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Crazy In The New York City – Episode 9

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Episode 9




Adrian’s Pov


I got home and parked my car at the garage, I noticed a different car there. It was Romeo’s.


I looked at Celine still dozing, am sure she must be feeling herself right now letting the mighty Adrian carry her.


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I carried her bridal style then threw her on my shoulders.


I carried her back and walked inside, Romeo was surprised seeing the both of us together. I had to tell him that it was not what he think.


“Don’t even think far okay. I still hate her” I said and dumped her carelessly on the chair. I hope she breaks her neck in the process.


“Well I didn’t say anything, tequila??” He asks bringing out a bottle.


We went to the bar and took a gla*ss cup.


“It’s about Deandro” Romeo says and gives me his phone.


He shows me the picture of me carrying Celine out from the club earlier.


“What’s this about” I asked.


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“Deandro sent this picture to me, he emphasized on Celine”


“What did he say” I said getting upset.


“He thinks you and Celine are together and he’s gonna get her”


“I don’t care” I said uninterested.



“Dude at least Celine life’s might be in danger in the process, we have to do something”


I stood up and smashed my cup on the wall.


“I wasn’t the one who asked her to come closer to me, I hate that girl so much and knowing that she’s Julia’s blood sister..” Romeo’s face changes.


“Sister??” He questions.


“Yes Julia’s sister, probably it was that bitch who sent her to come here and make life difficult for me but I don’t care. If Deandro wants Celine I don’t care in fact he doesn’t need to stress himself. I’ll give her to him and I don’t care what he does to her. I hate that woman more than I even hate Julia and there’s nothing I want more than to get rid of her” I yelled and stormed out to my room.


Celine’s Pov


I woke up with a neck ache and throbbing headache.


“Mary my head hurts” I screamed waking up from the chair. Why did I sleep on the chair and why does Mary house looks bigger, I look at my body and realize I was wearing a suit, I open it and realize I was only wearing my underwear.


“God” I say and cover myself properly. Wait have forgotten this is Adrian’s house, yeah am living with my enemy but why am I half nak3d.


“Oh no” I exclaim and Adrian runs down the stairs, he looks at me and looks away.


He wasn’t wearing his official wear.


“ADRIAN!!!” I yelled with teary eyes.


He stops and looks back, I run to him and kick his face and he falls to the ground.


“You brat” He exclaims and stands up immediately, I kick him again and he falls back down.



“How dare you use advantage of me just because I was drunk” I yelled and walked to kick him again but he grabs my leg and pulls me to the ground.


“Do you think am that desperate, you think I had s3x with you, the thought of it is very disgusting” He says. I stand up and grab his neck from behind but he flings me away on the chair.


“I think you need to remember what really happened since your useless brain can’t process that information”


He drags me with his suit and walked to the pool.


“Let go of me” I screamed


“Shut up” He says and enters the pool with me. He holds me tight and dips my head inside the water then bring it out back.


“Do you remember now” He asks while I tried to breath properly.


“I don’t think so” He says and dips my head inside again. That was when I remembered that I was the one who stripped myself.


He pulls my head out again and tries dipping it back inside but I hit him to stop.


“I remember I remember” I said and he carries me out of the water, he drops me beside the pool and walks back inside.


“What kind of man is he” I exclaimed breathing hard. He could have just sprinkled some water on me but no he decided to almost kill me just to make me remember.


I stand up and walk back inside the house. I walked to my room and took my bath then wore my dress. I braided my hair into two parts and added shea butter on it.


My phone rings and the caller was Mary.



Heard someone took to stripping yesterday night



It’s not me mary, I guess someone spiked my drink



Hmmmm darling I think that guy likes me, I told him I had a boyfriend



Dump Fred



Are you kidding me, I love him


I should tell her he’s a cheating bastard but not now not when she’s still very in love with him, I’ll help her fall in love with the Chinese guy.



Hello Cel, are you still there



Yeah am sorry



Well he invited me to his place today. He’ll be throwing a party tonight to celebrate his partnership with Vandermir’s Corp


Adrian didn’t tell me anything about that



That’s because he hasn’t told anybody yet



Awwwn that’s so cute, he told you first



Yep so I want you to come to the party with Adrian as your date



Ewww Mary, I’ll pa*ss



But you have to come to the party and you must have a date



I don’t really like parties so I don’t think I’ll go



Celine seriously??



Bye mary. I’ll call you back later I cut the call immediately.


I would rather die than go to a party with that guy.


“Gosh am hungry” I say and hear my stomach growl.


“What to eat.. Pancakes??” I love mary pancakes, I don’t really know how to do it but I’ll just look it up on the Internet.


I walk down and see Adrian busy with his laptop.


“You want pancakes??” I asked him.


“If starving to death was not an option I won’t still eat your food” He says and he orders pizza in my presence.


“d1ck” I say and he throws a pillow at me, I throw it back at him and it hits his laptop.


“Must you always show the mad woman side of you” He says and walks back up to his room.


“Great now I also want pizza but am going to teach Adrian some lesson”




Simon delivers the pizza to me and I was really grateful he did, I was expecting him to give it directly to Adrian.


I walked to the kitchen and walked out of it with a bottle of milk.


I walked to Adrian’s room and gave him the box of pizza.


“Why didn’t Simon bring it here”


Because I asked him to give it to me” “The milk, I didn’t order milk”


“I brought it as apology, am sorry for accusing you” “Yeah yeah, just leave”


“At least drink the milk so I know you’ve forgiven me”



“Am not a baby Celine, milks are for baby” He says and opens the box of pizza, he takes a slice and eats it. His eyes gets red immediately and he opens his mouth trying to let air come inside.


