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Ecstasy – Episode 49

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“Bryan.” Elma called crying.


“Elma let’s get out of here.” Imogene said.


“No, they took Bryan away, am going to them. They will kill him like in my dream.”


“Let’s get out of here.”


“I said no.”


“Try listening to me, let’s get out of here so that we can think of a plan to get them back before they get harmed.”


“Am not leaving, am going to him. It might be too late.”


“Calm down.” Imogene said.


“I will not calm down.” Elma shouted.


Imogene was shocked cause she have never seen Elma as angry as she was.


“What if something happen to him? He don’t have powers and you know who Maren is.” Elma said searching round as if she have gone crazy.


“Elma look at me.” Imogene said.


“No they will kill him like they did in my dream.”


“Elma.” Imogene called and punch her hard on her forehead using her beast power.


Elma lost consciousness.


“Elma am so sorry but I just had to do it.” Imogene said and helped her up.


Carlisa felt scared, Alex is gone, what if Maren harm him? What is going on in maren’s head? Why did she kidnap him, bryan and jay? She was damn confused.


She went back to the mansion.


“Carlisa was is going on?” Ivy asked.


Carlisa sat on a sofa still confused.


“What happened and where is Elma and Imogene?” Eliza asked.


“Maren happened again.” Carlisa replied.


“What did she do?” Lucius asked.


“Great grandpa…….” She stopped when she saw Imogene entering with an


unconscious Elma. “Elma?” She ran to them. “What happened to her?”


“I had no choice, she was going crazy, she was so mad and angry, so I had to punch her that way I was able to bring her back.” Imogene said.


Ivy and Vanessa both came to Elma.


“Can someone explain all this?” Nana asked.


Carlisa and Imogene both helped Elma to the sofa to lie down.


“Maren did something terrible hurting Elma.”


“What did she do?” Eliza asked.


“She kidnapped Bryan, jay and Alex.” Imogene said.


“Who the heck are they?” Aaron asked.



“Bryan is Elma first love and boyfriend. Maren kidnapped him. Alex is a friend, jay is Bryan cousin and still a friend.” Imogene replied, contemplating whether Jay is really a friend to her or more than that.


“Elma has boyfriend?” Ivy asked.


“Yes, but let’s not talk about that, let’s talk about how to get them back.” Carlisa said.


Elma opened her eyes. “Let’s go and fight maren, she will have to pay and I will make sure of that.” She said.


The whole family said nothing, they only stirred at her. Maren really hurt her this










“Finally your plan is working.” Gab said.


“All thanks to Ameera.” Maren said.


“You shouldn’t thank me your highness.”


“Now we will wait for those three pests.” Maren said.




“But what if they don’t. come? What if those guys don’t mean a lot to them? What if they send someone else?” Gab asked.


“Who else will they send? They are the only ones who can face me, and they definitely will come. You where the one who told me about the guys so have faith in your words.” Maren said.


“But Maren we should think about that.”



“No we won’t. Have seen enough to know their feelings for each other, so they will definitely come here.”


“What do you have in mind to make them angry?”


“A lot.”


“Are you going to kill the guys cause I will be glad to feast on them.” Gab said.


“Don’t worry.” Maren said grinning widely.








Elma, Imogene and Carlisa got ready for dark realm. They made up their minds to kill her if she harmed jay, alex and Bryan.


“You guys shouldn’t use anger in fighting her, show her that you are better than




Eliza said.


“Create the portal already.” Elma said impatiently.


Eliza sighed and created it. Elma entered inside the portal. “Elma is really impatient and angry, make sure you watch her and don’t let her do anything rash.” Eliza said.


“We will.”. Imogene said.


They both entered the portal.


Luckily for them, they came out in front of maren palace.


“Maren.” Elma called. “Come out right this moment.” She shouted.


“Elma calm down, we don’t have a plan yet.” Carlisa said.


“I don’t care.” Elma said.


Carlisa closed her eyes and focused on the environment.


“They are with maren.” She said.


“Maren come out this minute.” Elma said.


“Who is disturbing my palace?” Maren asked coming out with Ameera.


“You crazy woman.” Elma said going to attack her but imogene dragged her back.


“Where are they? If you harm them maren you will regret everything you have ever done.” Elma said.


“Maren bring them out.”


“Not so fast.” Maren said. “Why should I release them?”


“Cause they are innocent, they haven’t done anything to you.”


Maren smirked. “I feel like killing today and they are my target.” She said.


“Maren.” Carlisa called getting angry.


Maren smiled, her plan is working.


Carlisa breathed in and out remembering what Eliza said, don’t let anger control you.


“Maren just tell us what you want.” Carlisa said calmly.


Maren was shocked cause she never expected carlisa to be that calm easily.


“Ameera get the boys.” Maren whispered to Ameera.


Ameera left and came back with alex, Jay and bryan.


“Bryan.” Elma called.


“Let go of them.” Imogene said.


“Finally my daughter spoke, how are you darling? Are they taking good care of you?” Maren asked.



“Like you care. Now release them.” Imogene said.


“Ameera get it.” Ameera left and came back with maren staff.


“I just feel like killing, she said.


“Please maren don’t.” Elma begged.


“Maren its seems they are calming down instead of getting angry.”


Maren looked at Ice angrily. She rose them up with her staff.


“Maren no.” Carlisa said.


“Please mother.” Imogene begged.


The more they do, the more she gets angry. She want them angry not sympathetic. She made a wind which sent the guys to different directions hitting themselves hard that it was hard to tell if they will survive it.


“Noooooooo” Elma screamed.


“Why you?” Carlisa asked in anger.


“Mother.” Imogene called.


The three girls became angry ,just as maren wanted.


“Good girls.” Maren said.


The girls anger was raising to it leek causing a huge wind and breeze. They threw Maren to a rock making her to hit her head so hard.


Elma calmed down and ran to Bryan. “Bryan.” She called. He checked whether he was breathing and he was, she also checked jay and Alex and they where also breathing.


“They are alive.” She said.


Carlisa and Imogene calmed down and ran to them.


“Thank good ness.” Imogene said.


“Let’s go.” Carlisa said.


They left with the guys.


Maren laughed, “idiots, they don’t know what they just did.”

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“Why isn’t she waking up?” Gab asked standing close to Maren, right in front of them was Rebecca lying down on a bed.


“Wait for it.” Ameera said.


Rebecca slowly opened her eyes but she wasn’t making any movement, She was motionless. She wasn’t even blinking her eyes which was red.


“She us a witch now too.” She said.


“Why isn’t she moving?” Ameera asked confused.


“Just by calling her name.”


Maren said.


She sat close to Rebecca, “Rebecca wake up and look at me, am your new master now.”


Rebecca blinked her eyes and glared at Maren

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