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Ecstasy – Episode 43

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Alex couldn’t sleep that night. He was in a bit of a dilemma.


He couldn’t do anything or say anything. It was all shocking to him.


He heard a knock on his door but he choose to ignore it cause he don’t know who is was?Maybe its his death.


The knock came again and this time, it did not stop.


Alex breathed in and out before he slowly went to open the door. Standing before him where Elma and Imogene.


“What are you doing here? Have you come to kill me cause I know you both know about what I found out. Are you two vampires too?” He asked this time with a little fear in him.


“We just came to talk, we won’t harm you.”


“Aha, you both are vampires too.”


“I am but she is not.” Elma said.


“Can we please talk?”


“So it can be easy to kill me?”


“We won’t kill you we promise.” Imogene said.


Alex allowed them in but he stood by the door.


“Why are you standing there?”


“You might kill me so this will make it easy for escape.”


Imogene sighed.


“Anyway, we will tell you everything.” She said.


Elma told him about them having powers and been ice and there destiny. Alex listened with an emotionless face.


“So that’s who we are.” Elma concluded.


“Woah fascinating.”


“Don’t make a mistake by letting this out cause we won’t let you go.”


“Why should I? You are magical beings so I can’t expose you when I love my life.”


“We are watching you, even your thought, we can read it. So becareful.” Imogene said. The two girls left.


Alex smiled, “this is awesome.”








Eliza and Nana came home calling everyone out of their rooms.


“What is it Eliza?” Freda asked.


“Got a good news for everyone.” Eliza said.


“Which is?” Ivy asked.


“We got the mansion back.”


“Finally.” Freda said.


“Great news.” Marcus said.


“Yes so we can leave this house now.”


“Gosh so happy.” Elma said.



“So we need to start parking cause we are leaving soon.” Eliza said.




“I will go out for a while to get something but I will be back soon.” Imogene said


and left.








Imogene walked by the walkway sadly, the granduwellas are leaving for their mansion and that means she is staying all alone cause she know that won’t want her. She is a witch daughter. The day Marcus told her that she was part of the family, she knew it was a lie, she knew they will never accept her cause of what her mom did to them. She have grown fond of the granduwellas, they made her see the important of family and now they are leaving.


She sighed.


“Gotcha.” Someone said behind her making her to flinch. She turned ready to hive the person a blow but stop.


“Jay what was that for?”


“I never knew a beast can get this scared.”


“Stop playing around.”


“What’s bothering you? You don’t look happy.”


“The granduwellas are going back to their mansion and am sure am not going with them cause they don’t want me, my mom did so much damage to their family.”


“Then why will that stop them from taking you when you are the sword, they surely need you.”


“I really want a family.”


“Do you want to get married at an early age?”


“That is not what I meant idiot, I mean, I wish I had a mother, father, sister, brother.”


She said sadly.


“That face don’t suit you, let me cheer you up.”jay said. “Let’s both walk together. I got two smoothies on my way here.” He said and gave one to Imogene.


They both walked down the street holding hands.








Alex waited outside his apartment waiting patiently for carlisa, he believed that she will come out soon even though he wasn’t sure. He just have to talk to her urgently.


His prayers was finally answered, Carlisa came out of her apartment with a small dustbin. Alex quickly ran to her, “let me help.” He said and collected it from her.


“You know I can do that right?”


“I know cause you are a vampire and you are strong but you are a woman and am a gentleman, its my duty. And besides we don’t want people to think bad about me right?”


“Are you trying to look good for people by helping with the waste bin?”


“No, not at all.”


He said and they began to walk downstairs.


“Alex about what happened yesterday.”


“Don’t worry, its safe with me. I won’t tell anyone about it. I will stop researching on it even though its weird and will bring a lot of people to my research work. Trust me I won’t tell anyone. My lips are sealed.” He said smiling at her.


“I hope you don’t betray my trust.”



