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Ecstasy – Episode 46 B

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“Who are you and how do you know us?” Elma asked.

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“Well am Marvlyn, and I know a lot about you.”




“Can we go to a restaurant close by.”


“Sure, but let’s be quick cause we don’t have time.”


They all went to a restaurant close by after Marvlyn paid the taxi.


“So tell us what you know?”


“I know everything about you three, about your family ,about the granduwellas, and your mission here.”




“Cause I created everything.”


“What do you mean by that?” Elma asked.


“Am a story writer. I know you are confused but let me tell you everything. I wrote a book in the year 2019”


“2019?are you also from the future?”



“Kinda, but right now, am dreaming. I know its confusing but I think I came here after I fell asleep.”


“You say 2019?but we came from 2018.” Elma said.


“Yes, that is because I made it so.”


“This is confusing.” Imogene said.


“Well. Am as shock as you are too. In the year 2019 I write a story, blood doctors about a supernatural family, the granduwellas. Them been rich owning a big hospital a big mansion and lots more. They where called the red bloods and also there was also the black blood but the red bloods defected them, Maren came into the picture and killed the red bloods excluding Eliza, Ivy, Jane, Rebecca, Freda and Vanessa. Marcus, Michael and Ashton where taken into captivity by Maren. Kelvin, Gwen, and Reena disappeared. Rebecca and Jane where pregnant then so was Maren. The three women gave birth at the same day, they where called ICE. Which is another story. Miso, rebecca best friend, took carlisa to south korea, while ivy too elma away. You three where able to rescue Marcus, michael and Ashton from Maren together with Nana. And now, you want to bring back Reena, Kelvin and Gwen.”


“Woah, that is exactly how it is. So our life is just a story?”


“Not anymore cause its real.”


“But how do you know it was us?”


“Your hair, face and everything I write is exactly what you three have so its not hard.”


“But what are you doing here?”


Carlisa asked.


“I don’t know too, I just slept and woke here. I was shocked and confused but someone explained everything to me. And now, I met you.”


“This is crazy, but we need to leave.”


“Let me go with you.”


“No, you might get hurt.” Carlisa said.


“Hurt? Don’t forget I created Maren so I can rewrite the book and take her away from there.”


“Then take her out of here.” Imogene said.


“But I will have to go back cause I wrote the story in the year 2019 and our current year is 2020, the book is been released and the real copy is in my old phone which is with my sister. If I can get the original soft copy then I will be able to erase the future Maren from this past.”


“Ok so what are you waiting for?” Carlisa asked.


“We will have to go to LA.”


“How we will go there now?” Elma asked.


“Imogene is a beast, a special beast with wings, she can fly so fast, elma is a vampire and can move fastest than a cheetah. She can run so fast that you won’t notice her. And carlisa, with the combination of both her vampire and werewolf speed, she can move fastest than anything in the world. So you three don’t have to worry about anything.”


“Ok, we will do as you say.” Carlisa said.








Maren looked at the granduwellas mansion from a distance, she smiled.


“This place will be destroyed soon forever. I failed to do so before, am not making that mistake ever again.”



She felt someone at her back, she turned. Right in front of her stood herself, but her past self.


“You came.”


“Who are you?”


“Am your future.”


“What are you doing in the past?”


“To correct the mistake I made, the mistake you are about to make.”


“Which is?”


“The granduwellas. Don’t kill all of except ivy, Freda and Vanessa, together with miso. They are now pests in the future.”


“The remaining red blood will torment me.”


“No they won’t. Killing those four will make the remaining red blood vanish


forever. This is the past, they are dead in the future. If you can just harm those four


then you have no problem. I will stop the birth of the chosen one and Elma.”


Maren said.








Imogene, carlisa, Elma and marvlyn both went to a forest which was in a faraway location.


Imogene transformed to a beast, Elma transform to a vampire, while Carlisa transformed to a vampire but her eyes where that of a werewolf. Carlisa held marvlyn hand.


“Ready?” Carlisa asked.


“Ready.” They all replied.


They left in full speed.


It took thirty minutes for Carlisa to get to LA. But it took Elma and Imogene thirty five minutes.


“Wow marvlyn, we are lucky to have you here.” Imogene said.


“So what do you suggest we do?” Carlisa asked.


