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Crazy In The New York City – Episode 40

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Celine’s Pov



My heart sank when I saw the numerous missed calls and voicemail Adrian sent me. How do I know, how do I know this man is saying the truth.


The first time he confessed his love to me I fell so easily, for his lies and his deceit, I was just a game to him.


What if he made another type of bet with someone, or probably he decided that if I left then he’ll have to share his properties with me, I know Adrian loves his wealth so much and honestly I don’t need his properties, am doing well by myself.


I stared at the blank screen of my cell phone and took a deep breath, fingers hovering over the power button.


“This is ridiculous.” I muttered to myself in disgust, grateful that at least Mary was not here to see me acting like a scared fool.


I tossed the offending object aside and drew my legs up on the bed, hugging my knees.

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A part of me was curious to know what sort of messages Adrian had left on my voicemail, had he really changed? Was this a way of him getting back at me for deleting his presentation? Is he just feeling sorry because of Fred’s actions?


So many questions, and if I wanted answers, I would swallow this irrational fear and call Adrian.


Last night to me was perfect but I already had the divorce papers ready, when he called me for a date I was just coming from the lawyer.


When he apologized, I felt he was saying the truth,I saw the love in his eyes and I was ready to forgive him but then he was as sincere as the first time he deceived me the first time.


I thought about it this morning and decided best thing was to just give myself some space, I need space from Adrian but first I have to talk to him about it, I have to make him understand


I reached for the phone, then stopped and sighed again.


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“Stop being foolish,” I chided myself in a voice that wobbled with uncertainty.

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Goddammit Celine ! You’re a grown woman. You’re stronger than this.


Determined, I reached for the phone yet again and turned it on, proud when my grip remained steady.


Adrian was just one man – okay – the one man who was extremely capable of turning my insides to jelly with just a single look.


But really, I had handled him before and I was sure as heck handle anything he said.


Mary came back into the room, proudly displaying a huge tub of ice cream.


“I brought some comfort food!” she announced, handing me a spoon while she set the bowl between us on the bed.


“Nothing beats love and depression like ice cream, or at least that’s what the mags say.” She states proudly




Grateful for the distraction, I set the phone down, and even though I really didn’t feel like eating, I accepted the spoon and dug in, though my eyes kept straying back against my will.


“Have you called yet?” Mary motioned toward the cell phone. I shook my head and licked the cold lump off my spoon.


“I don’t think I’m ready for real life just yet.” I mumbled, hating myself for sounding so pathetic.


“But I’m dying to know if he’s really sincere” I stabbed the spoon back inside


“Just call the guy already.” Mary shot me a stern look.


“Look, like I said, avoiding the inevitable is not gonna make it go away. You don’t have to see him or tell him where you are, but from the earlier calls, I’d say Adrian wants to talk, and you’d be a fool not to at least hear the guy out. And staying here doesn’t means he can’t find you here. Just be grateful to your cousin he helped you in renting an apartment. Girl talk to Adrian”


“It’s easy for you to say,” I grumbled, stabbing at the yoghurt.


“It’s Adrian Vandermir we are talking about, the unpredictable guy”


“Girl please! Stop making excuses and just call him.” Mary glared at me in exasperation.



“Time’s going, and much as I love you being here and all, sooner or later you’re going to have to deal with this.”


I opened my mouth to say something but Mary’s phone rang earning a grateful sigh from me.


“It’s lover boy calling”


“Pick it and put it on loudspeaker” I stated nervously.


“Yes ma’am” She replies sarcastically.


“Uhmmm hey this is a surprise” Mary replied careful to keep her voice light.


“What’s up” She continued.


There was another pause as though Adrian was carefully weighing his next words.


“Is Celine with you by any chance” I waved my hand immediately, a signal for Mary to deny.


“Celine? No I haven’t seen her all morning. Is everything okay?”


I heard a string of low voiced swearing at the other end, frustration and impatience clearly evident, and Mary brows rose further.


“Adrian? What’s wrong? Did something happen? Where is Celine?”


“Everything’s fine. Look just do me a favour and call me if she turns up.” Adrian said, then the line went dead.


Mary replaced the receiver, a deep frown marring her features, she looks at me and I shrugged avoiding eye contact.


“Are you honestly going to let the poor guy suffer” She scowled at me. I gasped shocked at Mary’s statement.


