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Crazy In The New York City – Episode 39

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Celine’s Pov


I took the third pill that afternoon and laid my head on the soft pillow, I exhaled deeply and looked at Mary, Erin and Russell gratefully.


I really appreciated them looking after me.


“We should leave you to rest” Erin said and patted my shoulder. She walked out with Russell but Mary stayed.


“You know…” She stops and pulls the wooden chair closer.


“Adrian has been watching you for the past two days. He hardly slept and didn’t even go to work” A part of me wanted to be happy but it was Adrian Vandermir, the man who does the unpredictable.


“He’s just being a human. Nothing special” I said playing with my fingers.


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Mary chuckles and puts her hand on my arm.



“I know you have a bad past with Adrian and I am not saying the guy loves you, am just letting you know what he did”


She stands up and leaves shutting the door behind her.


Adrian’s Pov


I looked at the perfect creation I made on Fred’s face, the poor guy already passed out.




“Dude I think that’s enough, you canceled his head like 6 times, cut four of his fingers and he already admitted to be the one in the video, the police would soon be here”


I agreed with Romeo, doing any more damage to the guy will kill him, I don’t take lifes. Death is the most easy punishment you can give any one.

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We drove home and Romeo takes one look at Celine before leaving, Mary and Russell left minutes later but Mom stayed behind.


I walked in my room where she laid, she opened her eyes immediately I touched her feet.


She moves away from me immediately and I felt she was scared of me.


“Are you awake?” I asked.


“No I came to buy muffins for my dreams, am still going back” She replied earning a chuckle from me.


“I deserved that, how do you feel”


“Like I got ran over by a bull dozer” She replied.


I sat on the bed,not knowing what to do next I decided to wait.


I was determined to protect her


I won’t fail her again


I’ll tell her special she is, I’ll make her realize how much I need her, in this life and the next.


“How’s Fred??” She asked. I fake a smile and rub her hair.



“In a world he wished he never was” I replied and she chuckles nodding her head.


“You don’t have to pretend Adrian” She says and I look at her stunned.


“What are you talking about?” I asked.


“You caring for me and acting all loving with me, you’ve given mary the wrong vibe already. Am not saying am not grateful for everything you’ve done, but you don’t have to act again” She tells me removing my hand from her hair.


I need to let her know I wasn’t pretending, I really cared for her.


“I really do care for you Celine, I know have been a jerk but am ready to make things right”


She fakes a smile and sits up, she winces in pain and I become alarmed .


“Tell me where does it hurt Celine” I asked and she laughs mockingly.


“All this pain is nothing compared to the one you caused me Adrian, this pain would go but my broken heart would still be there”


“Then let me mend it for you”


“With lies” She replies and stands up, her legs were not balance, I tried helping her but she raises her palm at me.


“You’ve done enough, I can manage” She says and walks to the bathroom.


I sat on the bed and waited for her.


“Can I borrow your top” She yells from the toilet.


“Sure what’s mine is yours” I replied.


“How Cheeky” She yells back, I scoff and chuckle.


She walks out of the bathroom with my top which covered her thighs a good amount.



Even in her condition she still looked incredible. Her body although thin still looked enchanting and curvy. My imagination would run wild if I wasn’t careful.


“Stop looking at me like that” She snapped at me. She puts the strand of hair that was falling on her face behind her ear.


Her steps were still unbalanced and she almost tripped but I got her, she gets up and pushes me back. The force of the push wasn’t much but I still fell because I wasn’t expecting it.


“I told you I can take care of myself” She snaps at me and heads to leave the room.


I pull her back and look in her eyes.


“I can’t let you go Celine” I stated. She makes a sorry face and takes my hand off hers.


“Am hungry, am not going anywhere” She replies.


I chuckle and heave a sigh of relief, I run my hand through my hair.


I looked at my phone and saw the several missed calls from Clara.


I know we lost the contract and honestly I didn’t care.




I walked downstairs and met Celine chewing on mom’s chocolate syrup pancakes.


She was enjoying it and I chuckled at how cute she looked.


“Mmmmhhhh Erin, I swear this gets better each bite” She moans out. I got a hard on from just hearing that.


Mom grinned looking pleased


“Am glad you feel that way. I dug the recipe from an online site and added a little touch to it”


“It’s really good” Celine popped the rest in her mouth and chewed in bliss for a few minutes.


I walked to them and Mom saw I was dressed.


“Are you going out?” She asked and I nodded.



“I haven’t been in the office for a while, I need to know what’s going on”


“Okay, you are right I’ll be with Celine, so you don’t have to worry” Mom assured.


I reached my mouth to kiss Celine’s cheek but she moved her head away.


pouted and kissed her shoulders, Mom noticed this but didn’t say anything.




