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Crazy In The New York City – Episode 41

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Celine’s Pov


I regained my composure and put on an hardened look.


“Adrian what is going on with you. You are leaving your mansion for here, that’s absurd” I stated uncalmly with my arms under my chest.


“Then come home with me, please Celine”


I scoffed and rolled my eyes.


“In your wildest dreams” I turned to leave flipping my hair on his face, next thing I felt was a hard grip on my hand yanking me back to Adrian and allowing me rest my hand on his chest for support.



“What are you doing, let go of me this instant” I ordered firmly, I had to raise my head down due to the audience Adrian’s drama was gathering.

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He smirks and trails his down to my waist pulling me closer to him, my cheeks turned red under the onslaught of his gaze but my stubborn look remained.


“You see Celine am addicted to you, you are my drug and I just can’t let go of you” I sigh and push him away, giving him a stern look


I walk away from him but my steps falter due to the fact that I felt his eyes burning a hole through my back.


I could vision that silly smirk on his face, I shake it off and head to the grocery store.


I got my stuff and took a cab home, fortunately the jobless audience had already dispersed leaving the street deserted once again.


I carried the two bags and got in the building, walking upstairs and to my apartment.


I opened the door and dropped the bags in the kitchen.


The thought of Adrian and I staying in the same building sent shivers to my spine, not that it was the first time but this time it was different.

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The door knocked and I walked to open it, my face hardened seeing the image at the door.




He stands at the door and rests his hand on the wall folding his arm and crossing his legs.


“You look beautiful today, You know I made the right choice. Am proud of myself” He smiles proudly walking inside the room. I take a step back.


“You have no right to enter my house, please leave now” I stated. He takes my hand and places it in his embracing me in a warm hug, a hug that dissolve all the anger building in my heart.


“I always thought I was not scared of anything. I had all the wealth I needed and didn’t need again. Until I met you and I found out that my biggest fear was losing you. You stayed away from me for one week and everywhere seemed empty. My home and my life is empty without you” I closed my eyes and let myself feel the warmth of his hug.



I do love this guy so much, what if he’s really being sincere, should I forgive him.


I opened my eyes but closed it immediately and the words he told me that day played back in my head.


“We both signed a ownership deal that whoever gets Celine Greene’s signature on a marriage Certificate gets to become the owner of the rival’s company. Trust me I was ready to marry you but Deandro had to be forward, he knew I was winning and he was losing patience so he kidnapped you and forced you to sign the marriage certificate. That gave me an opportunity to get you to sign the certificate without getting to marry you, God am so blessed”


I pushed Adrian away immediately, my eyes almost clouded.


Adrian’s Pov


I thought it was over, until she pushed me away.


“What’s wrong? Talk to me love -”


She pushed me away from apartment and practically leaped out, her shoulders stiff with tension.


“Love? Really Adrian?” She scoffed, wiping at fresh tears.


“Don’t even go there, Adrian. You can lie about anything, just don’t dare lie about your feelings for me. Because, you know what? I don’t believe you.” Finished, she spun around and stalked to the room, slamming the door shut hard enough to rattle the windows.


Stunned, I could only stare at the closed door, my mind struggling to come up with a reason for the unexplained outburst. Pulling my thoughts together,I opened the door and walked in.


“Celine?” I called


“Please go away Adrian!” She snapped.


My phone rang reminding me with a jolt of the meeting with my board. Shit! Shit! Shit! Of all the bloody afternoons for this to happen, it had to be


today when I could finally wrap up the plans for asking Celine’s forgiveness, leaving me free to carry out my future plans…which included the surprise trip to



the Maldives where I planned to wine, dine and bed my lovely wife till she finally gave in and agreed to marry me again.


The door to the bathroom was yanked open and Celine stood there glaring at me, her gaze sliding to my phone on my hand. Her lips curled in a sneer.


“You should get that, it’s your precious business. That’s all you care about, isn’t it? Your goddamn business.”


