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Ecstasy – Episode 36

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Carlisa was assisted to her room, she laid on her bed weakly. She looked at Imogene and glared at her.

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“I will be back Elma, I need to go check on something.” Imogene said and left.


She came to her room and sat down frustrated.


“How will I get carlisa to fall in love? How I will do that quickly before she kills my mother? This is so not going to be easy. I need to do all I can to make it happen.”


The next day.


Carlisa came out of her room energized, Eliza gave her some herbs which really worked.


“Am going out for a while.” She said.



“Before you go, please give this pie to our neighbor, he helped me with the light switch yesterday, I need to look after the food if not I would have go myself, make sure you let him know how grateful I am.” Freda said.


Carlisa collected the pie and left.


She knocked on the neighbor’s door.


Alex opened the door wondering who it was and he was shocked to see carlisa at his door step.


“You……..” He said.


“So you are the neighbor. Woah.”


“What are you doing here? You came to check up on your crush?”


“Crush? Ewww, in your dreams…… The old woman I stay with told me to give this


to you and that she is grateful for helping yesterday.”


“The kind old lady?”


“I think so.”


“Woah, so rude.”


Carlisa rolled her eyes, “take already.”


Imogene watched them from a distance she smiled, that was a perfect opportunity. He was the guy she’s been looking for. The guy that she will make carlisa fall in love with.


She walked towards them.


Alex took the pie and went inside leaving his door open, carlisa turned to go but stop when she saw Imogene.


“Have a nice time together.”


Imogene said and pushed her inside, locking the door by using a spell.



Carlisa fall on top Alex and for the first time, she saw how handsome he was.


“Hello, are you getting off?”he said.


Carlisa quickly stood up. She tried opening the door but couldn’t.


“Imogene…… Am going to kill you.”


“How did you lock it? Why is it stuck?”


“I did not do anything.”


“Lies, I know you just want to be with me and that was why you lock the door.”


Carlisa looked at him angrily, “why will I do that? Why will I want to be with you?


I was pushed inside, and the door was locked, the person who did it have been my


enemy but I will deal with her. All I want you to know now is that, I will never


want to be with you.”


She said.








Vanessa sat on a sofa watching the television when a knock was heard from the door.


Elma came out of her room and opened the door. “Hello.” She said to the man at the door.


“Hi, is this where the Granduwellas live?”


“Yes. Who are you please and how may I help you?”


“Who is at the door?” Vanessa asked.


“Don’t know……. Sorry sir but please how may i help you?”


“Is that Vanessa granduwella?” He asked.



“Yes…… She is.” Elma replied getting suspicious.


Vanessa came closer, she stood frozen. “Aaron?”.


“Mother,” Aaron called.


Vanessa hugged him tightly, “have miss you son, where have you been? How have you been doing? Why didn’t you give me even just one call? Why did you left?”


“Mom, one question at a time. But first am starving.”


“Oh come in, I am cooking but will be through now.” Vanessa said.


Aaron followed her in while Elma locked the door.


“Mom you look older now.”


“Yes…… Maren.”


“Ivy told me all about it. She is a bitch for doing all she did.”


“She took away everything from us.” Vanessa said and looked at him, “but what made you change your mind?”


“Ivy. When she came, she reminded me of the importance of family, and I realize how much I miss my family.”


“What made you leave?”


Aaron sighed, “I wanted to be a model but grandfather won’t let me so I had to go out there and fulfill my dream.”


“Have you fulfilled it?”


“Yes mom. Am a rich independent man. I sighed lots of contract to big companies and am popular.”



“You really achieve your aim.”


“No. I only achieved a little which i thought was all, but I haven’t achieved it all. I will only achieve my dreams when Maren is defected, I will stay here until she is defected.”


“Don’t you have work?”


“I do, but am not working for three months and within that months, Maren must be destroyed.”

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Vanessa looked at Elma, “sorry I forgot to introduce you two. Elma this is your uncle, your father’s younger brother.”


“Really? Wow.”


Elma said.


“And I guess you must be Elma, ivy told me a lot about you. Not only are you sweet but you are really pretty.”


Elma smiled, “thanks for the compliment.”








Jay entered his room with his earpiece fixed in his ear. Bryan was getting ready to go out.


He removed the earpiece and looked at bryan, “going out?”




“Let me guest, Elma?”




“I can feel love.”



Bryan smiled, “she is an angel.” He looked at Jay, “about Imogene, what’s up with the both of you?”


Jay sighed, “she is an old enemy.”




“Yes, we had an encounter, you know she is a beast so we where meant to meet.”


“But am not sure she is dangerous since she is among ICE.”


“But I keel having this feeling that she has an agenda, She haven’t change, she is planning something dangerous.”


“Well I don’t think so. Just try and have a positive thought about her.” Bryan said and picked his keys, “need to go now, will see you later.” He said and left. “I hope bryan is right.” Jay said.








Bryan waited for Elma as promised. Elma came out and met him. She was dressed


in a simple dress.


She smiled at him.






He gave her his second helmet. After wearing it on her head, she hopped on his scooter and he drove away.


He stopped in front of building.


“What are we doing here?”


Elma asked.


“This is where you will be trained.”





“I rented the gym upstairs for a while.”




“Yes, vampires run fast, so you need to get ready for that. And they jump down high places, if you are aren’t physical fit, then how will that be possible?”


“Ok, you know best teacher.” Elma said.


They both entered the building.


Elma looked at the gym, she smiled at the gym machines. “I can do this.” She said.


“Now miss Elma, can we start by changing clothes.”

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“Changing clothes?” Elma asked shocked.


“Not that, I don’t mean it that way. I mean, go and change into your gum outfit.” He said.


“Phew, thought he wanted to……… Gosh I can’t even think of it.” She thought.


Bryan threw a bag. “Change into that.”


Elma smiled at him and went to the washroom.


She got changed and came back to meet Bryan .”Am done.”


Bryan smiled at her. “Now let start.”








With the help of the apartment manger, carlisa and alex where able to get out without talking to each other.



Carlisa sat on her bed angrily, she was still confused, why the hell will Imogene lock the both of them up. Alex was really a pain in the neck, Elma entered her room with a cup of tea.


“Take.” She said handing it over to Carlisa.


Carlisa collected it and dropped it beside her.


“What’s wrong?”


“Nothing that concerns you.” Carlisa said.


“Thought we where friends?”


“We can never be friends.”


Elma sighed, “ok, I will go back to my room.”


She stood up to go but carlisa stopped her. “Where is Imogene?”


“In her room, she’s been anxious today she spent the day looking at the neighbor’s apartment.”


“Neighbor’s apartment?”


“Yes. Maybe she has a crush on him.”


“Totally not his type.” Carlisa said

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