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Crazy In The New York City – Episode 43

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Celine’s Pov


I looked at the uninvited guest, my gaze transfixed on her.


“To what do I owe this dubious pleasure” My tone mocked her but she pretends not to be affected by it even though her hands were already balled into fist.


“Can you at least let me in” She asked folding her hands and trying to push her way in.


“Why should I?, am sorry dear sister but it turns out am allergic to rats” I sneeze on her and her head snaps up, all nervousness to be replaced by anger.


“How dare you, am your big sister. You have to show me respect….”


“I’ll slap you and you’ll forget how to spell respect. Tell me what you want so I can close my door”


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“Anthony is dead..” She wailed out, my resolve softened at the news. I looked at how shaken she had become after disposing the bad news, but then this is Julia. If she could fake Leukemia, she would fake anything.


“What do you mean” I asked not sparing her a look of concern.


“Anthony, his mother Joanne, Andrew and Anon. They are all dead, Anita’s in coma at the moment”


“What” I gasped moving away from the door and letting Julia inside. This was a lot of big news and honestly I pray my sister is only lieing this time around.


She sits down and pulls off her heels asking for water which I get almost immediately.


“Perhaps you should check the news, he died two days. Have been calling your number but you refused to pick your call”



I bit my lip and hurriedly search for my phone, it was lieing on the armchair. I grabbed it and opened it, I searched for his name on google and the images I saw sent waves of nausea to me.


“Oh my God” I widened my eyes, my hands were jittery and my phone threatened to fall from my grip.

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They were all dead, in a car accident and only Anita survived.


Anon was dead, Joanne was dead, Andrew was dead and even Anthony didn’t survive, the news made my stomach churn and I found myself throwing up in the toilet even though I haven’t taken anything this morning.


“Are you okay?” Julia asked placing a hand on my back while I washed my mouth.


“Just a stomach upset” I stylishly moved away from her.


“How did this happen?” I asked my eyes lowering in suspiciousness.


We walk out of the toilet and I look at her waiting for an explanation.


“We were all going out for a family fun time and I realized I was having a bad stomach ache due to the fact I was on my period. I asked them to leave and the next news I heard was my whole family was dead” Her face was clouded with tears but I knew she wasn’t sorry, she might probably be the one behind the car accident but I can’t decide anything for now until I see Anita.


I stood in front of her handing her hand bag, for someone whose entire family died she still loves fashion.


“Are you throwing me out, I thought I could come here for emotional support”


If the news she brought wasn’t a terrible news I would have laughed at her used of words “emotional support”


“It would have been better if you asked for financial support, I might have that one to provide. Now please”


“Don’t you even want to know which hospital she’s in”


“That’s for me to find out and for you to GET OUT!!” I yelled pushing her outside and throwing her shoes and bag at her.



Adrian’s Pov


The board meeting was short and straight to the point, Deandro spoke his price and I didn’t renegotiate.


After all transactions my net worth dropped so low and it wasn’t up to 30 minutes after the transaction that Forbes already updated their list. I was from first to the third most richest man in New York but honestly I didn’t care.


I searched for Deandro’s name and he had turned up from the 26th to the 10th with a net worth of 26.8 billion dollars.


My phone rang and a smile formed on my face.



Hey babe



Hey we need to talk, please can you bring Romeo along Her voice was laced with worry


Is everything okay? I asked






Okay we’ll be at your place in 20


She ends the call.




“So you’re saying the whole family is dead except from Anita” I said tapping my hand on the table with eyes fixed on Celine.


“Yes, I saw the news. I just don’t understand how something like that happened. It looks…”


“Planned” Romeo finished her sentence and she nodded.


“You know when Julia came she didn’t look like someone who was mourning,she was all dressed and her tears where right down fake. It was obvious”



Celine leaned back and ran her hand along her smooth tied back black hair. A gesture that did not escape my eyes, if the topic wasn’t as serious as this we would be doing other stuff.


“I know Julia to be a dangerous person but killing a whole family is a whole new level” I state giving Celine a concerned look, if Julia as much as lay a finger on my woman, I’ll kill her.


“Adrian I was thinking if we could transfer Anita from Brooklyn to here. If my sister is really responsible for this then am 100% sure she won’t spare Anita”


“You are right, but we have to do it so nobody finds out. I’ll make sure she gets the best treatment” I assured her.


“We’ll be going to Brooklyn tomorrow” I say by we I meant Romeo, Celine and I. They both nodded and Romeo takes his leave leaving me alone with my


beautiful wife.


