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Ecstasy – Episode 39

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By night fall, nana came close to her cell, “are you ready?”


She asked Imogene.


“Yes I am.”


Nana casted a spell turning Imogene into a ghost.


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“Remember Imogene, witches can see you so stay sway from them.”


“OK Nana. I promise to come back for all of you.”


“We will be waiting, make sure you ask about your mother real truth.”


Imogene sighed, “I definitely will.” She said and walk through the cell, she smiled at nana and left.


Imogene walked out of the dungeon and the guards did not see her.


She teleported herself back to earth.


Immediately Imogene left, nana created an illusion to make the guard think Imogene was there but weak.


“I hope this works.” She said to Marcus.


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Imogene immediately went back to the Granduwella’s apartment. They where all shocked to see her. She walked straight to Eliza, “I want you to tell me everything about my mother. I want to know who she is don’t leave a single thing behind and make sure you tell me the truth. Am a witch so I will be able to know if you are lying.” She said.


“What’s wrong? What happened?” Freda asked.


“Yes Imogene what happened?” Elma asked.


“No questions just tell me all I need to know.”


“Ok fine.” Eliza said and sighed.


Eliza told her everything that happened between Maren and the Granduwella’s and how Maren betrayed king Amacius. She told her how evil her mother is.


“Unbelievable, this can’t be true.”


“Then cast the truth spell on me, I won’t be able to lie even though am also a witch.” Eliza said.


Imogene casted the truth spell on her and she found out it was true.


“Oh no, this can’t be.” She said and left the living room.


“Imogene.” Ivy called making an attempt to go to her but Eliza stopped her.


“Leave her be, she needs time. Its hard to believe all what her mother have done so let her cry.”


Ivy sighed.








“I hope she takes it well.” Elma said. Her phone beeped, she opened it and saw that it was s message from Bryan telling her to get to the gym as quick as possible.


She looked at carlisa who was listening to music with an iPod on her ear.


She sighed and got up, “I need to leave now, I got something important to do.” She said and left.


She and bryan both entered the gym.


“So today you are going to try transforming today”


“What? so quick?”


“Yes. We have learnt the major thing, so it time to transform and besides you need to start saving the world. A man was brutally killed yesterday by some thugs, if someone had save him then it wouldn’t have happened. He has kids, now they are orphans.”


“Oh no.”


“So go in there and change your cloth.”


Elma obeyed and change to her gum cloth. When she was done, she came out from the changing room.


“Am ready.”


“Oh, firstly we will try changing your eyes.”


“That have happened countless times, it comes with my emotion.”


“It shouldn’t only come with your emotions, it should come when you want it to.”


“But how?”


“That is what we will deal with first. You will try your first transformation, and that is changing your eyes. I got some research from jay’s father and found out that for the first day your eyes will remain red until the next day when you will be able to change at your own will. But it will still change with your emotions.”


“Ok……… Let’s start.”


“First sit.” Elma obeyed. “Now close your eyes.” Elma closed her eyes. “Imagine the day you where very angry, that moment have never happened before, you have never been angry like that before, then you will think of the most sad moment and then you will think about your happiest moment.”


“Will it work?”


“I hope so.”


Elma sighed and did as she was told.


When she thought about her most happiest moment she felt a change in her.


She opened her eyes.


“OMG, it worked.” Bryan said.




“Yes. Try staying without any emotion, if your eyes return back to normal then it did not work.”


Elma tried staying without an emotion but her eyes where still red. She looked at him happily.


“Now let’s start by you imagining yourself been a vampire, it might work too.”


Elma close her eyes and imagined herself as a vampire but it did not work.


“Its not working.”


“Are you sure you are imagining it right.”


“Yes I am.”


Elma stood up, “it might not work. Let’s just train more.” She said and made to go but stopped. She placed her hand on her chest and groan.


“Elma.” Bryan called and came close to her.


“It hurt, my blood is been sucked out.” She cried.


“Hold on for a minute let me get help.”


“Don’t…… ” she said and spit out blood.


She began to cough. She fell on the floor still coughing. Her skin turned pale, long fangs grew in her mouth. Her nails became long. Immediately she transformed, the pain stopped. She stood up, “have transformed, am a vampire now.”


Bryan smiled, “this is great.”


Elma suddenly found her self glued to the wall, she just ran with super speed and collided with the wall. She don’t know how it happened. “What is happening?” She asked. Heavy wind began to blow in the room.


“Try changing back.”


Elma imagined herself as a human and it worked. “Wow everything is okay now.


We just have to think of a way to control it.” He said.








Imogene was shocked to hear the news about her mother so she stayed in the balcony till night fall.


Her mother lied to her.


She made her believe the red bloods where the evil ones, but the truth is that, they are the evil ones.


Imogene closed her eyes after giving out a loud sigh.


Carlisa came out to the balcony to get some fresh air when she saw Imogene lost in thought.


“I wonder what she is thinking about again.”


Carlisa said and turned to look at the moon ignoring imogene. Imogene sighed very loudly this time not knowing carlisa was there.


“Why will you lie to me mother? Why?” She asked.


Carlisa looked at her, “can’t she keep it down.”


She walked to imogene, “hey keep it down.”


Imogene did not even look at her instead she was lost in thought.