I drove to work and began with the endless amount of files to go through. I needed a temporary secretary since Clara was going on maternity leave. I


wonder why everyone’s getting pregnant


It’s like it’s the season or something, my mind drifted to Celine.


A picture of her with a baby bump comes up but I shake it away immediately it comes up.


“Clara have you found a replacement yet” I asked my secretary.


“Not yet sir, I have narrowed down the applicants but still they don’t have enough experience” She exasperated running her hands through her blonde hair.


“We only have a few weeks until am on leave. The due date is two months after that and I can’t really push my time off back any further than I have”


“We’ll sort something out” I said and closed the file on my hands.


“Sir about the England investors”


“I know I messed up, I’ll apologize when I have the time”


“I was able to convince them to reschedule, they’ll be here on Friday”


“Really” I said excited.


“Yes sir”


“Good job Clara”


“Thank you sir”



“Keep looking through the applicants. If you still can’t find something suitable then let me know”


“Yes sir” She nodded


“Clara can I talk to you, like a brother to a sister not a boss to his employee” She was taken aback at first but regained her composure.


“Sure why not” She says and takes her seat.


“Am an ass” I muttered under my breath and saw her lips quirk in suppressed amusement.


“Okay” Clara said, humor lacing her voice.


“Why do you think so Sir” I frown at her.


“Am sorry, Why do you think so Adrian”


I filled her in the details of my actions for the past 7 months. To my credit she listened in silence, her face devoid of accusation. When I finished she sighed and smiled.


“If you truly care for her then prove it. Trust on this Adrian, you don’t have to rush it because if you do she’ll think your feelings change because Fred who’s a jerk by the way beat her up”


“Yeah shit” I passed a hand over my face, frustrated before belief.


“Celine may never believe me, not after I acted like an ass hole for so long”


“There’s that possibility” Clara agreed and my heart sank.


“But if Celine truly loves you she might reconsider and forgive you”


“So, I just have to play the waiting game?” I muttered, not happy about that, but if waiting was what it took to get Celine, hell I would wait.



“Forget games Adrian” Clara scowled,


“No woman wants to hear her affections described as a game or whatever, it’s demeaning and she’ll never take you seriously.”


At my contrite expression, her face relaxed into a smile.


“If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be”


“Thank you Clara” I said thankfully


The day wore on and I went to different meetings . A few of them were for recent internal affairs and HR issues that were taking longer to resolve.


Only thing was on my mind throughout this, make it up to Celine.




It’s been three days and I haven’t been able to talk to Celine, she goes to work so early and when she comes back she locks herself in the room. I try talking to her but she refuses to listen to me, I deserved all this.


I dialed her number 26 times before she finally picked the call.



Am busy Adrian



Can I ask my wife on a date



Am not going anywhere with you



You don’t have to, we’ll have the date at home. I just want to show you how much I need you

I hear her sigh before replying







I straightened the cutlery on the table for the thousandth time, and cast one quick glance at my outfit, hoping the black slacks and light blue shirt with rolled up sleeves wasn’t too overdressed.



I felt as nervous as a school girl on her first date, and I sent up a quick prayer for everything to go smoothly. This was my one chance to win Celine Vandermir and if I screwed it up….shit…I didn’t even want to think about that.


I crossed to the kitchen and checked the oven, satisfied at the results at the golden brown colour of my main dish.


Dessert looked good too…at least I hoped so.


Promptly at eight, my bell rang, after a quick last minute check, I crossed to open the door with a welcoming smile…


I took one look at Celine, that hot body encased in a black sheath that hugged every curve to perfection, hair loose and hanging around her shoulders in soft, silky waves that made me want to bury my hands in its mass….highlighting the healthy glow of her skin.


swallowed, every good intention I’d had fleeing for the hills and I had to drag my gaze up to her face, taking control of my wayward thoughts.


“Hi, I’m not too early?”


I tried to speak but my tongue seemed to be glued to the roof of my mouth. God! it felt so damn good just to look at her, I never wanted to move from the door.


“You look amazing Celine. Come in…excuse my poor manners.” I stepped aside to let her pass, the scent of her perfume, churning butterflies in my stomach. Christ on a stick! I groaned inwardly as I shut the door and guided her to the living room, even though we lived together, I still wanted to treat her like we were on a date.


Keeping my hands off her was going to take superhuman effort.


She took in the carefully set table for two, her gaze lingering on the yellow roses I used as a centrepiece and the bottle of wine resting in its ice bucket.


“Wow! You did all this? I’m impressed.” She listened for a moment, head cocked to one side as she listened to the soft strains of Mark Schultz singing One thousand miles


“Oh! I love this song! Nice choice.”


