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Ecstasy – Episode 41

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The family are happy.


Finally, the granduwellas are almost complete.

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They where full of joy been together.


“You really raised carlisa and Elma well.” Marcus said.


“Yes. But carlisa was raised by mi so in south korea, while we raise Elma.”


“Maren right?”


“Yes, that witch.” Ivy said.


“Its actually great to have three youngster in our family. I miss shouting at someone to do something for me.” Michael said.


“Three?” Imogene asked.


“Yes sweetheart, you are family now.” Freda said.


Imogene smiled.


“So how have you been feeling staying with us?” Vanessa asked referring to Nana.


“Great. I got a witch friend now, someone who we can out heads together to create something.”


“Yes, we make good pals and I enjoy her company a lot.” Eliza said. The two women smiled.


“Now that the hospital is back, we don’t have to worry about Elma thirst for blood.


A lot of people do donate blood for transfusion.” Aaron said.


“Is there no other way apart from drinking humans blood?” Elma asked.


“For now, no.” Aaron said.


“This is crazy.” Elma said and ate her strawberry which she held on her hand.


“So uncle, aunt, will you all love to be vamps again?” Elma asked.


“Totally.” Michael said.


“Yes.” Ashton said.


“Yeap.” Marcus said.


“Me too, I miss been young.” Freda said.


“Same goes to me.” Vanessa said.


“Well I will love to but I love been human more.” Ivy said.


“Then your wishes will be granted soon.” Eliza said.


“Food is ready.” Ivy said standing at the dinning.


“Thank goodness, I thought I will die of starvation.” Carlisa said.


“Big eater.” Mi so said.








Bryan sat on his bed with his earphone on.


“What’s on your mind?” Jay asked.


“I really miss Elma.”


“You two are like couples when you aren’t couples, why don’t you become couples.”


“Yeah, have been planning on asking her out.”



“So when are you planning too?”


“Don’t know yet.”


“Ok, sit down and relax and let another handsome guy take her away.”


“The guy should be ready to die.”


“What if she has fallen head over heels with her, and she fight you for him. Remember she is a vampire.”


“No way.”


Jay raise an eyebrow.


“I will ask her to become my girlfriend today and I will need your help.”


“Tell me what I should do.” Jay said smiling.








Jay asked Imogene and carlisa to meet him outside their building.


They came out and met him, “so, what’s up?” Carlisa asked.


“Is Elma in?”


“Why asking?” Imogene asked harshly.


“Gosh, I will still have to work with you even with that character of yours.”


“Work with her? Which work?”


“Actually, Bryan is asking Elma out today.”


“Oh my world!!” Carlisa said.


“Asking her out, that means they are gonna be couples right?” Imogene asked.



“Yeap, so I want you guys to help dress Elma up and don’t let her get suspicious cause its a surprise.”


“OMG, Imogene ,let’s go shopping.” Carlisa said.


“Yes we we gonna get her the best clothes ever, our style.” Imogene said. The two girls giggled.


“So I will take my leave now.” He looked at Imogene. “See ya soon pumpkin.” He said and winced at her before he left.


“Gosh this is gonna be awesome.” carlisa said.


“I know right.”


Imogene and carlisa went for shopping as planned.


They told Elma that they have a surprise for her but she have to dress in the cloth they bought.


It was a white crop top with a black net shirt with will reach her hips. Then with crazy black jean.


“The rest are yours. Am tired of seeing you in those frustrating gowns of yours.” Carlisa said.


Elma got dressed and they applied make up on her face. She looks totally different.


She was more beautiful with the makeup.


“I can’t wait for this surprise.”


They took her out of the room.


“Woah!!! Is this Elma? She looks so beautiful.” Ivy said.


“Finally, she looks like the key not like some old woman going to the church.” Vanessa said.



“Grandma………” Elma called.


“We will see you later.” Carlisa said and they all left.


They got to the park. It was night already.


“Elma go to the pond, we will meet you there.” Carlisa said.


Elma looked at them suspiciously.


She left for the pond, there she saw bryan waiting with a rose flower on his hand.


“Bryan.” She called.


He looked at her and smiled.


“What are you doing here?” She asked.


“Been waiting for you.” He said and gave her a flower.


“Waiting for me?”


“Yes dear. Let’s take a walk.”


“Carlisa and Imogene are coming.”


“Don’t worry about them, they will wait.” He said. “You look so beautiful.”


She blushed, “thank you.”


They began to walk together.


“Nature is beautiful.” Elma said.


“Yes it is. But not as beautiful as you.”


Elma smiled.


“Elma. You did a lot to me. Am really happy you came into my life. I never knew what love means, but you thought me. You are one in a million. You are the best thing that happened in my life. I really love you.”


Elma couldn’t help but smile, she couldn’t believe this was happening to her.


“I love you too.”


Bryan smiled and hugged her. “Be my girlfriend.”


“My answer is yes.” Bryan kissed her.


“The best couples of the night.” Carlisa said.


Bryan and Elma disengage.


“Congrats.” Imogene said.








The girls sat down in carlisa’s room going through a book.


The next day.


“Gosh must we do this, this is so frustrating .why must we read this.” Imogene complained.


“Eliza and Nana said its important.” Elma said.


“Nana? Am the only one who calls her that.” Imogene said.


“Not anymore.”


Elma phone rang. She picked it up and smiled widely.


“Let me guess, your boyfriend.” Carlisa said.