“So he’s the poor guy here, look at how the table turned. I remembered the last time I was here and you threatened to shove a bullet through Adrian’s head”



“Look honey, I know Adrian wronged you and honestly I am not asking you to go back to him, just give him a chance to prove himself”


I fold my legs together and clutch my arms, I love Adrian and I want us to work but am still scared.


Adrian’s Pov


“And you have no idea where she could be? She hasn’t called you?”


Celine’s boss shook her head in the negative, her eyes curious as she followed my restless movements back and forth in front of her counter.


“Maybe she’s at Russell’s ” Cordelia offered.


“They both are close.”


“She’s not there.” I replied, raking a hand through my hair in frustration.


“She’s not with Mary either, Mary says she hasn’t seen her, and she’s not answering her cell.” My brows drew together in a worried frown as my mind began to envision all kinds of bad scenarios.


It had gone past a need to just find Celine the divorce papers. Am not letting that woman go. I just need to see her, I am full out worried for her safety and I cursed myself for the millionth time for being a fool.


I should have followed my heart rather I was foolishly blinded by wealth and now this…


I cursed again, earning me a raised brow from Cordelia


“Do you know if she has made new friends recently?” I asked, ignoring the look, she nods negatively.


“I only know Mary and Russell”


I was fast running out of places to look, and that scared me beyond comprehension…what if I lost her for good?


Resolutely, I shoved that thought aside, along with the crushing despair that threatened to consume me.


“I know she’s close to one of the staffs here, should I call her”



I nodded and resumed my pacing, listening with half an ear while Cordelia placed the call, expertly drumming up an excuse to be searching for Celine that didn’t raise alarm.


I waited, every nerve tense until Cordelia caught my eye and gave a little shake of her head before thanking the staff and replaced the receiver.


“She says, she hasn’t seen her either, I’m sorry.” Cordelia worried her lower lip between her teeth, concern for Celine now mounting.


“Look, I could make a few calls, and ask other staff if they’ve seen or heard anything….but…do you….think she’s ok? I mean should we call the police or something?”


“No police.” I replied distractedly,


“And ummm….yeah, make those calls and ask around but keep me informed of


anything.” I off my number and that of my assistant’s then took my leave.


“Where are you Baby?” I murmured as I made my way to the parking lot.


In the car, I tried her cell two more times, growing frustrated as each call went to voicemail.


At the prompt, I spoke tersely. “Celine I’m worried about you, I’ve left a dozen messages already and I’m scared something’s happened to you. I’m sorry I let you go and I understand if you don’t want to talk to me right now. But at least let me know you’re safe? Please don’t divorce me, I need you in my life, please Baby, call me”


I ended the call, hating how helpless the situation left me.


Fingers shaking, I typed out a quick text to her cell, and her email just in case she checked the damn thing. Then I leaned my head on the wheel and said a quick prayer to whoever would listen, begging the powers that be to keep her safe from harm.


Celine’s Pov


I took a quick shower and got dressed in a denim trouser and black shirt, Mary helped in braiding my hair.



I was done arranging the new apartment and still I haven’t called Adrian yet, I felt a little bit guilty but then when I remembered what he did to me every string of guilt loses replaced with a hardened hard.


I opened a cup of ice cream and set to lavish the sweetness of the strawberry flavored ice cream but Mary snatches it from me.


“Hey” I squealed.


“No ice creams until you call Adrian, have mercy on the poor man. It’s been 52 hours already”


I thickened my resolve and dropped the spoon sighing tiredly, I reached for my phone and dialed Adrian’s number, pushing back the wave of nausea that swam to my throat as it began to ring.


Adrian’s Pov


I managed a single knock before Jessica pulled the door open. She took in my rumpled appearance and raised an eyebrow at me in surprise.


“You look terrible,” She greeted, stepping aside so I could enter.


I leaned down to kiss her on the cheek and she wrinkled her nose.


“Christ! You smell too,” she shut the door, then turned and regarded me through narrowed eyes, arms folded across her chest.


“Romeo said you sounded like hell on the phone, but we didn’t think it’s this bad.” I waved away her concern and made my way through the foyer into the living


room, the aroma of home cooking reminding my stomach that I hadn’t eaten in a day.


“Where’s Romeo?” I asked, flopping onto the couch, legs stretched out. I groaned and placed an arm over my eyes as my brain rattled around my skull in protest at the sudden movement.


