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Crazy In The New York City – Episode 34

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Celine’s Pov


I looked at the anger in Adrian’s eyes, I guess he hasn’t been slapped before that’s why he turned out this miserable.


With one scowl I turned my back and walked away from him and stood behind the wine counter, fortunately Cordelia was in her office doing some calculations.


My cold aura dissipated immediately I went down behind the counter, I sobbed silently placing one hand on my chest where the heart was located.


Memories of Adrian and I together came flooding in and the more I remembered them the more my tears flew.


I came for revenge but my heart still yearns for him, no matter how stone hearted I want to become, just thinking about him makes me shrink emotionally. Am still in love with Adrian Vandermir, I love the man I hate the most and it

hurts so bad.


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Cordelia walks behind the counter and I clean my tears immediately then stand up.


“Hi Cordelia” I sniffed.


She gives me an understanding look and smiles, that’s your husband who dissapeared at the wedding isn’t it.


“How how did you know” I asked.


“Silly you, it’s all over the news. I thought it was just a publicity stunt you know the crazy things people do just to get famous but then looking at you, I see the hurt in your eyes”


“Am not crying, I rubbed my eyes so bad it became red” I said and walked away.


I watched intently as Adrian and his slut made jokes and laugh.


I stole yet another glance in Adrian’s direction to find him watching me, a sardonic smiles forms on his face as he lifted his wine glass in a mocking tone.


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I glared at him which only seemed to amuse him, he shrugs and gets his attention on his date.


I take a deep fortifying breath of the glass of water I poured myself and wished I was home curled up in my bed with a box of chocolates, far away from Adrian’s cloying present and this already evening.


Adrian waves his hand at me and I walk forward.



“The bill please” He asked.


The girl received a text from her phone and frowns.


“Am sorry Adrian, I have to go. Something came up” She stands up and gives him a peck on his lips, I look away immediately but then I turned back to see Adrian smirking totally feeling himself.




I stood outside of the restaurant waiting for a cab, it was late and seeing a cab is going to be difficult.


I should take a bus but am going to have to work miles first and that can’t do, am so stressed from walking to and fro in the restaurant, my legs ache like hell.


I rubbed my palms together, it was a cold evening and seriously my outfit only made it worse.


A B.M.W pulls right up in front and the window slides down to meet a way older looking man at the passenger seat.


“Good evening child?, where are you going, it’s late and not safe” He says politely.


I manage a smile and reply him.


“Am going home”


“Can I drop you home”


As much as I wanted the offer, anything just to take these legs to rest but I just couldn’t accept to get in a stranger’s car.


“No thank you sir. Someone is coming to pick me” I lied, I didn’t want him knowing I turned down his offer because I didn’t trust him.


“And who’s that?” He asked.




” …Husband” I froze at the voice behind me.


I whirled around, heart plummeting when I found Adrian standing behind me and I stifled a groan. What have I done to deserve this, I wondered, wishing the day would just end.



really couldn’t deal with Adrian again, am scared my already frazzled nerves would snap.


The man smiles and waves his hand, his driver drives off and I wished I really entered the car when I had the chance.


“Am taking you home” He says blankly


“No.” I forced out between clenched teeth, aiming a glare at Adrian.


“I’ll be much more comfortable in a cab. Thank you for the offer, but it’s not necessary.”


The corner’s of Adrian’s mouth mouth lifted in a grin, eyes glinting in amusement and I could clearly see the challenge in them.


“Don’t be childish Celine, we live together, Besides, you may have to wait a whole hour before a cab arrives and you could be home in that time.”


I knew he was right but no way am going to enter the car with him, I’ll have to walk home if that’s what it takes, and how dare he accuse me of being childish. I opened my mouth to denounce him soundly but was cut short when Adrian snaps his fingers at me.


“I don’t have all day you know”


I grew steadily furious at how the situation was slipping out of control.


“Scared I’ll maul you Sweetbites?” Adrian’s voice sounded so close to my ear that I jumped, startled to find him so close without being aware he’d moved.


I took a step back, eager to put a safe distance between us, my pulse racing at the proximity.


“Why are you so interested in my well-being of a sudden?” I muttered, deliberately avoiding an answer to his question.


“I thought your life mission was to have all the riches in this world even if it means hurting every woman you meet”


He grinned, lifting a hand to brush away a tendril of hair from my face, the grin turning to a chuckle when I flinched.


He dropped his hand and raised an eyebrow.



“Perhaps, perhaps not, but don’t get any ideas Celine. You’ve grown so well on my mother and if anything happens to you I won’t hear the end of it. You still disgust me and I want nothing more than to get rid of you”


I sighed taking a deep breath, I was done with this man for tonight and honestly his insults doesn’t bother me again.


“Well, I’ll be bidding you good night ” I made to walk away, but his arm shot out and grabbed my arm.


“Where do you think you’re going?” His tone was hard, mouth set in a determined line.


“I said I would take you home and I am a man of my word.”


I wrenched my arm from his grasp and glared at him.


“I made no such promise. You were the one who assumed I’d want to be in the same vehicle with you for even a short time. Well, you’re mistaken because I would rather home in these aching legs before I set foot in your car. Not after the abominable manners you have exhibited all day.”


A muscle worked in his jaw, clearly displeased at being thwarted.


“Don’t tempt me woman.” He growled, taking a menacing step towards me.


“I’m not adverse to hurling your behind into the car if I have to.”