“I’ll be going now” She says nervously but I pull her back automatically wrapping my arms around her waist, her body flinching in the contact.


Yes I had that effect on her, only me.


“And young woman where do you think you are going to” I asked piercing her eyes with mine.


“I I…” I stopped her with a kiss


“Adrian go take your shower”


“Fine but you’ll have to follow me, am scared of the dark”


She laughs at my joke, her laugh sending waves of cravings in me.


“Fine” She says


I let Celine lead me to the bathroom, my mind already devising ways to get her in the shower with me.



A lot of my earlier fantasies had involved making love to Celine in the shower, I have always wondered how it would feel to have her body, slick with soap and water writhe in passion.


“Okay here we are” She states as she let go of me in the bathroom.


“Ill just go back to my….hey!” She shrieked as I caught her by the waist and lifted


her in one hand, the other sliding open the door of the shower stall.


Ignoring her shrieks and giggles of protest, I deposited her inside and turned on the water, drenching us both in seconds.


“I have a better idea,” I said, over her cry of surprise, as I pulled her shirt over her head, then tossed it along with my pants outside.


Celine laughs, and hits my shoulder playfully.


“You sneaky little devil!” She gasped, wiping water from her face, so she could level a mock stern look at me.


“I should have guessed you were up to something when you told me you were scared of the dark and let me lead you in here without a word.”


I pulled her into my arms, relishing the way her eyes widened as her thighs brushed up against the evidence of my true intentions.


“Yeah Baby, something’s definitely ‘up’” I murmured, capturing her mouth in a soul shattering kiss.


My arms automatically wound around her petite frame.


We made quick work of removing Celine’s clothes with a sense of urgency.


I lifted her feather light body and wrapped her legs around my waist.


I sucked and nibbled her earlobe, giving a hickey on her smooth skin claiming her.


I could feel her melt into me with a moan. One of my hands lightly gripped Celine’s long soft black hair and gently pulled her head back to expose her neck.


I nipped and kissed her soft creamy skin before trailing back to her luscious lips.


Celine softly moaned into the kiss while her fingers tugged at my hair. When I felt her dripping heat rub against me, I easily slid into her. I leaned her against the tiled wall and thrusted into her.



Celine’s arms held on to me like I was the oxygen she needed to breathe. I had no intention of letting her go.


Her gasps and moans drove me further to the brink.


I held myself back but when her moans became louder and I felt her twitching and pulsing around me, I pushed myself further and deeper, faster and harder.


Our pleasure mounted and built before we both released.


We both stood in the shower staring into each others eyes. Her breath came out in pants as the warm water cascaded over the both of us.


I lowered her to the ground and kissed her gently.


We finished the shower and scrubbed each other clean.


Later, Celine reheated some leftovers for dinner and set the dining table.


We sat in mostly silence. Celine looked like she was thinking hard.


I saw worry in her eyes. Her fork and knife clattered on her plate and she brought her hands to her face.


I stood up and moved to her side in an instant.


“Celine..” I stroked her hair as I kneeled down.


I didn’t know what to do or say or what would make her feel better, her sister was being a bitch.


Her arms wound their way around my neck and she rest her head on my shoulder.


I rubbed her back.


“I just dont want to believe Julia would be so cold hearted and would do something so horrific.” She whispered.


“I don’t know what to do”


“You dont have to do anything.” I murmured.


“She will never hurt you and if she’s behind this she’ll pay for it.”


Celine pulled away and looked at me.


“Please don’t leave me Adrian”


I kissed her forehead.



“I’ll rather die” I brushed away her hair and grabbed her hand. She didn’t question me and just followed where I was going. I sat her on the couch and wrapped the towel around her. I walked back to the kitchen and scooped some ice cream into a bowl.


She chuckled when I gave her the bowl and said a ‘thanks’.


I put a movie on and wrapped her up securely in my arms. Occasionally she would feed me a spoonful of chocolate and vanilla ice cream.


“Let’s go home Celine”


Celine looked at me but didn’t say anything instead she placed the empty bowl on the coffee table.


“It’s okay if you don’t want to go now, I won’t force you”


“I’ve decided to assigned and hire a few body guards for you.”


She sighed and looked at me.


“Adrian I don’t…”


“You can’t argue with me on this. You need protection. ” I said seriously.


“I just don’t want to be followed everywhere I go.”


“They’re very discreet unless there’s a possible threat.”


“Okay.” She gave me a small smile and nestled herself into my chest.


She nods her head but I didn’t miss the worry.


We watched the movie and Celine eventually fell asleep on my chest.