Carlisa anger melted when she saw how Imogene was looking sad.


“Then I guess am doing this.” She said and sat close to Imogene. “Wanna talk about it?”


Imogene looked at her, “why do you want me to talk about it, with you.”


“Cause I might help.”


“I don’t trust you been nice to me.”


“Ya! (Hey!) Am just trying to help so if you want to talk about it then start talking but if you don’t want to, I will go over to the other side and receive some fresh air like I planned to.”


Imogene sighed, “I don’t trust you and I hate you, but since you stayed in the human world you will be able to understand.” Imogene said and looked at the moon. “My mom fed me lies all my life, she made me believe the red blood are evil including you. I hate her mow, she tried hurting the only woman I care about, Nana. Am really broken how could she do this to me?”


“Maren is our enemy, we the red bloods hate her so much, she destroyed the red blood of course we want to destroy her but she is your mother so I can’t turn you against her. Do what your mind tells you to, to let it go like it never happened or to confront her, or to hate her, its your choice.” carlisa said and stood up. “Am feeling sleepy already and besides am not comforting you for dear cause we are not friends so take care, am going to sleep. Just follow your heart.” carlisa said with a yawn and left.


Imogene sighed, what choice will she make?








Elma came back home feeling so happy. Her eyes where still red but Bryan gave her sunglasses to cover it.



“So what is making you happy?” Vanessa asked.


“Guess granny.”


“You found a boyfriend.”


“Grandma? C’mon not that. Guess again.”


“Sweetheart just tell us, we are all anxious.” Freda said.


“Ok fine. I finally transformed into a vampire today.” She said excitedly.


“Oh my goodness.” Freda said.


“Wow that is great.” Mi so said.


“Congrats.” Carlisa said looking at her book.


Elma smiled looking at her, “thanks.” She said finally carlisa talked to her.


Mi so came close to her, “we have to celebrate.”


Elma perceived a strong smell of something sweet. “What is that smell mom are you cooking something delicious.”


“Yes, am making some chicken curry.”


“No this is not the aroma for chicken curry, this is something more delicious and I really want it.”


“Your mom added some new spice maybe that is why.”


“I really want it now.” Elma said making an attempt to go to the kitchen but stopped immediately she passed mi so. She came but and began to perceive her. “This is where the sweet smell is coming from, its inside her body and I want it.”



Elma said with her fangs coming out and her nails getting long, her eyes where red already.


“Stop her or she will suck out mi so blood.” Aaron said.


Ivy and Freda held her, but she was stronger so she pushed them aside.


Eliza casted a spell to make her vulnerable. Carlisa was shocked to see elma in that state.


Elma finally regained her real self. She looked at mi so, “oh no, what have I done? What came over me?”


“Dear I told you about your thirst for blood, well this is it.” Aaron said.


Elma looked at them sadly and fell on the floor. “Am so sorry I don’t know what came over me.” She said. Her eyes where still red but her fangs and nails where gone.


“Don’t blame yourself we only need back the hospital then everything will be alright.” Vanessa said.


“I am really sorry, I really am.”








Carlisa looked at Elma who was sitting sadly, Elma couldn’t believe that she tried killing aunt mi so for blood.


Carlisa stood up, “all this is maren’s fault so no one is to be blamed for this. If Maren haven’t taken control of the hospital, Elma won’t behave the way she did. We need to defect her and take back all that belong to us. She took the hospital and mansion, and that she must pay for.”


She said and looked at Elma, “don’t worry, I will help you. With the help of the demons in me, I will be able to fight maren. She seems scared of them. We will get back the hospital and our home no matter what.” Elma looked at her.


“Trust me elma. ” carlisa said.


“Won’t I still thirst for blood? I might harm someone today. We need that hospital


immediately.” Elma said.








“Then we will have to defect maren tomorrow to get back the hospital.” Imogene said joining them.


They all looked at her.


“Are you okay?” Vanessa asked.


“Yes grandma, they are no longer my parent but some random evil people who need to be destroyed by all means.” Imogene said. Vanessa was shocked cause she called her grandma.


“I promise you all, I will help bring back everyone, I promise to help make this family complete again even if its the last thing I do, I need to set everything right. I will help in all way. Together we shall defect Maren.” Imogene said.




All of them couldn’t talk they did nothing but stir. Firstly Imogene now calls her mother by her name and she is filled with hatred for her.


“When you are ready, let me know. And also I transformed yesterday, but am still a newbie, I might need good training to defect the beast with Maren. I know the palace very well so am in my room.” Imogene said and left.


“Wow that was shocking.”


Carlisa said.


Elma smiled, “its awesome to hear her say that even though I don’t support the way she talked about her mother. That woman gave birth to her.”


“Well she deserve it, after destroying my family, her family too need to be destroyed.”





“What?” Carlisa asked.


“You just said family.”


“No I didn’t.”.


“Yes you did.”

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“It must have come out by mistake, let me get water.” Carlisa said and left.


“This is great, ice are back together and this time we will be working together.” Elma said and went after carlisa.


Mi so smiled, “good things are happening today.”


“Yeah, finally the girls are together, am so happy.” Ivy said.


“Now this family will be untied again.” Freda said and looked at Vanessa who


smiled at her

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