“Are you okay do you want milk” I said and he grabs the bottle from my hand. He takes the content in one gulp and am really sure he regretted it.


The milk was soured.


“You brat” He yells and runs to the bathroom.


Yeah I sprinkled Bhut Jolokia ( Ghost chilli Pepper) on the pizza. The spiciest chilli in India. I wonder what Sarah used it to do but it’s a good thing she has it.


Adrian walks out of the toilet his clothes ruined with water.


He walks up to me and I didn’t move an inch, I wasn’t scared of me.


“You you have something wrong with your brain. You you are not just crazy, you are mad”


“Aww am so happy you feel that way” I say and turn to leave, he pulls me back and pushes me to the wall.


“You will regret this Celine, it’s my promise” He says and releases me. I felt like taking his threat serious but I didn’t, am better than that.




Every Saturday is always boring especially when you are not with Mary. The party would start soon and Adrian was still in his room, if he doesn’t go to the party, that guy would be upset and might cancel the deal. I can’t let him do that.


I walk inside his room and Adrian was dressed already. He was hot AF in that tuxedo and his muscles could almost rip out, he turns back to look at me and I was fazed.


He takes a step towards me and I take a step backwards.


He closes the door and cages me between the door and his body.


“What happened, never seen a creation so perfect before” He says and stares in my eyes. I swallowed and tried moving away but for no reason my legs had become jelly and I felt vulnerable.


“You you are going to be be late for the the party” I stammered and he chuckles.


“Well I think the party can wait” He says and touches my waist. I gasp at the connection and watch him pull me closer to him.


I was dumbfounded, have never felt this way before , no guy would try this trick with me and get away with it but Adrian seemed to have placed a spell on me.


“I say what do you want” Adrian yells in my face and I was brought back to reality.


Wait was I imagining all that.


“You will be late for the party” I said and turned to leave.


“I hope you don’t think we’ll be going to the party together. It’s not for middle cla*ss people like you” He says. I ignore him and walk away.


He shouldn’t have said that, now am gonna go to that party.


Adrian’s Pov


I walked to the party with my date who obviously was more prettier than Celine, Mr Wung Chan comes to address us, he was with Mary. Black women are beautiful.


“Where’s Celine, I thought you were going to come with her” He asks.


“She broke her leg” I said and Mary looks at me angrily.


“Am so sorry about that. I would have loved to see her” He said and asked us to join the party.


We got inside and had a seat, I had to greet some of our business partners and others who wanted a partnership with me.


“Wow, she looks pretty”


“She’s beautiful”


“I think have seen her before”


I turned around to look at what was taking the people’s attention, it was Celine.


Celine and DEANDRO.



She looked really beautiful in that gown that appreciated her curves, I noticed Deandro hands on her waist and I felt a little bit uncomfortable.


She steps in and Deandro introduces her as his date.


“Excuse me” I said and tried pulling her away but Deandro refused to let go of her.


“How do you know him” I asked.


“I introduced her to him, Deandro is a good customer of mine. He needed a date and Celine was available so why not”


“I thought you said she broke her leg” The Chinese guy says.


“Well she fixed it back” I said and pulled Celine away.




“Let go of me” She screams out.


“Do you know what you are doing, do you know who Deandro is??” I ask her.


“I don’t care and it’s none of your business”


“Fine, I don’t care anyways” I said and walk out on her.


Celine’s Pov


Mary and I talked about a lot of things, I had to pretend I was ok staying with Adrian.


“Celine you really look good tonight”


“Thanks Mary” I said and emptied my cup. I turned back to see Adrian glaring at him, his looks were very dangerous.


Deandro walks closer to me and asks for a dance.


“I don’t dance” I said but mary pushes me and urges me to.


“Fine” I said and he pulls me to the center.



“You look so beautiful, Adrian doesn’t know what he’s missing” He says and we start dancing.


I wasn’t comfortable with the way Deandro touched me.


“Stop that” I said but he smirks and ignores me.


Furious I kick his balls and growls in pain.


I look at Adrian laughing, I walk away from the scene.




“Typical Celine, kicks her date in a party” Adrian says sitting beside me.


I ignore him and walk away but he pulls me back and holds my mouth making it pout.


“I don’t know what your plan is but Celine you must be foolish to be involved with Deandro. Truth is I don’t care what happens to you but my mom likes you and she might not want anything bad to happen to you so please at least for now stay away from trouble for the sake of my mother” He says and releases me.


I watch him leave and head to the kitchen to see mary.


“Hey thank God you are, can you help me watch this lobsters while I go get more oil” She says.


I nod and she hugs me before leaving.


Adrian’s Pov


Mary looks at me disapprovingly, she was upset with me.


“I can’t believe you didn’t bring Celine as your date, you let Deandro do that”


“I don’t care” I said looking away.


“You think you don’t but I could see the jealousy in your eyes,so don’t lie to me” She says and Deandro walks in on us.


“Where’s Celine” He asked.



“I think her saw her go that way” Mary says pointing somewhere,he walks in that direction and mary whispers in my ear.


“She’s in the kitchen” She says pointing at the kitchen before walking away. I don’t care where she is, it’s none of my business.


I really don’t care about that woman,it’s been long since I had a good f*ck and my date seems perfect.


“Wanna have a quick in my car” I whispered in her ear.


“Sounds perfect” She replies and bits her lips.


We turned to leave and a blast was heard, my date and I was thrown to the ground and screams were heard everywhere.


I looked at where the blast came from, it was from the kitchen.


Celine was in the kitchen..






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