I guided her to the table, pulling out a chair for her.


I picked up the bottle of red wine and opened it, pouring into two glasses, which I offered one to her.


She took a sip, and smiled in appreciation.


“So what’s for dinner, did Simon cook for you”


I snorted in mock offense


“I’ll have you know Mademoiselle Vandermir, that you’re looking at one of the best chefs in the state, arguably the best looking one too.”


She giggles, eyes flashing in mirth at my impersonation of an outraged chef.


“My apologies, Monsieur, I had no idea you were so accomplished.”I grinned and slid into my seat.


“You can thank my mum for that, she made sure us I learned the fine art of cooking before I turned eighteen…no exceptions.”


The food smells great by the way.” Celine paused to inhale appreciatively, “what are you making?”


“I thought we’d start with Caesar salad, with my mother’s world famous dressing, then chicken tetrazzini for the main course…dessert is a surprise. ” I replied and chuckled when she looked impressed.


“You might want to try it first before praising my talents, I just might end up poisoning us both…”


The buzzer sounded, signalling that dinner was ready.


“I’ll be right back.” I said, pushing to my feet and heading for the kitchen.


“Need any help?” Celine asked, already getting to her feet, but I waved her back, assuring her I could manage.


The food turned out even better than I had hoped considering the fact that I hadn’t cooked in years. I thought in satisfaction, watching as Celine took a bite and moaned in appreciation.


“Oh my God!” She exclaimed between forkfuls.


“This is amazing Adrian….seriously. You’re amazing.”


I tried the food, and sighed in relief, making a mental note to get my mother something special for teaching me how to cook, a skill I had thought useless until now.


“It’s okay, I guess.” I said in false modesty, pumping a victory fist under the table.


My wife studied me underneath her lashes, not fooled for one moment.


“I won’t mind if you decide to do a jig round the room, you know.” I shot her a scandalized look.


“I don’t do ‘jigs'” I muttered, pointing at her with his fork.


Through the meal, we kept up a steady stream of conversation, I was careful to keep the conversation away from ‘complications’.


I found out Celine had no favourite colors, but detested purple and pink, she was a sucker for romance comedies and historical romance books, adored Ed Sheeran, Sia and Adam Levine, all things chocolate, she didn’t talk about her family which I understood.


She was in raptures over my special dessert – melted dark chocolate poured over fresh strawberries with the option of whipped cream, and I nearly killed myself watching as she licked the chocolate off the strawberries first before popping it in her mouth, unaware of how much her actions, affected my resolve to not throw myself at her.


After dinner, I moved them to the kitchen, again declining her offer to help me tidy up, and refilled her wine glass, sitting next to her on the couch and raised the volume on the song. For the next few minutes, the topic centred around music and I discovered we had similar tastes. Halfway through the conversation, Celine turned slightly, so she could place her head on the arm of the couch, and she stretched her legs, feet resting on my lap – she’d long since taken off her stilettos, and the sight of her bare feet, made me hard as hell.


“I think I’ve drunk too much wine.” Celine murmured, downing her fifth glass. She didn’t sound too concerned though, rather the opposite as she shut her eyes and hummed along to the Goo Goo Dolls’ song ‘Iris’. She wriggled her feet, and I swallowed, punishing myself by massaging her toes earning me a blissful sigh.



“Mmmmm…That feels good.” She breathed, as my hands gently kneaded the ball of her left foot.


“Don’t stop please.”


“I won’t.” I assured her, my voice betraying no sign of the battle that raged inside. Pushing back my own raging need, I concentrated on my task, the feel of her


silky skin beneath my hands and the little moans of delight she uttered, pure heaven to my senses. My gaze slid to her face, eyes closed, lips parted as she revelled in my ministrations, her entire body languid and relaxed and I felt strangely content, knowing Celine was comfortable with me once again.


I caressed her cheeks, and she leaned into my touch.


“Adrian why are you doing all this?” She asked, her voice almost a whisper.


Because I need you Celine I know I don’t deserve to have you even look at me, but you’re here and I promise you this…I will spend the rest of my life trying to make it up to you, I give you my word.”


A tear slid down her cheek, and I gently brushed it away with my thumb, my heart twisting to see her hurting because of me.


“I’m so sorry Baby, please don’t cry.”


She shook her head and leaned away from me swinging her legs off the couch.


She rose, wrapping her arms around her body as she slowly paced the room.


“But you claim to hate me”


“You got under my skin Celine, made me feel things I’d never felt for another woman…I wanted to kiss you, and kill you at the same time. I wanted you to look at me without contempt and condemnation in your beautiful eyes. When Deandro and I made that bet I thought i was using you and didnt love you, I would dream of you, and hate myself for lusting after you. I would hate you for making me want you…wanted to torment you as much as you tormented me, I was obsessed with you…furious because you were someone I want to hate but couldn’t.


