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Ecstasy – Episode 50

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She glared at Maren and stood up.

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“You woke me up, you disturb me.” She said looking so angry.


“She is going to kill us.” Ameera said.


“No she won’t, am her mistress.”


Rebecca began to destroy the things close to her angrily.


“Stop her maren, she is destroying my lab.” Ameera said


“I will get a better one for you and also witches don’t use lab.”


“Whatever. But why are we watching her instead of stopping her?” Maren asked.


“Cause its funny that my once worst enemy is now my puppet, am enjoying the show cause am now in control and the only one that can stop her.”


“One weird queen you are.” Ameera said.


“Stop rebecca, your mistress command.”


Immediately rebecca stopped and looked at her.


“Yes mistress.” She said.








“Eliza you look worried, why?”


“Am getting this suspicious feeling about what maren did. Its so unlike her, she let her enemy go when they where angry, that isn’t maren.”


“I don’t think so, maybe she was scared.”


“Scared? I know Maren, and am thinking she used those guys as a bait for something.”


Nana kept quiet thinking about what Eliza said.


“Just thinking about it, I think you are right cause Maren don’t let her captives go, and she smiled when the girls became angry, I think she’s up to something.”


“But what will it be?” Eliza asked.


“Don’t know but I will try finding out from a friend in the dark realm.”


“Please do.”


“Aren’t you taking the girls to the hospital today?”


“Yes I am, it slipped my mind.” Eliza said.


“But where are they?”


“Probably with the guys, they where injured so badly.”


“And am afraid that will keep happening if they all start dating cause the evil ones will know their weakness.” Nana said.



“I know. But carlisa needs alex to help her remove those demons. And the other girls, its gonna be pretty tough.” Eliza said.


“Why don’t you take them to the hospital next week cause they won’t be able to go today.” Nana said.


“Yes, good idea.”








Imogene, and Elma sat close to bryan and jay who where still unconscious. “I have put bryan into a lot of trouble by falling in love with him. He is my weakness now and that means he will keep getting hurt cause they will want to use him to trap me.” Elma said sobbing.


Imogene couldn’t say or do anything she just place her hand on Elma shoulder, Elma is right, the guys will become their weakness.


She have to accept it, she loves Jay and she don’t know when and how she developed that feeling for him.


Why did she have to fall in love with him? She have placed him in the mist of trouble by falling for him. She can’t see him hurt, she don’t want to see him in pain.


“Please Bryan, wake up.” Elma cried.


“Maren will pay for this, I will make her pay ,she just made me mad.” She said.




Carlisa stayed with Alex in his apartment treating and taking care of him. His wounds weren’t healing yet.


She sat close to him as she change the bandage and put a new one.


“Alex you shouldn’t be alone again, maren might attack you again. She is a very dangerous woman.”


“You care for me.”



“Why shouldn’t I? You helped me with those guys so its my duty to protect you.” She said and sighed, “you shouldn’t have found out. You knowing who I am and we been close will bring more disaster to you. They will come for you knowing you are close to me and harm you. I shouldn’t have visited your apartment the day you found out. Its all my fault.”


“Even though I didn’t found out that day, I would have later cause I was so adament on knowing who the granduwellas are.”


“Please Alex go back to Paris, stay far away from me. I was so worried about you when maren took you, I don’t know what will happen if……….” She stopped talking realizing what she was about saying.


What the heck is wrong with her? Have she gone crazy or what?


“If what?” Alex asked.


“Nothing.” She said and stood up to go but he caught her hand with his other hand which wasn’t injured. He dragged her close to him.


“If what?” He asked.


Carlisa heart was beating so fast, what was this feeling? She is supernatural, her heart don’t suppose to beat like that? What is happening to her. She wish he will kiss her. ‘Please Alex kiss me.’ She thought.


Alex stirred at her succulent lips which was waiting to be kissed. It was so inviting that he couldn’t resist. He kissed her.


Carlisa felt so weird and happy, she felt home, she felt peace, she felt a burden lifted up from her shoulder. That moment she forgot everything about supernaturals and war. She felt like a normal person, Alex was made for her, she knew that moment.


‘You are putting him into more danger’ a little voice screamed in her head. She quickly stood up. “This isn’t right.” She said and ran out of his room to the kitchen. She relaxed her back on the wall as the last moment flashed back into her head.



Her heart couldn’t stop beating. She can’t fall for Alex, not now, she have a war ahead and can’t be distracted, he might be use as a weapon against her which wouldn’t be good.


She breathed in and out.








A week later.


Imogene, Elma and Carlisa got ready. Eliza told him that they where going to the hospital.


“I don’t know why but I feel a little bit glad to go to the hospital.”


“Aish, I hate hospitals.” Carlisa said.


“And your parent are doctors, Infact your family.” Imogene said.


“Yeah. I just want to be a normal human, with a happy life.” Carlisa said.


“Same here, a normal human, a doctor who saves life.” Elma said.


“Well I don’t know what it feels like to be one, so I still love my supernatural life.” Imogene said.


“Let’s go girls.” Eliza said.


They all left.


The car stopped in front if the very big hospital.


“Wow this hospital is big.” Elma said.


“Yes.” Eliza said.


The girls followed Eliza as she went in.


“Listen up everyone.” Eliza said to the staffs who where gathered together waiting for them.



“Let me introduce you to your bosses. Carlisa, Elma and Imogene. The great grand daughters of Lucius.” Eliza said.


They all bowed welcoming them.


“As you all know, the granduwellas went missing for years, well that wasn’t true, they just left to a faraway country and now they are back, they will join us soon.” Eliza said.


The staffs clapped welcoming the girls.


“Its good to be back.” Eliza said.


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Alex knew he has totally fallen in love with Carlisa. Its been a week since he kissed Carlisa. She’s been giving him a cold looks which he don’t know why.


She’s been taking care of him and now his hand is getting better.


Throughout the week, he have gotten so addicted to her that he is uncomfortable when he don’t see her for a day.


But what is really wrong with Carlisa ,why have she been behaving coldly towards










Rebecca stood still looking at her new master, the person who brought her back.


She don’t remember anything all she knows is that, she has a mistress who she must obey. She felt empty deep inside, she had a weird feeling but she decided to drop it down.


Maren stood in front of her with a smile.


“You will be going to earth to destroy the chosen one, key and sword tomorrow.


You are the only one powerful enough to do that, not exactly only you, there is a


guy too but he is a red blood. You will destroy them and bring their bodies to me.



Spare no one.” Maren said careful enough not to mention the granduwellas name especially Nicole cause she don’t want Rebecca to remember a thing yet, not yet.


“Ok mistress.”


“You will go with Gab.”


“Me?” Gab asked. “They almost killed me last time.”


“And that is why am making you more powerful.” Maren said.


“Take this.” Ameera said giving him a cup with drink in it.


Gab collected it and drank it all. It was tasteless.


He felt someone choking him but no one was very close to him enough to choke him. He knelt down struggling to be free. He transformed, a permanent transformation. He transformed to a giant monster.


Maren and Ameera smiled, finally it worked.


“I can’t believe this was your husband.”


“You said was, not anymore, his been a real dickhead for years.”


Ameera laughed. “You are crazy.” She said

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