she was confused. She don’t


know what was happening. Half of her believe carlisa cause she felt it was true,


while the other part believed Maren.






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“Where is Carlisa?” Mi so asked worried.


“Have tried finding her but couldn’t find her.” Eliza said.


“Let me ask a friend of mine if by chance she saw Carlisa in dark realm.” Nana said and left.


“I hope she is safe.” Ivy said.


“Am really worried, if Maren have a hand in this then i won’t spare her.(Join Group) More stories @ She dare not have a hand in kidnapping my grand daughter.” Freda said.


Nana came back, “she’s not in dark realm, but there is something else.”


“What is it?” Imogene asked.


“Rebecca is missing.” Nana said.




“Carlisa is missing, Rebecca is kissing, I think they are together.” Elma said.


“Even if that is true, where are they?” Marcus asked.


“I hope the two of them won’t harm themselves. I hope nothing happen to any of them.” Lucius said.



Elma closed her eyes and tried focusing on the sounds she heard faraway. She opened her eyes, “I think I know where they are.” She said.


“Where?” Eliza asked.


“In a forest close to the city.”


“Let’s go.” Ashton said.


“And this time, we are ending everything. Get ready for war cause today, we will make sure to stop Maren permanently.” Lucius said. .






“Maren have found her, and I was right, she is with Carlisa.” Ameera said.


“Then let’s go bring her back, by force, no one is stopping us.” Maren said. She


looked at Ameera, “call gab and the moon maidens, we have a war ahead.” Ameera


bowed and left.








Rebecca was about to punch carlisa on her face when a bright light shined. She was distracted stirring at it.


Carlisa used that opportunity to push her away from her as the wounds on her body began to heal.


Rebecca was so focused on the light which was getting bigger, Carlisa too became focused on it.


A man figure came out of it. He looked at the both of them with a smile, “hello mother and daughter.” he said.


“Father.” Carlisa called not believing her eyes

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