“No one should say a single word.” Elma said and picked the call.






“Good, you?”


“Not fine.”



“Why? What’s wrong? What happened?” Elma asked getting worried. “You are not here with me so am not fine.” Elma blushed.




“Yes cupcake. And stop blushing.” Bryan said.


“Am not blushing.” Elma said.


They talked for a while before bryan hang up.


“Finally, I thought you both won’t stop talking.” Carlisa said.


“If you want to talk to someone then go and meet Alex.” Elma said.


“Haha.” Imogene laughed.


“What about you too, go and meet jay.” Carlisa said.


“Jay? Never, that is so not happening.” Imogene said.


“Should we talk a bet?” Carlisa said.


“I will win cause me and jay, never.” Imogene said.


Elma and carlisa both smiled.








“Here you are girls.” Eliza said entering the room.


“Hi Eliza.” Imogene, carlisa and Elma said.



“No time to waste right now, Carlisa there is a very special moon for werewolves, its out, so you might transform to a werewolf, I don’t know yet cause I don’t know much about werewolves.”


“Really? Then let’s go.”


“Yes we should leave here cause if you transform, it might invite humans over.”


“Then let’s go to an isolated area. Gosh am so excited.”


“We will come too.” Elma said.


“Then let’s go.” Eliza said and created a portal, they all entered and arrive in an forest.


“I just hope you transform to a werewolf today if not, them I don’t know when, like I said, I don’t know a lot about werewolves, so I don’t know when they transform for th first time, I only know how they transform and their special moon which I only know is special but don’t know why.”


“Disappointing.” Imogene said.


“Hey!! Its not my fault, my brain is filled with enough knowledge, no more space for werewolves story.” Eliza said.


“Ya! (Hey!) Don’t forget am one, why will you say there is no space for my people stories.” Carlisa said.


“Woah, she called them her people, guess she must have accepted it.” Elma said.


“Yes I think so too.” Imogene said.


“So get ready to break some bones.” Eliza said.


“Break some bones? What do you mean by that? Am I breaking my bones?”


“Hmmmmm………. Don’t know just stand under the moon, I hope it works cause


vampires and witches stand under the moon too.”


Carlisa stood under the moon.


“Eliza she really is going to break her bones right?” Elma asked in a whisper.


“Yeap.” Eliza replied.


Imogene laughed, “I can’t wait to see it.”


“That cloth she is wearing, is it her favorite?” Eliza asked.


“I think so, why?”


“She will have to forget about the cloth.”


“Why?” Elma asked.


“Just watch and see.”


“What are you people talking about? Are you badmouthing me?” Carlisa asked.


“Just focus.”


Eliza said.


Carlisa stood under the moon for thirty minutes before it was covered by a dark cloud. “Gosh the moon is been covered, it did not work. I haven’t transformed yet.” Carlisa said.


Her leg bent making her to lose her balance, she fell. “Gosh I think I just broke my ankle.” She said she tried standing up but her bones began to shift making a cracking noise. She cried in pain.


“What is wrong with her?” Elma asked concerned.


“Remember when I said she will break her bones? This is it.” Eliza replied.



“That looks painful, thank goodness am not a werewolf.” Imogene said.


Carlisa cloth got torned as furs came out from her skin, she gradually transformed to a werewolf. A white werewolf.


She sat on all four looking at Eliza, Elma and Imogene.


“Wow she is a beautiful werewolf, I wish grand ma, grandaunt, mother, aunt mi so and uncle Aaron where all here to see this.”


“The wolves alpha have been reborn.” Eliza came forward and smiled at carlisa wolf.


“Try transforming back.”


Carlisa transformed back to human but a na.ked one.


“Wow I finally transformed to a wolf.” she said.


“You might wanna wear some clothes.” Imogene said.


“Where did my cloth go?”


“It was meant to be damaged today.” Eliza said and cast a spell to put on carlisa’s body, a new cloth.


“Let’s go and tell everyone the good news.” Elma said smiling.








Maren got dressed in her royal attire ready to go on a journey.


“So where are you going to?” Gab asked.


“Am going to meet an old friend of mine.”


“Any reason?”



“Yes. She is what I need to defect Imogene, the chosen one and the key. She is the perfect person.”


“Ok, I wish you luck.”


“I don’t need your luck, i was born lucky. Am lucky itself.” Maren said and left.


She took her horse and left alone without a servant or soldier.


It took her hours before she got to a deserted area in the dark realm. She came down from the horse and walked into an old looking abandoned building.


“Ameera.” She called.


“Well, well, well, if it isn’t my old friend maren.” A voice said. A female figure appeared. “Its been a long time.”




“So what brought you here? Cause the queen won’t come here for no reason.”


“I came for your help.”


“Interesting. My help?”


“Yes Ameera.”


“So what do you need my help for?”


“I need your help to defect ICE.”


Ameera smiled, “am at your service your majesty.”









Alex came out of his bathroom with a towel tied round his waist. He picked up his phone from his bed and saw a new message. He clicked on it and received a great shock.


“The nurse you are searching for is dead. She died last year cause of brain tumor.”


“Gosh this can’t happen, shit.” Alex cursed.


He angrily dropped his phone on the bed.


“How will I find a clue about the granduwellas now. I really need information, with the way I see it, it seems am stuck here till further notice.” He said.


A knock came on his door. He walked to the door and opened it, the sight of the person standing in front of him made him calm which he don’t know why.

















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