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Ecstasy – Episode 35

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Imogene helped Maren to her room.

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She gave her some medicine and in no time, Maren regained consciousness.


Imogene helped her to sit down.


“Where is she?”


“I left her behind. Mother what is all that about? Why did she attack you? Are you the demon enemy?”


“Yes we are old enemies, I promise to tell you everything later, but for now we must find a way to destroy her before she destroy me. Please kill her.”


“With that power she possesses, am not sure I will be able to do so.”



“Then find a way to get those demons out, you need to do so.”


Imogene sighed, “ok mother. I will do as you say, there is a way to destroy those demons in her.”


Imogene knew that it won’t be easy to make carlisa fall in love, cause she haven’t fallen in love too, but she just have to do so cause she can’t see Maren in pain.


Imogene was surprised at herself cause she now hate seeing her mother in pain or hearing that she is about to be killed. She watched as Maren fell as sleep.


Gab entered the room. “How is she?”


“She regained consciousness a while ago.” Imogene said and stood up.


“Your plan is a good one. You had to join the chosen one so you can get more power to destroy her, that was thoughtful of you.” Gab said for the first time complimenting her.


Imogene looked at him in surprise.


“All you have to do now is to destroy that girl.”


“Don’t worry father, I will destroy her and those demons.” Imogene said and left.


Carlisa wasn’t in the palace anyone, “where did she go to?” Imogene asked.


She thought of Nana but decided to met her later, the most important thing at that


moment was to find carlisa cause she can’t have her lingering around when those


demons are still in her.








Bryan and Elma walked through the dark but busy road enjoying the night.


Its been a good day for them as they went to a lot of fun places.



Elma couldn’t hid the joy she felt, its been awesome especially when it was with Bryan.


They stopped at the beach, and there was a party going on.


“Is there a party?” Elma asked.




“party, it must be fun.”




“So tell me about you transforming to a vampire, when will you transform to a real vampire?”


“Don’t know yet but aunt Eliza said it will come out gradually. But I want it now, I want to transform cause I need to save people.”


“So have there been any changes in you?”


“Yes, my eyes. It changes to red. And it only happen when I cry, or laugh, or get angry, or get bothered.”


“So it comes with your emotions?”




“What about Carlisa and Imogene?”


“Carlisa haven’t yet, same with Imogene but she can still perform magic since she is a witch.”


The both of them became quiet.


The water flow to their leg and flow back. It was really noisy in the beach cause of the music from the party.



Elma looked at Bryan smiling. She looked at his eyes and his mouth, she really want to kiss him, those inviting lips of his gave her goosebumps in her stomach.


She looked at the water, what if bryan don’t like her, what if he has a girlfriend, what if he goes back? Those thought where running through her head.


She have never fallen in love but what she felt for Bryan, she knew it was love. She isn’t educated, she is just a vampire who stayed away from humanity for so long.


“A penny for your thought?” Bryan asked bringing her back from her thoughts.


“Just a penny? Not fair.”


Bryan smiled “so what where you thinking about?”


“Nothing, just about transforming.”


“Do you really want to transform quickly that badly?”


“Yes, I really want to.”


“What if I help?”




“I said what if I can help you in transforming?”


Elma said nothing, just stirring at him.


“Don’t be shocked, I know how to help. Besides my dad is a scientist so we can get tips from him. Have read a lot about vampires and have watch movies so I know what it is to become a vampire.”




“Yes sweetheart.”



Elma blushed when he called her sweetheart.


“Ok fine.” Elma said putting on a straight face but deep down she was really happy that she can throw a party.


“Are you cold?” He asked.


“No and that is surprising.”


“Well that is one of the characteristics of been a vampire, you won’t feel the weather. Your body will just maintain a normal body temperature but when you transform, your body temperature will be low, it will be ten to eight degree Celsius.”


“WTF, isn’t that death?”


“Yes but not to vampires.”


“Ten degree Celsius is like been killed in a can of ice placed in a freezer which made it iced.”


“Yeah, but vampires are lucky.”


“So what else do you know about vampires?”


“They don’t sleep, they have long nails and fangs. They are paled and can self heal themselves.”


“Wow, much to learn.”


“Yes.” Bryan said and looked at her.


“This is not going to be easy.” She said.




Bryan came close to her. “You are beautiful.”



“You have said that like about ten times today.”


“Have I?”




“Then you should know, its damn true.”


Bryan came more closer, Elma sensing what will happen next close her eyes as their lips met, after the kiss, Bryan looked at her with a smile on his face, “let me take you home.” He said.


Elma was shocked and shy. She left with him.








Imogene searched for carlisa round the palace but couldn’t find her. She was told


that she teleported back to earth.






Carlisa was teleported back to earth, but unfortunately she landed on the stairs to her apartment unconscious.


Alex claimed up the stairs going to his room. He decided to go out for a while. He stopped halfway when he saw carlisa on the flood.


He rushed to her. “Hey, wake up.” He said shaking her.


“Is she drunk or what?”


He checked her pulse, “she’s alive.”


He looked up at the apartments trying to figure out which was hers.


Carlisa slowly opened her eyes, “water.” she said weakly.


Good thing he brought a bottle of water with him. He gave it to her.


“Where is your apartment?”


Carlisa did not reply instead she stood up weakly.


Elma claim up the stairs, she couldn’t find both carlisa and Imogene and that made her worried, she decided to come home with the thought that they will be there.


“Carlisa.” She called when she saw her struggling to stand properly. She ran to her.


“What happened?” She asked.


“Don’t know, just met her unconscious.”


Elma looked at him very well, she have seen him but have forgotten where and when. “Thank you.” She said.


“Need help?” Imogene asked walking to them. She teleported back to earth when she was told Carlisa left.


“Yes please.”


Elma said.


They both assisted carlisa to the apartment.




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Jay sat on his bed really worried. Imogene is back and all he heard was that she is the sword. It was so unbelievable.


What will he do Imogene cause she suspected he has a mission.


He sighed heavily, this is rely hard, he thought.















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