Then I got to know you better, and believe me Celine, it didn’t take much for me to completely lose my mind. I enjoyed the fact you stayed here, lived to hear you scream at me…either in anger or in passion…I did everything I could to be far



from you but even though I didn’t know it…I had fallen in love with you- deeply, irrevocably.”


Celine gripped the edge of her seat, tears streaming down her cheeks, mascara running…but to me, she was the most beautiful creature in the world. I crossed to her and knelt at her feet.


“I’m not asking that you love me back Celine, God knows I don’t deserve your love. All I ask is that you will let me love you the way you deserve to be loved. I may do things you won’t like, we will fight, but I’ll take anything at this point. I want to go to sleep knowing that I will wake up and have you beside me, I want to spend every waking moment worshipping at your feet. I want to make love to you, make love with you and only you.”


“Adrian…” Celine reached for me and without hesitation, i pulled her into my arms, bringing her to kneel beside me while I thanked my stars for giving me another chance.


“I love you Baby.” I whispered into her hair, raising her chin so I could kiss her.


She opened to me like a wildflower, our tongues mingling in a passionate kiss.


The salty taste of her mouth, her warmth consumed me and I groaned, words inadequate to describe the feeling that coursed through me, searing me to the depths of my soul. The kiss changed, becoming needy, our hands groping each other, wanting more…impatient to have more. I broke the kiss to blaze a trail down her jaw, her neck, tasting the sweet nectar of her skin. She moaned my name, letting me push her onto the soft carpet, as I came over her and continued my exploration of her skin, one hand sliding over her legs and up her thigh till I reached her warmth and she arched her back, offering herself to me, even as her hands went to work unbuttoning my shirt.


Celine’s Pov


Adrian and I made it upstairs.


The champagne had an effect on us and we quickly ended up na.ked in bed. After a reprieve, Adrian moved down my body leaving kisses down my heated skin. He reached my core and his tongue caressed my already wet lips.


Pressing on my overly sensitive nub my back arched and my hips moved on their own.



Adrian pressed my hips down and swirled his tongue over and around. He added fingers into my opening which added to the pleasure.


My orgasm built along with my moans and gasps. I gripped the back of his head by his hair, which he took as a cue to move his tongue faster.


My other hand gripped the sheets and when I finally exploded I was a panting mess.


Adrian rose up and I blushed when he licked his fingers.


The urge to have him entirely built back up.


I didnt know what came over me. I moved towards him and caught his lips with my own. I felt him smirk against my lips. He gently gripped the back of my neck and deepened the kiss.


I glided my hands over his toned chest.


I kissed over his skin making my way further down his body.


He groaned and pushed me back gently. I landed back on the bed.


He stood and his blue eyes looked at my body like I was his prey. The look in his eyes made my excitement and arousal grow. He rolled me over so my back was facing him.


He hovered over me and shivers ran over my body as I felt his breath tingle along my neck. Adrian kissed my neck and lightly bit my skin. He reached around and massaged and teased my breasts and erect nipples. His teeth grazed my ear as I moaned.


“I fu.cking love you Celine” He murmured huskily.


I felt him line himself up and I moaned lightly as he thrust into me.


It was slow and intense.


His body hugged mine and his arms held me across my chest and hips.


With every touch goosebumps followed.


His mouth and lips kept nipping and kissing on my skin. His hand moved to stimulate my breasts.


His fingers worked expertly to tease, flick and pinch my nipples. Every action sent jolts of pleasure racing straight through me.


I writhed and closed my eyes as I felt the pleasure bud inside of me.


“Adrian…” I moaned.


“Come with me baby.” He said huskily in my ear. His lips and tongue teased the sensitive skin.


He groaned in my ear as I moaned loudly one last time.



We were both sweating and panting. We just laid there trying to regain our composure.


My eyes started to close on their own as exhaustion caught up with me.


I felt a kiss on my shoulder and some shuffling before I finally felt asleep.


Adrian’s Pov


I woke up to feel the pillows instead of Celine, I wondered where she was and the shower running made a guess she was in the bathroom.


I thought last night was incredible, all nights with Celine was incredible and I never expected her to forgive me, after everything I did to her, I didn’t care about anything except for my company.


She’s just too perfect for me and am not letting her go this time around.


I looked at the side of the bed where she laid and noticed something under the pillow, I picked the piece of paper and my eyes widened as I examined the contents, I frowned and thought I was seeing things.


I stood up and head to the bathroom but Celine wasn’t there, I walked to her room but she wasn’t there.


I checked her closet and saw it was empty.


I looked at the papers again my hands shaking in fear.





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