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Ecstasy – Episode 37

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Carlisa angrily went to Imogene room. Imogene stood up, “why did you barge into my room?”

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“You bitch.”


Carlisa said and drag her hair holding it tight causing her pain.


“Why will you lock me with Alex?”


Imogene graoned and drag carlisa hair too holding it fighting. The two girls where in pain not wanting to let go of each other hair.


Elma ran to them and forcefully separated them. “You two stop right now.”


Carlisa locked the door and stood in front of Imogene.


“What’s your problem? You locked me with alex? Are you that stupid you fool?”


“I should ask you that, am just trying to help.”


“I did not ask for it so I don’t need your help. You are so foolish. Wanting to help by trapping me with him? Who does that.”


“So ungrateful.”


“You are the ungrateful one here.”


Imogene pushed her slightly but carlisa slapped her hard on the face and gave her a thousand blow on her face. Elma tried separating them but couldn’t, the door was locked and she don’t know where carlisa threw the key to.



Imogene stood up and glared at Carlisa. “Finally, have been able to punch you, have been keeping that in me. Now leave before I get angry and kill your mother.”


“Ok fine, I will leave.”


“No one is leaving.” Elma said but she was ignored.


Imogene took her already arranged cloth and teleported back to the dark realm.








Elma turned and looked at Carlisa, “why will you do that? Everything now is ruined thanks to you. She has gone back to the dark realm, to the evil place she was born and that will make her evil again. ICE has been broken.” Elma said.


“Are you blaming me for that girl? She was the one who started it by locking me


up with Alex.”


Carlisa asked.


“She was just trying to help you, but as usual you hate people helping you. You are very ungrateful. ”


“Ungrateful? You called me ungrateful? Haven’t I been grateful for everything you did to me? ”


“All those things you did to me where for your own interest. Your pride won’t ever let you to be grateful. Imogene just wanted to help you get those demons out by making you fall in love with Alex, but what did you do, you made her left. ”


Carlisa scoffed, “my own interest? Then what about imogene who have been pretending all these while, she did every thing for her own intress……. ”


“Shut up, “Elma yelled interrupting Carlisa. Her eyes turned red. Eliza was able to break through the door together with ivy, Freda, miso, Aaron, and venessa.


“What is going on here?” Venessa asked looking at the two angry girls.



“All you think about is yourself. You are selfish. Maren is out there, we are destined to help people, to defect Maren. But now, we can’t, cause we have been separated. Your parent only want the best for people, they protected the people around them but you only want to bring destruction to the world. Aunt mi so is so nice but you are not, I wonder how she was able to survive with everything you where doing.”


“Elma.” Carlisa screamed. “Don’t you dare, you don’t know anything about me, so do not say that.” She sat down. “Imogene is not who you think she is, she wants to kill me, she want to kill me to please her parent cause they hate her. The demons in me want to kill her mother, they are old enemies. She only want me to fall in love cause she want to save her mother. You don’t understand a thing and you say all those words.” She said and stood up. “You think am selfish, you think am ungrateful, well yes I am, I am very selfish and ungrateful. I only think about myself. You are right, thank you for making me realize that. You are really a good sister. My mom is a nice person, she really is but am stupid and a bitch, I understand.” Carlisa said, her eyes turned blue. She smiled at Elma and left.


“What have I done?” Elma asked.


“I will go talk to her.” Mi so said.


“No you shouldn’t, she has powers now and she can get angry at anytime. She might hurt you.” Eliza said.


“Its all because of what I said.” Elma said closing her eyes.


Mi so came close to her, “don’t blame yourself sweetheart.” She said hugging her.


Carlisa sat on her bed. She tried her best to control her anger when she was with Elma. She knew if she gets angry, she might hurt Elma.


“Elma is right, am stupid and selfish.” She said.









Alex stopped his car at the parking lot of the restaurant. He came out and walked into the restaurant putting on his mask.


He looked round the restaurant and sighted Sandra sitting with a man. He walked


to them.


“Hello Sandra.”


“Hi boss.”


“Good day mr. Alexander.” The man said bringing his hand for an handshake.


“Good day mr. Robin.” Alex said extending his hand for the hand shake.


Alex sat down.


“Boss, he is the private investigator who will assist in finding that nurse. We just arrived now from Paris.” Sandra said.


“Can I trust him?”


“Don’t worry mr. Alex, I will never disappoint you. I don’t disappoint my clients especially when am paid awesomely.”


“Don’t worry, you will be paid awesomely. Just do a good job finding that nurse, and please do not let it out. This should be between the three of us.”


“Don’t worry sir.” Mr. Robin said.


Alex stood up, “I will take my leave now, enjoy.” He said and dropped a huge amount of money on the table. “For your food.” He left.


“Wow, he didn’t even eat.” Mr. Robin said.


“Yes, he don’t eat outside.” Sandra said.









Imogene knelt infront of her parent bowing down. Maren walked to her. “You left cause you where defeated? You are a coward.”


“Sorry for disappointing you mother. I promise to take my revenge in her.”


“Leave my sight.”


Imogene stood up and left.


She came to her room and sat on her bed. “Today is just so frustrating. Now where is Nana?”


She stood up and went out to look for her but couldn’t find her. “Where could she have gone to?”


She saw a maid passing and called her back. “Have you seen Nana?”


“My lady you don’t know yet?”


“Know what?”


“The queen arrested her the moment you left the palace.”


“What? My mother arrested Nana?”


“Yes my lady.” The maid said and left.


“But she promise me, how could she? How could mother so this?” She asked and went to the throne room to meet her mother. .













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