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Ecstasy – Episode 48

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Elma was restless all through, she couldn’t take her mind off the dram. Does that mean something bad is about to happen to Bryan?.

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She remembered what he said when they went to his family farm, in movies, when a guy say all those words, they either die or something bad happens to them.


She couldn’t get it off her head, she don’t know what she will do if anything happens to him. She really love him and can’t lose him.


She picked her phone and placed a call to him.


“Are you busy?” She asked immediately he answered the call.


“Nope. What’s up, you sound tensed.”


“Can we meet for some minutes?”


“Yes sure. Am getting worried now hope there isn’t any problem?”


“No, nothing much, I will tell you when you get here.” Elma said and hang off.


She got dressed and came outside the mansion, she waited for some few minutes


before Bryan came.


“Hi babe.”


“Let’s go somewhere else.”




He drove to a place which was close to his house.


“Am really worried, you don’t look ok, tell me what is going on.”



Elma looked round the environment, she listened to the voices close by and all she could hear was bird chirping.


“Are you okay?”


“Bryan am really scared.”


“Scared? Why?”


“I don’t want anything to happen to you.”


“What will happen to me?”


“I had a bad dream and ever since then, I have been so restless.”


“Mind telling me about it?”


“In the dream, you where taken away from me. You where killed. Some people killed you. It felt real, it felt true. I really don’t want to lose you.” Elma said sobbing.


“Hey don’t do that.” He said in a low voice. He drew her close to him and hugged her. “Nothing will happen to me, its just a dream ok.”


“I don’t want to lose you.”


“You won’t sweetie.”


She looked at him, “please come and stay with us in the mansion, there you will be safe.”


“C’mon babe, nothing will happen to me. Remember the promise I made to you, I will stand by you and support you in everything you do so why will I leave you, why will I break my promise?”


“Am really scared.”



“Don’t be. I am stronger than you think.”


It took a lot of effort to calm Elma down.


When she was calm, Bryan took her back home.


“Make sure you call me if you find something or someone suspicious. And be careful too, when you go out be careful.”


“Ok my love, I will do just that.”


“Call me when you get home.”


“Ok, see ya.” He said and drove away.


Elma sighed heavily. She still had that weird feeling, she just hope Bryan is safe.








Ameera rode her horse to the queen’s palace, she just found a way to bring back Rebecca. Maren will be so delighted, She thought.


She came down from the horse and walked into the palace. Maren was sitting alone with her eyes close.


“Maren I got goodnews for you. Its about Rebecca.”




“The only people who can bring back Rebecca is the ice. They are the only people with the power to do so.”


“Yes. I know.”


“If you make them angry, very angry, you got a chance of bringing her back.”


“Angry?” Maren asked with her eyes still closed.


“Yes. You just have to lure them to dark realm and make them angry.”



“And they will just come here when I call them?” Maren asked.


“No. Gab gave a great idea yesterday. Those guys.”


Maren opened her eyes and looked at Ameera.


“If we can kidnap them, Ice will be force to come here. You hurt the guys and they get angry.”


“Good idea. But they are just two of them, the chosen one won’t get angry.”


“Well I just found out something interesting, there is a guy Alex.”


“But what if they are not close to the girls, what if it was just a misunderstanding?”


“Well Jay is friends with imogene but I can perceive love. Alex and carlisa to are friends, and am sure they are developing feelings for each other. Elma is dating bryan and they love each other.”


“Then we bring those boys here. Go and get the moon maidens ready, we are going to capture them.” Maren said. Ameera bowed and left.


“I will have. To find out if truly carlisa has feelings for that alex guy before I bring


them here.” Maren said.








Maren hynoptize some guys to harass Carlisa while she watched from afar.


Carlisa was on her way back home after getting something from the market when some men stopped her on the road.


“Motherfu.cker, this girl is wow.” One of them said.


“What do you want? Get out of my way.” Carlisa said.


“Chill, we still got time yo.”



“What the is wrong with you guys? Let me go.”


“C’mon bae, let’s go smack that ass of yours.”


Carlisa felt her anger rise but she can’t do anything cause she don’t want people to find out.


One of the men touched her cheek. “Pretty lady.”


Carlisa slapped his hand away, but he brought it back on her cheek.


“Let go of her.” Alex said standing close to Carlisa.


“Who the are you?”


“You don’t want to know you the fu.cking hell am I.”


“Then out of here, we have a bitch to deal with.”


Alex punch him on his cheek. The others guys tried attacking but Alex beat them up. They ran away.


Alex came close to carlisa, “did they hurt you?” He asked concerned.


Carlisa felt her heart skip a bit which she don’t know why. She stirred into his eyes and was lost for a moment.


“Are you okay?” Alex asked.


“Am…. Am……. Am fine.” She said.


“Those guys, I could have beaten them even more.” “Thank you for helping me.” Carlisa said and left. “She left?” He asked and smiled.








Bryan and Jay walked down the street talking about the trending twt. Jay felt a movement behind them, he turned but no one was there. “What’s wrong?”


“I felt a movement behind us but no one is here.” Jay said. “Let’s go.” They continue going.


Jay felt a movement again, he turned, “someone is surely following us.” He said.


“But no one is here.” Bryan said.


“No there is.”


“Let’s go.” Bryan said. They both left, Jay was feeling uneasy.


The both of them heard a movement, they both turned and saw women in blank, their faces where covered, they where five women.


The both of them turned to go but three women in black where standing in there front.


“Who are you?” Bryan asked.


“Moon maidens.”


“What do you want?” Jay asked.


“We want you, bryan and Alex.” They said. “Jay we need to leave.” Bryan said. “How?”


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“We cause a distraction.” Bryan said in a low voice.


“Hey finally, Imogene.” Jay said.


The moon maidens all turned, bryan and Jay used that opportunity to run towards the left direction. The moon maidens began to pursue them.


They ran as fast as they could.


“Elmaaaaaa.” Bryan called as loud as he could.








Elma, Imogene, carlisa and the whole family where having dinner together. Elma couldn’t stop thinking about Bryan. Carlisa and Imogene felt weird too.


“Elmaaaaaa.” Elma heard her name been called.


She stood up, “Bryan.” She called.


“Elma what’s wrong?” Ivy asked concerned.


“Bryan is in trouble, he called for me.” She said as she remembered her dream.


She ran out of the house in a very fast speed.


“Elma.” Carlisa and Imogene called.


“Who is Bryan?” Eliza asked.


“We will tell you when we get back, right now we need to find Elma.” Carlisa said.


She left together with Imogene.


Elma was able to trace where Bryan was, but she arrive late, the moon maidens where already entering a portal with bryan and Jay.


“Bryan…….” Elma called.



Bryan looked at her, “go and save Alex.” He manage to say before the portal disappeared.


“Jay.” Imogene called. She also saw when Jay left too.


Elma knelt down, “Bryan.” She called.


“Carlisa he said alex is in danger, go save him, i will take care of Elma.” Imogene said.


“Take good care of her.” Carlisa said and left.


She ran in a super speed to Alex apartment. When she got there she saw his house


ransacked and he wasn’t around. She knew what had happened, alex have been


kidnapped too.















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