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Ecstasy – Episode 38

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Imogene angrily looked at Maren.

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“How dare you arrest her?” She said.


“Who the hell are you to question me?” Maren asked.


“You promised not to harm her.”


“Promise? I did not promise, I only said I will not.”


“Why mother? You just broke me mother.”


“Don’t talk to your mom like that you fool.” Gab said.


Imogene looked at her father hurt. “I hate you both, I wish you will both die, you two useless parent.”


Maren stood up and with her staff, threw Imogene to the wall.


Imogene groaned in pain.



Suddenly she wasn’t able to breath. She knelt down trying to breath but couldn’t. Suddenly she stopped breathing but she was still kneeling. Her eyes turned purple. Her nails grew long. Her hair turned white. She screamed loudly as two wings grew out from her back, they where long, and white. Two short golden horns grew out from her head, at that time Imogene thought she would die. A tail also grew out.


Her body slowly transformed to a shape of a white tiger. She was truly a special beast cause she look nothing like a real beast, she was a white tiger with golden short horns and white wings with a tail.


She roared and look at Maren and Gab with anger in her eyes she slowly walk towards them Maren looked at Gab and whispered to him saying, “why is she transforming like that”


“She is a special beast.”


Imogene growled while getting closer to them.


“She looks angry, am sure she’s coming to get us.” Maren said


“don’t worry I know how to handle her she’s still a newbie” Gab said and left.


Imogene came close to Maren.


Maren threw a ball of fire at her but she was undestructable.


Gab came out with a stick, and threw it at Imogene which got stuck on her stomach, she transformed back to human, but was weak and in pain cause of the stick.


“Guards.” Gab called.


Two guards came running to him. “Take her to the dungeon, and don’t remove the stick. It venom need to circulate round her body so she will become powerless for 48 hours.” He said.


The guards bowed and did as instructed.








They dragged her to the dungeon and threw her in.


Imogene laid on the floor weak.


Nana, Marcus, Ashton and Michael cell where opposite hers.


Nana came forward seeing it was Imogene, “imogene darling.”


Hearing the voice, imogene muttered all her strength and stood up. “Nana.” She called.


“Oh my baby.”


“Am sorry Nana, sorry i left. I never knew my mom was a betrayer.”


“This is little.”Michael said.


Ashton and Marcus glared at him.


“Darling what happened?”


“I heard about your arrest and transformed to a beast in anger. I wanted to kill mother and father but I was stabbed with this stuck which made me weak.”


Nana looked at the stick, “the ancestral stick. Try removing it.”


“I can’t.”


“Then we have no choice than to wait, it will come off when its up to 24 hours in you. But it will make you unable to use you power for two days.”


“Shit this is bad.”


“Did you meet the chosen one?” Nana asked.


Imogene sighed, “yes.”


Her fight with Carlisa is still in her brain.


Nana seeing her expression decided not to ask about it. “Congrats on your










Elma left the apartment for the gym. She needed to take her mind off everything that happened, so taking her lesson will be the best to help with that.


She arrived at the gym and bryan was there waiting for her.


“Sorry for keeping you waiting, am here now so let’s start.”


“You don’t look happy Elma, what happened?”




“Don’t lie to me.”


“I had a quarrel with Carlisa, and I stupidly saif what I don’t suppose to say, she is really mad at me. Its all my fault, I shouldn’t have yelled at her or get angry at her. Have tired talking to her but she wouldn’t talk to me.”


“Give her some time to calm down, she will forgive you.”


“I hope so…….. So let’s start.”


“Ok miss Elma.” Bryan said with a smile.








Elma rushed to the kitchen and took a bottle of water.


“Wow you really look tired.” Vanessa said.


“Yes granny, the lesson today wasn’t an easy one. My body hurt.”


“Then you should take some rest.” Aaron said coming out of vanessa’s room.



“Hi uncle.”


“I can see you are taking your lessons properly, your trainer must be an hardworking person.”


“Yes uncle.”


“But dear, you should know, there are things vampires do and don’t.”


“Yes. They run fast, they jump from high places, they move with the wind.” Elma said.


“And they depend on human blood and lose emotions. But you still have your emotions cause you are half human. But you will depend on blood, that is certain.”


“I haven’t thought of that. I will need blood as a vampire. But I can’t hurt humans.”


“Yes, the granduwellas don’t hurt good humans. And for now, we can’t go to the hospital cause Maren will know where we are, Eliza stopped going too cause Maren now has an eye on her. My vampire power won’t be enough to defect her and that is why we need our hospital back.”


“Everything is a mess, the ice are not together. And I will need blood to have strength so I can get the hospital back.”


“Trust in yourself dear. All we have to worry about now is where we will get human blood for you when you transform, and what I mean is, the person have to sacrifice his or her life.”


Elma sighed, “this is not good.”


Carlisa came out of her room. Elma quickly stood up and walked to her but carlisa close her eyes and turned, “go before I get angry. You know if I do then I will get possess, I might end up hurting you so just go.” She turned and left. Elma sighed again








Carlisa came out from the apartment, so did Alex. They both stirred at each other.


Carlisa stopped stirring first and made an attempt to go but alex stopped her.


“Am sorry for what happened yesterday.” He pleaded.


“Don’t be, it wasn’t your fault.”


Alex smiled, “so can we hang out some other time?”


Carlisa looked at him, “sure.”


“Where are you going to now?”


“The supermarket, need to get something.”


“Can I drive you there?”


“If it wouldn’t cause you your time.”


“Not at all. I will drive you then, let’s go.” He said and left while Carlisa followed him. .






Imogene sat on the dungeon floor with her eyes closed.


“Imogene.” Nana called.


Imogene opened her eyes and looked at her, “yes nana.”


“We have come up with a plan to get you out of here.”




“Yes Imogene.” Marcus said.



“Good so when are we leaving?”


“Not we but you. You are leaving this night.” Michael said.


“Me? Why just me? What about you all?”


“We won’t be able to go together, we wont make it if we all go together. You need to go get help from the chosen one and the key.” Marcus said.


“And you also need to find out the real truth about  your mother.” Ashton said.


“But I can’t go without you Jane, my mother will kill you.”


“Don’t worry dear, we will be fine. You have to go alone. And this night, whether you like it or not, you are leaving.” Nana said. .











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