Celine’s Pov


Adrian and I walked out of the building and entered the SUV that was waiting for us.


Romeo already called to tell us the latest news about Anita.


Adrian looked at me , his eyes was with concern.


“Are you okay” He asked


I nod my head.


“Sure why not, am just nervous. Can we please stop by to get hamburger” He looks at me surprised.


“You don’t like hamburger, you hate it”


“I just have this craving, please just get it for me” I said and he nods his head.


“Stop at the next restaurant” He ordered the driver.




We were able to get Anita away from the hospital, although it was hard.


The doctor seemed to be working for Julia but one look from Adrian and he was already making arrangements.


We stayed at a hotel while Romeo worked with the FBI to investigate with the case.


He came to the hotel and we all went downstairs to eat lunch, he showed us the pictures and a wave of nausea rushed through me.


I stood from my seat and marched toward the ladies room. After flinging the cubicle door open I emptied all contents of my stomach into the awaiting toilet.

Leaning back I stared at the yellowing ceiling and closed my eyes.


After a good five minutes I stood and washed my hands and rinsed mouth out before leaving.


I sighed feeling weak and disgusting.


“Are you okay?” Adrian walked over to me with a frown etched onto his face.


“You look pale.”


I smiled weakly.


“I’m fine. Just a bit sick from the nerves, I think.”


He eyed me cautiously before nodding and kissing my forehead. I leaned on him and breathed in his soothing cologne.


“Do you want us to go home?” He asked but I refused.


“I promise am okay”.


We walk back to meet Romeo.


“Are you okay?” He asked which I nodded yes.


Adrian kept on looking at me as Romeo discussed.


“Am okay” I mouthed.




A week had passed and Romeo was getting closer to finding out what really happened.


Anita was still in coma but fortunately she is showing signs of recovery.


Julia is nowhere to be found and that’s what scares me.


I sat on the cold tiled floor in the bathroom with my head leaned against the wall. It seemed to sooth the slightly raised temperature of my flushed skin.


“Celine” Adrian’s voice echoed in the bathroom.


I turned my head and smiled meekly.


He sighed and scooped me up off of the floor.


“I’ve called Dr Ethan. , he’ll be here in 20 minutes.”


Adrian sat me on the vanity and passed me a toothbrush with toothpaste. I accepted it to get the awful taste out of my mouth.


“It’s just a stomach bug.” I frowned.


“You’ve been like this for a week. I told you if it didn’t clear up I would get the doctor. You’ve already taken all sorts of medicines from the pharmacy and nothing’s worked.” His tone became increasingly annoyed. Which was rarely directed at me, so I wasn’t used to it from him. What really had me worried though, was the frantic look in his eyes.


I frowned and focused on brushing my teeth. I spat in the sink and Adrian handed me a cup of water.


He stood in between my legs and hugged me closely. I wrapped my arms around his neck.


“Why are you so worried?” I murmured.


He released a breath.


“I just don’t want anything to happen to you.”


I pulled back and kissed his cheek.


“I’ll be fine.”


He lifted me up and walked outside.


“I can walk, you know?” I chuckled.


“Just let me take care of you.” Adrian said as we walked.


He sat me on the couch in the living room, I wonder when last I was in my own apartment.


The landlord would probably be thinking of renting it to another person.


After he laid a blanket over me the door open and Dr. Ethan stepped in.


“Mr and Mrs. Vandermir.” He smiled happily at us. He was quite used to using our first names, but I think he just wanted to say our last.


“I haven’t seen you two in a while You looked absolutely marvelous, Celine.” A brown eye winked at me.


“You are still the same Adrian ”


Adrian rolled his eyes.


“Can you please take a look at her.” He said impatiently.


“Of course. What’s the problem?” He sat down on the coffee table in front of me.


“I’ve been vomiting on and off for the last week and a half.” I stated.


“I’m sure it’s just a stomach bug.”


“I see.” Dr. Ethan smiled again and dug through his bag. He pulled out a forehead thermometer and held it up until it beeped.



“Nothing too abnormal.” He listened to my chest and heart. He prodded my stomach a little looking for any painful areas.


“Everything is looking normal.” He sighed.


“I’ll take a blood and urine sample, if you don’t mind.”


“Can you make sure we have the results by the end of the day?” Adrian asked.


“Sure, I’ll bring them here personally.”


Dr. Ethan took my blood and I peed into the little yellow jar.


I handed it over and he was off.


Adrian looked incredibly stressed and worried, and it was all because of me, a pang of guilt hit my chest.

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