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Ecstasy – Episode 33

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Alex browsed more on the granduwellas but couldn’t find anything. The blackout and the rain all look as if the same power force caused them.


He sighed frsutratedly cause the internet wasn’t helping.


He called Sandra.


“Hello boss.”


“I want you to find out more about those who know the Granduwella’s immediately, I need it as quick as possible.” He said and disconnected the call not wanting to hear her questions or complain.


He is only focused on finding out the cause of the blackout.








Imogene left the apartment and went to an isolated area close by. When she was sure no one was there, she stretched her hand, and cast a spell.


Maren appeared in front of her.


“After what you did, you called me over?”


“What did I do?”


“You are now with the granduwellas right? How could you have betrayed me and your dad.”


“You think I betrayed you? Am not foolish, have always wish to kill the chosen one.”


“So why are you with them?”


“Cause I needed more power. She is stronger than you think. The only way I could get more power was by joining them. So I had no choice. Immediately I transform, I will kill the chosen one.”


Maren smiled, “I thought something got into your brain but now I know my daughter is clever.”


“But mother, she is really powerful, even with the powers I have I can’t defect but I had there are people who can help.”




“The moon maidens.”


“Those betrayers.”


“But that is the only way. If I can get them by my side.”


“Well its a good idea. Good luck.”



“Ok. Bye.” Imogene said and immediately Maren disappeared.








Elma sat on her bed with a laptop on her lap.


She switched it on and browsed about the moon maidens. All they showed her was movies or novels.


“I should have known.” She said and switched it off.


Elma sat on her bed frustrated, its hard to meet the moon maidens.


Her eyes color changed to red but she never knew.


Eliza came to Elma room and found her sitting on her bed with her eyes closed.


“Elma.” She called.


Elma slowly opened her eyes.


“Hi aunt.”


“If I was just an ordinary human and I see you like this, then I will slowly get an heart attack.”


“Is anything wrong with me?”


“Look at the mirror.”


Elma stood up and went to the mirror. She gasped when she saw the color of her eyes. “How come? Since when?”


“Your eyes can only change its color with your emotions, so there is something bothering you.”


“Bothering me?”



“Yes dear, and if that bothered emotion of yours don’t leave you, then your eyes color won’t return back to normal.” Eliza said.


Elma sat down, “am really bothered about Carlisa and the demons in her. I still can’t figure out a way to see those moon maidens.”


“Elma you shouldn’t look for them.”




“Cause they are dangerous and they will kill you. Do you know what it means when you die? Imogene and Carlisa will die too, you girls souls are connected. It will just be a waste if you go there and waste your life without any cure.”

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“So what am I going to do?”


“Just find a way to make her fall in love. You can do it. Make her fall in love.”


“Eliza you and I know that it won’t be easy Infact, it might b impossible. You know how she is.”


“You re the key. Do you know what that means? You are the key to unlock doors. You can unlock her heart so she can fall in love.”




“Yes sweetheart.”


Elma smiled and her eyes returned back to it normal color.


“You know, your name was partly gotten from your father maiden name and your mother maiden’s name.” Eliza said trying to avert Elma’s attention.




“Yes. Your dad’s name is Richard Elijah granduwellas. While your mother’s name is Jane Mary Alberto. Your name came from El in Elijah and Ma in Mary.”



“Wow. El-ma. Mom is a good thinker.”


“Your father’s grandmother name, that is Vanessa mother is also Elma. Her full name is Anselma but she was called Elma. She is the greatest of all vampire time.”


“Wow. I really don’t know all the history about vampires.”


“Do you mind me telling you?”


“Not at all.”


“Ok, many, many years ago, vampires, werewolves, witches, beast, moon maidens and seers all lived in a different world away from earth. They all lived peacefully and happily. They walked together, Infact no one knew what war was. The world they lived in was the most beautiful place you will ever see. Then on a fateful day everything changed, the moon maidens where the next in line to head the world but the werewolves did not allow that. The moon maidens where separated from the world. They left vowing to bring disaster. They formed their territory and they fought against everyone. But they where destroyed by a queen, queen Zara. She protected everyone in the community. That was how the moon maidens where destroyed. They lived happily for years until another war waged again, the witches, they wanted to rule too. They discovered earth. Then your great grandfather was born. To protect him cause he holds a great future, my great grandma sacrificed her life promising to always protect him, even all her generation will protect his. The werewolves, witches and beast where all sent to earth. The werewolves tried dominating but your great granddad with the help of your great grand ma banished them. A group of bad vampires where formed, they where called black bloods. They all wanted to kill all human, but your great grandpa saw humans as nice and kind people so he banished those who wanted to harm them including some witches who rebelled.”


“Wow, so was grandaunt and grandma vampires from that world.”


“Vanessa was but not Freda. Freda was a human who got infected by the black bloods, they turned her into a vampire. She fell in love with your grand uncle, who was kill nineteen years ago by Maren.”



“But where is great grandma?”


“You will be the first I tell this too and please don’t tell anyone.”


“Don’t worry I won’t.”


“She is China.”


“Doing what?”


“Looking for a way to turn human.”




“She have always wanted to become human. That was what made her left. She is still looking for a way.”


“Then what about grandma mother.”


“Well, her mother is the daughter of queen Zara.”


“So she is the granddaughter of queen zara.”


“Yes. And she was a great woman to remember, she sacrificed her life to bring peace to that beautiful world.”


“What the name?”






“Sweetheart, the ice was created for a reason. A reason to bring back hutopia, a reason to bring back everything in it. That was really the reason for ice. You are the key to open utopia, imogene is the sword to protect it. Carlisa is the light of utopia.”



“Not the ruler?”


“No. Her parent are. Your great grandpa is the life of Utopia. While your uncles and aunt are the ministers of Utopia. That is why your responsibility is to bring them all back.”


“So that was the main reason we where born?”


“Yes. Why I told you this is because, I want you never to give up or make a mistake.” Eliza said and stood up. “You are the fourth person to know this. Me, your great granddad, your great grandma and now you. So I hope it remains between us for now.”


“Carlisa and Imogene should also know about it.”


“Remember carlisa hates supernaturals, she only agreed to take part in the ritual cause of her hatred for Imogene.”


“You knew about their hatred for each other?”


“Its obvious. Imogene mother is a witch and the enemy to our family, who knows if she still works for her mother. We can’t tell any of them. Come to my room now, I need to talk to the three of you.” Eliza said and left.


“Am the key of hutopia.” Elma said.








Imogene, carlisa and Elma gathered at Eliza room. They all stood in her front waiting for her to say the reason why they where invited over.


“I just have little to say girls. As you all know, you haven’t fully transform. And it will take some time and effort to do so. But before your full transformation, you will all need some training. It will get you prepared. So you guys will be so busy getting trained. That’s all for now.”


“Thanks aunt.” Elma said and left.


Carlisa and Imogene also left the room.













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