“Why would I even think of doing that when I know it will take a couple of days before you kill me even though I run to mars you will still find me there. I love my life and I still got things to do in this life. Have not marry and I don’t have kids yet.”


“Its good you know what I will do to you if you spill it.”


“Don’t worry…….. So tell me more about the ice of a thing, it looks so fascinating.”


“Well there is nothing much, just that we were destined to save the world. To bring back the dead vampires and live happy forever.”


“Woah!! So do you turn to bat? Do vampires transform to bats?”


“Does are just in movies, we don’t bat. That is so crazy.”


They got to the first floor where they dumped the dustbin.


“Really? Then do you suck blood.”


“Yes, and I might suck yours out anytime soon.”


“You wouldn’t do that.”


“Why wouldn’t I?”


“Cause you won’t be live if you don’t save the world.”


“Killing you doesn’t mean I am destroying the world.”


“You don’t seem to know me. Well am anonymous so what do I expect?” He said.


“Anonymous? You are anonymous to who? Your girlfriend?”


“Nahhhh. To the world.”


“Cause you are a prince?” Carlisa asked savagely.





“Then why will you be anonymous crazy? You don’t even look like someone who have been successful for once in researching.” Carlisa said and began to go back.


Alex ran after her. “So do vampires run fast?”




“Can they swim?”




“Can they fly?”


Carlisa turned and look at him. “Please stop asking questions OK? My head hurt.”


“Ok, I will wait here for someone, you go ahead. You where a good listener.”


“Am leaving.” Carlisa and left


“I shouldn’t get her angry, am not ready to loss my head.” He said and went to his










The three girls sat down with their feet joined together and their hands on their knee. They sat straight. Eliza sat in front of them.


They planned leaving the apartment the next day.


“Girls as you both know, your next mission is to bring back the red bloods who disappeared, Gwen, Reena and Kelvin. Its not going to be an easy task. You have to teleport back in time to the day they where killed. Its trickish cause if you fail, you will never return, but its easier than Bringing back supernatural to life. This next tasks is really hard but if you work together as a team, you will be able to



succeed.” Eliza said. She looked at Carlisa. “You all have tasks to do but you still have to be together. Carlisa as the leader of the group, I expect you to lead well. Firstly, you three will learn how to pass the portal cause if you don’t, you might get stuck in there. You guys will also learn the map. And also spells too. Carlisa will lead you three into the portal without allowing anyone to get stuck, while Elma will learn the map, Imogene will learn new spells, carlisa haven’t learnt anything yet but she will have to learn a little to assist Imogene.”

(More Stories @

“Nana will teach Imogene on how to create the magic you need there, I will teach carlisa on how to follow through a portal, Marcus will teach her how to read map.”


Marcus and Nana both walked in. (Join Group) More stories @ “We don’t have much time so I think it should start as soon as we get back tkour mansion.” Marcus said. “Yes definitely.” Eliza said.








Maren left the deserted place and came back to the palace.


Immediately maren left, Ameera found out something important and left for the palace.


Maren sat down on her throne talking to a council member when Ameera walked in.


“Ameera?” Maren stood up.


“Hi Maren.”


“What right do she have to walk into the palace?” The council member asked.


“Leave us alone, she is a friend.” The council member bowed and left.


“I just left your house a while ago and here you are again. Do you miss me?” Maren asked.



“You aren’t a handsome guy so why would I? I came to give you some good news and bad news. So which one should come first?”


“The good news?”


“Well the portion for bringing the moon maidens to life are is possible.”


“Then the bad news?”


“There is no way to bring Rebecca back.”


“What? There must be a way.”


“Sorry but no way, its only the chosen one, sword and key that can bring her back.”


“I hate them. There must be a way. You must find a way or else.”


“Maren calm down.”


“I can’t when the only solution to ice is impossible. We both must find a solution.”


“Ok. We will both find it, I hope.”


Ameera said.


“Yes we must.”














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