“Celine you’re being unreasonable -” It was the wrong thing to say. Her eyes narrowed to slits, every nerve in her body letting me know I had just crossed an invisible line and was about to get eviscerated.


“Unreasonable?” She repeated through clenched teeth.


I opened my mouth to apologize, but she cuts me off with a raised hand.


“Don’t even go there, I wasn’t the one who left my wife at the altar” she had muttered before disappearing back into the bathroom. I had only caught a trace of a little water work running down her cheeks. And it had scared me, will Celine ever forgive me.


I had never been this vulnerable in my life, I loved this woman so much it scared me.


Not giving up, I shrugged the meeting away and walked back in her apartment.


Her shower was still running and I saw her sitting on the floor, eyes closed.


I smiled and got in wetting my body but I didn’t mind.


I pulled her up and her eyes opened in alarm but she didn’t resist my touch instead she let me carry her bridal style all the way to her room.


I dropped her on the bed and got a dress for her.


“You should pull that off and wear this so you don’t catch a cold” I said and turned to leave, I hoped for her to call me back but she didn’t. I swear it hurts.


Celine’s Pov


I looked at Adrian has he left the room, my heart wanted him to stay and never leave, grab him and make intense love to the only man I love.


But I didn’t trust him.



I picked my phone and rang Russell, I was going to the airport to pick his son Ryan.


I can’t wait to meet my Cousin’s son, have seen him I pictures but not reality.



Dude its past 1, aren’t you picking up Ryan again



Snookums. I’ll be at your place in 10





I threw my phone and looked at the calendar, it’s been a week since I got to work.


Several missed calls from Cordelia and I know that old woman won’t let me hear the end of it when she sees me tomorrow.


Russell came in less than 10 minutes, we hugged and had lunch.


“Girl, are the rumors true. Adrian is living here” He asked while I was putting on my sandals.


“Something like that”


“Wow, girl you lucky”


I frown at him and pick my bag.


“Let’s go” I tell him, he looks at Adrian’s apartment and a boyish grin plays on his face.


“I see you people having great sex on the staircase in the nearest future” I hit him with my elbow shunning him.


“Ouch” He cries rubbing the part I hit.


“Let’s go” I said and walked down




“Daddy Daddy Daddy” A little boy screamed excitedly, I felt different in a way I didn’t understand.



With amazing quick reflexes , Russell caught his son and hurled him over his head, eliciting another squeal of delight from the six years old.


“Hey shortbread, how are you”


I stirred a look of confusion at Russell, honestly short bread.


He really can’t stop giving people silly nicknames, me Snookums, Julia BWNB, and now he didn’t even exclude his son.


“Am fine Dad, I missed you so much”


“I missed you too” He said proudly


He looks at me and smiled.


“Hi Aunt Celine” I smiled and played with his cheeks giving him the toy car I got for him.


He squeals happily obviously excited about the gift.


“How are you” I asked, A brunette lady comes forward.


I notice the tension between Russell and her, I saw Ryan’s features in her.


Without a second guess I assumed she was his mother.


“Russell Ryan is still a kid. He deserves to be with his mother”


Russell opened the car and let Ryan inside, I guess he didn’t want him to listen to the discussion.


“Not a mother who is a drug and sex addict, it took me heaven’s grace, your parents intervention and a whole team of security personnel to let me leave him with you”


She lowered her gaze and murmured.


So this was why Russell refused to talk about his wife.


“But am still his mother Russ”


“Martha this boy saw you having sex with another man, you almost ruined his innocence”


Russell was trying to keep calm.


“And I changed”



“I thought you did, but then you knew how much I paid just to bring your sex tape off the internet. Am sorry but my son will stay with me now”


“Celine let’s go”


I nod and leave


Adrian’s Pov


I looked around, the faces of everybody in the conference room, Deandro was there too with an unpleasant confused scowl on his face, he had no idea why I summoned him, I didn’t even know he would come.


“Good afternoon,” I began, my voice filled with quiet authority.


