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Ecstasy – Episode 44

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The Granduwella’s came back to the mansion after many years.

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The ICE couldn’t help but admire its beauty after been redecorated.


And the happiest moment for the Granduwella’s was when Lucius woke up.








“I will take the room close to the window.” Elma said.


She left for the room alone. Coming back, she saw a man standing infront of her.


She gave out a loud scream. The family all ran to her, them seeing who it was, where speechless.


“Father.” Vanessa said.


Standing in from of them was Lucius.


“How……. How come?” Marcus asked.



“The mansion was been controlled alongside his soul, so as it was released so was he healed.” Eliza said.


The family members couldn’t hid their joy.






End if flashback.


Carlisa entered the room she was told her parent stayed in.


Their picture was all over the room.


Carlisa for the first time saw that she resembled her mother.


Her father was looking so young and handsome.


She wish she could dream of him again. She have always wanted a father. But


everything will soon fall back in place.








Ameera was given a room at the palace. Maren provided her all she needed for the portion.


Ameera knew bringing rebecca back wasn’t possible but she will have to try cause of the queen. Now all she have to do is to make the portion for the moon maidens.


She went over to where maren kept the portion ingredients and the equipment she will use.


She began mixing it gently. Care need to be taken in making it.


In two hours she was done making it. She took some to Maren.


“Am done.”


Maren smiled, “moon maidens, get ready to have a new queen.”









The ICE sat infront of Eliza for their second lesson. Marcus and nana where there too.


“Girls, as I said yesterday. You need to train yourself to bring back those who disappear, its very tricky, so you girls have to pay good attention. Carlisa passing the portal is the hardest part of the journey, you will get a lot of temptations which you must over come with your sisters.”


“Yes Eliza is right, Imogene, learning new spell is very important for it.” Nana said.


“And Elma, reading map is what main deal of this journey.” Marcus said.


“You girls have to be prepared. And we will do that. But know this, there are lots of illusions there. So be careful not to fall for it.” Eliza said. Eliza, Nana and Marcus left after giving them tips on what to do.


Elma phone rang. She smiled picking it, “Elma meet me outside the mansion.” He said and disconnected the call.


“Did something happen?” Elma asked.








Elma left the mansion and as Bryan said, he was right outside the mansion.


He smiled at her, “ready?”




“Ok cupcake, hop on.” He said and gave her a helmet.


Elma wore it and hopped on the scooter. He drove away.


“So where are we going to?” Elma asked.


“You will see.”


He drove and stopped at a very large grapes farm land.


“What are we doing here?”


“We are here to eat grapes, its matured now and besides this is my family farm, down the end road is a flower garden, its so beautiful and that is what I want to show you.” He said and plug out some grapes, he gave it to her.


“Oh my world, this is so delicious.” She complimented.


“Let’s take a walk to thegrden, we can grab some grapes on the way.” Bryan said and placed his hand on hers. They both began to walk to the garden.


“Your family really have a big farm.”


“Yeah. Its been passed from generations. I will be the next to own it.”


“You are lucky, you will get to eat a lot of grapes.”


“What do you mean by that? What about you? When this farm becomes mine, you will get to eat a lot cause you will be my wife.”


Elma stopped and looked at him, “is that possible?”


“What do you mean?”


“Am a vampire remember, I have a destined future and wars ahead of me. I don’t know whether I will survive any of it, I don’t know whether I will leave soon or not.”


“What are you saying cupcake? Nothing will happen to you.”


“Am not human.”


“No you are. You are a beautiful and strong human.”


“I won’t ever get old.”


“I don’t care……. My wish in this life is to die on the lap of my wife. And you talk


about destiny, we will both fulfill it together. I will be with you till the end. During your wars, I will be there to support you, i won’t ever let anything happen to you. My sweet vampire. ……. The heart is precious and delicate, if its harmed then the


human won’t survive. If its weak then the owner is weak, if it dies, the owner dies. The heart is the power system of the body, the body can’t function without it. If the heart is sick, the owner will do all he can to bring it back cause he don’t want to lose that heart. He knows if he lose it, he will be six feet below the ground. My heart cupcake is you. I won’t survive without you, you’re my everything. I love you.” He said.


Elma eyes colour changed to red. “I love you too.” She said. He smiled at her and hugged her.


“I will protect you even though it means losing my life.” He said.


“Don’t say that, don’t you dare say that.” Elma said and disengage the hug.”let’s go to the garden.” She said.


Bryan placed his hand on hers as they left.


“I want to be with you forever, I want to live with you forever. I wish I was a complete human. For the first time in my life, I don’t want to be supernatural, I just want to be with you.” Elma said but not loud enough for him to hear.


They got to the garden and elma couldn’t help but be happy. The flowers where sl beautiful. “This is so beautiful.”


“Yes I know. But you are more beautiful.” Bryan said.


Elma blushed.








“Carlisa are you ready?” Eliza asked.


Alex and jay where there.


Elma told Eliza everything about Alex and thought that he might be the help crlisa needs for the demons in her so Eliza allowed him to be there.



Jay happen to return a book for Elma when she mistakenly told him about carlisa first magic performance so he decided to stay.


“Carlisa are you ready?” Eliza asked.


Carlisa took a deep breath and nodded.


“Good now I will say out some spell while you respond. You will try creating a big ball of fire with your hand.”




“So now, take your right position.”


Carlisa did as she was told.


“Now close your eyes.”


Carlisa closed her eyes.


“Repeat after me……………………..” Eliza said saying out the words.


Carlisa repeated the words too.


They did that three times before a little light ball appeared on her hands.


Eliza increased the speed of the word making carlisa do the same.


The little light ball turned big and this time as fire.


“OMG.” Alex said.


“Not bad for a first timer.” Nana said.


“You did great. Now you are going to create a very big undestructable fire and you are going to extinguish it yourself.” Eliza said.





“I’m just gonna give you what to say cause this next magic can be done by a person not with the hell of another. Its trickish and you might not get it the first time.” Eliza said.


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