Christ! I felt like hell, sick with worry and terror. I hadn’t heard a word from Celine yet, and just about exhausted every possible idea of where she could be.


I called Romeo as a last resort, hoping Romeo would use his detective contacts to find Celine.



“He had an urgent call, he’ll be back soon”


I heard her leave the room but didn’t bother opening my eyes. An image of Celine swam before my closed lids, and I felt longing spear through him. I had been haunted by images of her just before we made love last night.


Jessica came back into the room and the next thing, I felt a cool, dampness on my forehead.


I opened my eyes to see the wet cloth she held against my head.


“For the headache,” She explained, her eyes filled with concern.


“And I would recommend a shower and something to eat before you expire on my couch. Romeo would kill me if I let you drop dead.” Render More Supports To Us By Sharing Out Our Stories To Friends And Medias


(TEAM TOPSTER STORIES) “He’d have to go through my ghost first.”


I muttered, grateful for the cold compress. I made an effort to sit up and rubbed my chin, grimacing at the roughness of the day old beard.


“Thanks, Jessica.”


She nodded and sank to the floor beside him.


“No problem. Want to talk about it?”


I told her everything that happened the day ago, I thought we were okay but I didn’t know Celine was still upset.


“Am sure Celine is safe, I don’t blame her though. We were all present the day you fu.cked up but I want you to give her time”


“But I need to be sure she’s okay”


She sighs and pulls me in a hug


I let myself be pulled into the embrace, blinking in surprise at how much the simple gesture comforted me.


I had never been a fan of physical contact like this, but just this once, I really needed the comfort. Plus, just talking about stuff had eased the ache in my heart somewhat.



“Am sure Celine is okay”


I nodded and sniffed.


“Ad, I love you and all, but you’re stinking up my house.” She wrinkled her nose at me and I groaned but got to my feet and staggered towards the guest room.


As I stepped out of the shower, my phone rang


I picked up on the second ring.




Celine’s Pov


His deep voice filled me with longing, making me wish he was here with me.


I took deep breaths to calm down, my mind forming a vivid picture of his face, those piercing eyes and strong jaw I had come to love so deeply.


“Jesus, Celine! Are you okay?” he sounded worried, anxious, with no trace of the anger I had been so afraid to hear,I mean who won’t be upset at what I did.


“please tell me you’re okay, please.”


He was worried about me! The knowledge thrilled through my spine.


“Y..yeah.” My voice sounded hoarse and I cleared my throat and tried again.


“I’m ok.”


I heard him sigh in relief and mutter something that sounded suspiciously like a prayer.


“I was worried, you weren’t answering your calls,” he said.


“And no one had seen you. Shit! Celine don’t do that again. You took twenty nine years off my life in the past two days.”


“I’m sorry,” I replied feeling guilty.


“I just…I had to get away for a while and I didn’t think you…”


My voice trailed away and I stared down at my toes, unwilling to meet Mary’s eyes.


“You didn’t think I’d care.” he finished for me in a quiet, hurt voice and sighed again.


“Baby, I don’t blame you for thinking that way. Look, I messed up Celine, I understand why you want a divorce but please don’t do this to me. I can’t lose you? Please? Where are you now? I can come over, or we could arrange to meet somewhere.”


“I….” I panicked, at the thought of being in the same place with Adrian, we’ll just


end up on the bed again, not that I don’t want that but I can’t help it. He’s so irresistible


No! The denial rose like a loud chant in my head. Talking to Adrian on phone was one thing, but how could I be in the same room with him without giving away my silly feelings?


He would take one look at me and know I was in love with him.


And, heaven only knew what he would do, probably use that opportunity to use me again.


I looked to Mary for guidance but my friend only shrugged, not understanding. I rubbed at my temples that had begun aching again, suddenly wanting to end

this conversation.


“Adrian I….I have to go now. Maybe we’ll talk later, okay?”


I ended the call and hugged my knees again, wide eyed at what I did.


“What? What did he say?” Mary leaned forward with a puzzled frown, at the sheer panic in My expression.


“Did he yell at you?”


Too stunned for words, I could only shake my head, eyes fixed on some distant thought.


“Then why do you look like you a frightened deer?



Adrian’s Pov


She’d sounded terrified.


I stared at the phone, brows furrowed as I tried to make sense of what had just happened.