“first of all, let me thank you for making it to this impromptu meeting, I understand a lot of you would rather be doing other things than to sit in a stuffy meeting…” A murmur of polite laughter rang out.


“Still,” I continued,


“I believe it is important to make this announcement here, before the media gets a hold of the latest developments.”


I paused and glanced around the room, taking all the expectant faces.


“As you are all aware, I made a recent purchase of a majority of stocks of Deandro and co, claiming ownership to his company…a move that well…none of us were expecting. However, in the past two days, I have been in negotiations with the CEO, Deandro Moretti…” I nodded in Deandro’s direction, I stopped and looked around examining everyone’s faces.


“Very well, Vandermir Corps will be giving Deandro and Co the option to buy back more than half of the acquired shares at less than the current stock price, which will leave them with an impressive profit in the…..”


I droned on and saw the excited face on Deandro, everyone was surprised at the news.


Celine’s Pov


Russell didn’t talk about Martha during the drive home and I knew not to ask questions.


Ryan is a whole lot of fun, although he’s talkative just like his father.


We got to Mary’s who was really excited and happy to see Ryan, she even baked a cake.


I noticed the way Russell and Mary threw glances at each other.


“Aunt Mary is sooo beautiful” Ryan complimented earning a blush from Mary.


It was getting late and I had to leave.




The trending news got me stunned.


What the hell was Adrian doing


He was returning the shares? If Deandro repurchased those shares at less than the current price…it would mean a huge gain for the him and an appalling loss for Adrian.


Why would he something so stupid, What was he trying to prove to me? That he would willingly lose everything just to satisfy his guilt.


I decided to text and talk to him even though I knew he was opposite my room.


Adrian: I missed you wifey


The words coaxed a smile, which I quickly squashed, and typed a reply.


Me: Thanks. Why did you sell those shares? That was either a very brave mood or a stupid one.


Adrian: What do you think?


I thought for a minute, a small smile playing across my lips.


Me: I don’t think it was a very wise choice.


The phone rang, displaying Adrian’s name.



Hey I said, proud of how cool I sounded. I leaned back in my chair, cradling the phone to my ear, feet up on the table.



Hey yourself Adrian said.



So Romeo thinks I should see a shrink after this stunt. He’s convinced I’ve finally lost my mind


He’s not going to be the only one, wait till this hits the international news. Seriously Adrian, you shouldn’t have done that


“I know you think you have to make amends, but ruining your company isn’t the way to do things


I made a conscious but stupid choice to destroy something that meant a lot of things to a lot of peopl. My mom always said if you want something bad enough, you have to be ready of let go of something equally meaningful.


That’s….very insightful .I murmured, chewing my lip as I reached an


impromptu decision.



Celine can I see you tonight please don’t say no



Okay I twitched my mouth.




I knocked on Adrian’s door and he opened it, he looked ecstatic and really happy just to see me.


“Come in” He offered. I looked around his room and saw how beautiful and neat he made it.


A part of me got jealous.


“Nice place you got here” I said and dipped my hands in my coat pocket.


“Thanks” He says and coughs. I look at him and squint my eyes.


“You have a cough?” I asked.



“No just a one time thing”


He sneezes and I walk closer to him, I noticed his pale face and tired eyes.


“Adrian are you Okay” I asked.


“Sure why not”


I touch his forehead and gasp.


“You have a fever, God” I pull him to the sofa and sit him down.


“I’ll be fine. God” He groans and stands up. I look at him and face him.


“Adrian please sit down”


“But I am okay, I swear. Its just the weather. Nothing much”


I frown at him.


“Young man I am not talking to you as a random person, I AM TALKING TO YOU AS A WIFE AND YOU BETTER SIT DOWN NOW OR ELSE”


“Fine Fine…” He sits down raising his hand up in defeat.


“Am seated already” He complied.


“Goddd you women can be scary sometimes”


I chuckle and look at how pale he had become, I felt guilty.




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