“Me and Imogene will go back to the real current year that is 2020,I need to change and rewrite this part in the book. Elma will go to the granduwellas mansion and make sure she protect Rebecca, and Jane, also with Mi so, ivy, Freda, and Vanessa. Carlisa will have to make sure to find the real Maren and stop her and also convince the past Maren to make Reena, Gwen and kelvin disappear.”


“Hope this will work?” Carlisa asked.


“I hope so, this is what I have in mind now.”


“Ok. Let’s do as the boss said.” Carlisa said.


“Imogene you will have to make us go back in time.” Marvlyn said.








They all got separated. Elma went to the granduwellas mansion, she was able to locate it so easily. But what will she tell them? She sighed and knock on the door. The security opened it.


“Please are the granduwellas home?”


“Who are you?”


“Am a friend.”


Eliza came out of the mansion.


“Eliza?” Elma called.


Eliza looked at her. “Who are you?”


“Its me Elma.”




Elma then remembered that she was in the past.


“Actually you must have forgotten who I am, am a friend, we met years ago.”


“You don’t look like a friend cause you look young.” Eliza said. She came close to her. “Where you still a kid when we met?”


“Actually, yes.” Elma replied.


Eliza touched her hand with a smile, but the smile turned into shock. “Who are you?”




“I said who are you?”


“What do you mean by that?” Elma asked.


“You are not from this world, who are you? Are you a spy?”


Elma knew her cover was blown. “Well am not a spy.”


“Then who are you?”


“Am from the future.”




“Yes. You are my aunt. Am Elma granduwella.”


“Elma granduwella? Don’t you dare lie to me.”


“Am Elma aunt, am the key. Vampire and human.”


“I don’t believe you.”


“If you don’t believe me then how did I know about the prophecy? The chosen one and sword are both with me. We came here to stop some thing from happening and I need your help.”


“How can I trust you?”


“You are a witch and you can cast a spell on me to tell the truth. Go ahead.”


Eliza casted the spell and Elma still repeated what she said.


“Its true, but who is your mother?”


“Jane. My dad name is Richard.”


“Really? Then you must come with me, am going to meet your mother and father.”


“Wow awesome, have never seen them before, this is my chance.” Elma said.


“Ok, let’s go.” Eliza said and they both left together.








Imogene teleported Marvlyn back to the future.


Marvlyn woke up in her bedroom with Imogene by her side.


“Its still nighy, we can find it before daybreak. I just need to find out where the phone is.” Marvlyn said.


“Where did you left it?”


“With my kid sis.”


“Where is she?”


“She’s out but she said she left it here at home.”


“Then we must find it.” Imogene said.






































(Short episode. Very short one)


Elma and Eliza both went over to Richard apartment.


“You stay here, you can’t go inside cause I want to avoid questions.” Eliza said.


Elma obeyed and waited outside while Eliza went in.


Elma wanted to see her mother, its her dream.



She went over to the window and peeped into the house. She saw her mother, she saw Jane.


Elma couldn’t believe her eyes cause she’s exactly like her.


How she wish her mom could see her too.








Carlisa tried looking for maren by using her hearing and seeing ability but could not find her. The more she search, the more Maren was hard to find.


The only place maren could be apart from earth is the dark realm. And she can’t go to dark realms right not cause seeing maren again might wake those demons which might now destroy the two Maren causing a change in history. .






“Its night already so how are we going to find it?” Imogene asked.


“I will just have to check her room.”


Imogene looked at the window and was amazed at the view.


“Which country is this?”




“The view looks some beautiful.”




“It must be awesome leaving in this year.”


“I don’t want to say yes or no cause its not over but the past month, not really.” Marvlyn said and went out of the room.


She came back with a phone in her hand. “I found it.”


“Great, now delete that parasitical woman.”


Marvlyn connected the phone to her laptop. Its came up. But was blank.




“A problem?”


“Yes. Its blank.”


“But can it be repaired?”

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“Yes but it will take an hour.”




“Not great, by that hour I mean in the other side, it will take a day. This is my dream so everything need to be done before I wake up that means before daybreak.”


“Shit. But still don’t give up and start.”


“I hope it works.”








Carlisa sat for hours but still Maren did not show up infront of the granduwellas mansion. She tried connecting to Elma which worked.


“See Elma listen, tomorrow before the time ,let’s meet at the bush opposite the mansion.” Carlisa said.


“Ok.” Elma said

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