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Ecstasy – Episode 32

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Carlisa was the first to regain consciousness, she stood up from her bed and went out to the living room.


Mi so was the first to see her. She stood up and walked to her. “My dear.” She said trying to touch her cheek but carlisa stopped her, “don’t even think of doing that, am still angry with you.” She said.


“The chosen one is awake.” Eliza said and walked to them.


“Yes, so have I gotten my power?”


“None of you transformed yesterday.”



“And why was that?” Elma said joining them, imogene was behind her.


“Don’t know. But we will know this night, you girls will be performing the moonlight dance, you might as well transform then.” Eliza replied.


“Gosh I thought this was over?” Imogene asked.


“This is so frustrating.” Carlisa said.


“But there is a good news.” Eliza said.


“Which is?” Elma asked and they both listened anxiously.


“The moment we remove the bracelet in Elma’s hand, some of the abilities of a vampire after the dance, and Imogene don’t have the bracelet so she can use her power.”


“Wow.” Elma said.


“So what about me?” Crlisa asked.


Eliza looked at her sadly, “carlisa the moment you remove that bracket, the demons will be back. They are dangerous, they will use your body to their satisfaction.”


“What do they want?” mi so asked.


“This type of demons don’t possess a body for no reason, I think they are old enemies to someone. They will destroy that person before they leave.”


“But who could that person be? Maybe they will need our protection, you know our work is to bring peace to everyone.” Elma said.


“Yes that is why you three where born, but for now I don’t know who are their enemies.”


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“But aunt, you said that if carlisa don’t remove the bracelet, then she will never transform.” Elma said.


“Yes I know, and that really bothers me a lot.”


Eliza said.


“But what is the cure to it?” Ivy asked.




Imogene scoff, “love.”


“That will be impossible.”


Mi so said.


“Very impossible,” Elma said.


“The bitch don’t know what love is, am such of that.” Imogene said even though she too don’t know.


“Is there not any way than falling in love?” Freda asked.


“You guys realize am here right?” Carlisa asked.


“Carlisa have never talked about a man ever since her childhood.”


Mi so said ignoring the fact that carlisa was there.


“This is so gonna be hard.”


“Hey.” Crlisa screamed, they all looked at her. “You all realize am here right? So you don’t have to gossip about me. And you are right, I won’t be able to fall in love cause my heart is only meant for hatred. So find a better solution or better still let the demons take over me, I will be more stronger.” She said and removed the bracelet.


“Carlisa.” Ella, mi so and Eliza called.



Her eyes turned black immediately she did it. “We will make sure we destroy our enemy this time.” She said with the demon taking control of her. She smiled.


“What have you done?” Mi so asked.


Carlisa eyes turned back normal. “I feel better now and I think I like this demons.” She said.


“This is bad.” Elma said.


Carlisa looked at Imogene, “after this evening, we will get to decide.” She said and left.


‘Now she has gotten the power of the demons, if she gets her powers also combined with the demon’s, then am sure she will be stronger than me. After the dance this night, I will make sure I kill her.’ Imogene thought.


‘Carlisa have to fall in love, this demons in her body isn’t a good idea. But will love ever work cause she never talked about love, I must search for a way.”


Elma thought. She looked at Eliza, “Eliza, please do you know where the strongest witch lives?”


“For now, carlisa is suppose to be but she don’t have powers yet, why?”


“I need to find another solution immediately.”


“Then you will have to visit the moon maidens, they have better answer to your question.”


“Moon maidens?”


“Yes, they where extinct over three millennium years ago.” Freda said.




“They are very trickish, they do all they can to get what they want.” Ivy said.


“But that have the answer right?”


“Yes.” Eliza replied.


“Where are they now?”


“They are in the spirit world.” Eliza replied.


“I will have to see them, we need to help carlisa.”


“But that is dangerous.” Vanessa said.


“I have no choice grandma, I will sacrifice myself for her safety.”


“This is surely not a good idea.” Eliza thought. “Elma you can’t hurt yourself in anyway cause its going to be dangerous. The ice will be destroyed forever. Your powers will be gone.” Eliza said.


Elma closed her eyes to think over it.


Imogene looked at them, “the moon maidens, they are strong. Wow, all I need is to


get them to join me.” She thought.








In the night.


The girls where called to perform the power dance where their power will show.


The three girl stood in front of their families dressed in a white gown.


“Now the three of you will dance under the moon. I will show you how you do it.


All you have to do is to do as I do.”


Eliza said.


The girls nodded and stood under the moon.



Ivy began to play the drum. Eliza began to dance. It was actually a dance out of this world, it was more like a sword dance.


The girls too did as she do, following her every movd.


It got to a point they became lost in the dance.


It all started with Elma, her eyes turned red as a strong volcano formed round her, then Imogene, cause of the witch power in her, the sky was darkened more, and lightened filled it.


Then carlisa, who made the rainfall.


After a while, everything stopped.


The girls fell to the floor weakly.


“Good job girls.” Eliza said smiling. “Now we have to celebrate, we have all prepared what we need.”


They all where teleported back to the apartment.


As Eliza said, a feast was prepared. The table was filled with a lot of food.


They all sat down to eat.


In the middle of the feast, Eliza asked. “So about seeing those moon maidens, have you change your mind?”


Elma looked at her, I will decide tomorrow.” She said.


Eliza hoped she will change her mind.








Alexander looked at the sky, it was dark, a strong wind blew, it rained for some minutes and stopped. Everything stopped in just five minutes, the rain, the wind, the lightening all stopped at once and the sky became normal again.


Alex knew that this is not just ordinary.


His phone rang, he picked it up.


“Hello sandra.”


“Sir, something marvelous just happened over here in Paris. A strong wind blew, the sky darkened, the lightening where strong that it burned down some houses, and then it rained heavy. But everything stopped after five or ten minutes, the sky became clear immediately. This will be good for a research.”


“It happened here in LA, its surprising. This can’t be ordinary.”


“Yes, I think its supernatural.”


“Lame, they don’t exist.”


“But can you explain it, it did not happen only in Paris, it happened everywhere in the world.” Sandra said sounding surprised.


“How did you know?”


“Its on the news now. Wow.”


‘It happened in the whole world? This is unbelievable.’ Alex thought.


“Sir, something very powerful is behind this, am sure of that.”


“maybe its just coincidence.”


“But it can be supernatural too.”


“Sandra we will talk tomorrow.” Alex said and disconnected the call.


Something felt fishy.













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