Had I said something to scare her off? My mind ran through the short conversation again. Celine had sounded normal until I suggested they talk, that’s when things had gone wrong.


I sighed in barely contained frustration, raking a hand through my damp hair. I shouldn’t have pushed too hard. The fact that Celine had called me was something to be thankful for, at least she hadn’t written me off completely. I still have a chance.


I didn’t have to wait to prove how sorry I was, I was going to start by trying to straighten out the mess I had made of her life, I’ll take her to the altar and the whole world would know I got married to her because I love her.


I donned the t-shirt and jeans Jessica had left for me, then made my way to the den, before leaving for the office, I wasn’t sure if I still remembered how to drive.


Celine’s Pov


I rinsed my hand in the running tap and checked my phonephone, I saw his messages and after a moment of indecision, I clicked on it.





I’m worried about you, please call me and let me know you’re ok. Left messages on your phone too. Also, please forgive me for acting like a douchebag. Adrian.




“Oh boy.” I murmured, unsure of what to make of the whole thing. His apology sounded sincere, but I couldn’t seem to get past the nagging feeling he was doing it out for other purpose.


That would make things even worse…the last thing I needed was Adrian acting romantic out of a twisted sense of using me again. With trembling hands, I hit the reply button and typed out a quick response.





Thank you for your concern, but I’m fine. There’s nothing to forgive, but I think it’s best if we stayed away from each other for a while. Take care.


I hit the send button and closed the page, determined to put it out of her mind as I concentrated on what I was cooking.


A few minutes later, a new message notification popped up and even without checking, I knew it would be Adrian’s reply.


Adrian : Best for whom exactly? Me, or you?


My lips thinned. Of course he would be stubborn about it.


Me : The both of us.


His reply came faster this time.


Adrian: What if I don’t want to stay away? What if I want more than we have now? Heart pounding faster, I took my time replying. The last thing I wanted was for

him to think I was eager to talk.


Me: That’s not possible. There are a million reasons why it won’t work.


Despite earlier hesitation, I found myself tapping my fingers on the table impatiently, waiting for his reply. My phone rang and I jumped, rummaging in my bag for it. My breath caught when I saw who it was. Biting my lips, I hit the call button.


“I can give you just one reason why I can’t stay away from you.” The intensity in Adrian’s voice sent a shiver down my spine.


“Adrian…” I licked my lips, his voice like warm caress, sending my pulse faster.


“I can’t talk right now, not about this….not now.”


I heard him sigh, and expected him to object, but instead he said.


“Ok, we won’t talk about us if you don’t want to. But you have to promise me one thing.”


“I’m not making any promises, at least not until I hear what it is.”



“I know you don’t want to talk about our relationship and I’m cool with that, but maybe we could…talk about other things…get to know each other better…as friends.”


I paused for long moments, unsure of what to say. Friends with Adrian Vandermir? That was like putting a box of my favourite chocolates in a locked room and forbidding me from devouring the whole thing.” “Celine, are you there?” Adrian asked, sounding worried.


“Yes….yes I’m still here. Adrian, I don’t think that’s a good idea…”


“Just think about it,” He urged.


“No pressure though, and I’ll respect whatever decision you make.”


“Ok. I have to go now.” I ended the call and dropped the phone to stare out at the view, deep in thought.




One week has gone and I am still avoiding Adrian, the limit we go together is phone calls and text messages.


I miss him no doubt but I can’t afford another heartbreak.


I walked out of my apartment to get groceries but I had to stop since people were carrying appliances inside the apartment opposite mine.


I stopped so they could do their work and when I was sure they had finished doing their work.


I got downstairs and saw a whole lot of audience.


“What’s going on?” I asked nobody in particular but still got an answer.


“Adrian Vandermir just rented an apartment in my building, God am so blessed, he left his mansion for this cheap place” The landlord squealed excitedly.


“Adrian?” I questioned.


“Hi Neighbor” A voice yelled, I looked up to see Adrian waving at me, he walked to my direction and dipped his hands in his hip pocket.


“I hope my wife is happy to see me or should I say my neighbor”


“Adrian what are you doing here” I asked


“You know that saying if the mountain doesn’t come to Mohammed , Mohammed would go to the mountain. Celine you are my mountain and this Mohammed has come to you”


I frowned but couldn’t help but blush.




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