“How dare you threaten me?” I blazed at him, the fragile dam I’d built around my temper bursting at his words.


Our argument was rapidly garnering an audience- passersby stopping, , but for once, I didn’t care.


“I’m not afraid of you Adrian Vandermir and I swear, if you so much as lay a hand on me, I’ll sue your ass till doomsday.”


Adrian’s Pov



A wave of anger surged through me as I stared at the annoying minx. In my twenty nine years and numerous encounters with women of every kind, I have never come so close to physically man-handling one as much as I wanted to do to Celine Greene every time.


Even more exasperating was how little control I had over body when it came to this crazy woman.


For fu.cks sake, I have been with women far lovelier and certainly better behaved, but none of them had eroded my self control or ignited my desire the way Celine did.


I am supposed to despise her, bring about her complete and utter humiliation and yet for daring him and also for being that bitch’es sister but here I was, offering to give her a lift and having to watch her throw my offer back in my face


Even acting like a spoiled little brat, she still looked utterly stunning and my groin responded much to my disgust.


I gritted my teeth and moved closer, each step slow and intimidating and I had the satisfaction of seeing her eyes widen in alarm.


“Get. In. the. Damn. Car. Woman.” I growled, enunciating each word slowly and deliberately. I flexed my shoulder muscles, prepared to carry out my threat if she resisted again.


I was ready to shove her little ass inside the car and nobody would stop me.


I watched as she hesitated, apparently alarmed at the way things were going. A gamut of emotions ran through her features as she bit her lip and considered her options.


I knew the exact moment she made her decision, the defeated slump of her bare shoulders told me she was going to concede to his demand, exactly what I wanted. No woman can defy me not even Celine Greene.


“No I am not going to enter your danm car” She says chin up.


My eyes darkened in anger and I grab her arm ready to carry her inside the car.


“If you try that I’ll scream the whole city down” My eyes darkened at the challenge, am so going to love this.


“Fine scream, Go ahead and scream” I whispered the challenge in her ears, my warm breath sending shivers to her body.



“I’m sure you would love to explain to everyone that you screamed because your husband tried taking you home”


I looked at her defeated sigh and took it as a cue to take her to the car but this crazy woman decides to scream.




“Fuck” I placed my hands on my mouth and her screams turns to muffled noise. She tries pulling away but her resistance is nothing compared to my strength. I


pull her to the black Mercedes wrenching the front seat open and pushing her inside, putting it on child lock almost immediately.


She crossed her arms over her chest and stared straight ahead, jaw clenched in fury, the very act causing a smile on my face. She looked like a child who’d just been denied a lollipop, I observed in amusement.


I crossed to the driver’s side and opened the door, entering inside.


I slid into my seat, grinning when Celine scooted to the very edge of her seat to avoid any contact, though I noticed the slight hitch of her breath.


“You really are a despicable man Adrian.” She says, glaring at me.


I shrugged and pulled out into the streets.


I stole quick glances at her which she noticed.


“I hate you.” She declared.


“No, you don’t.” I countered.


“Don’t play childish games Celine, it doesn’t suit you.”


She said nothing, merely stared ahead in stony silence, until I pulled into the mansion. Then she gathered her purse and bolted without a word as though there were wild dogs after her, not sparing me another glance.


I smirked and got out of the car.


Celine’s Pov


I made dinner for myself alone, I wasn’t interested if Adrian ate or not. He could starve to death for all I care.


He walked to the kitchen and opened the fridge taking a bottle of water.


He looks at me and I look away immediately.


“You are going to quit that job you are doing” He says all of a sudden.


“Excuse me” I say looking at him.


“Am not going to have you ruin my reputation sweet bites. To my displeasure everyone believes we are married and I can’t have my wife working….”


“Shut up Adrian” I say to him.


“Sometimes I wonder if there’s any brain behind that handsome face of yours” He smirks obviously proud that I called him handsome and discarded my insults.


“You are going to quit that job woman, or else…”


“Nothing you say or do is going to affect me in any way Adrian Vandermir” He grins at the challenge.


“Oh really” He says and walks closer to me. With each step he took I took a step back until I hit the wall.


He puts his hand on his wall caging me between his body and the wall.


“You might want to take back your words Celine Greene”


I look at him, not in any scared.


Nothing you say or do is going to affect me in any way Adrian Vandermir” He smirks and touches the hem of my gown pulling it up a little to expose my



“You shouldn’t have said that sweetbites” He says his breath fanning my face and giving me different wild thoughts.


He takes his hand up further passing my panties and reaching my waist rubbing my stomach and slipping down slowly.


My face held no emotion but deep down I wanted more, my body and heart ached for Adrian Vandermir but my head said otherwise.



My breathing increased when his lips came further and I felt his hand sneak into my panties slowly.


I curled my fist and bit my lips to avoid moaning out, my body was going to betray me.


Adrian’s Pov


I was damned, I have never wanted any woman as much as I wanted Celine Greene the woman I hated.


My boner was becoming painful and threatened to come out through the jeans, when she bit her lips I knew I was in trouble, curse my traitorous body.


I knew she wanted me as much as I did but she’s just too stubborn to admit it, my hands slipped inside her panties slowly and teasingly, I stopped and brought my face closer to hers.


Next thing I knew was Celine splashing water on my face.


“Keep your hands to yourself” She gritted and pushed me away.


“Next time you come near me like that, I’ll cut your fingers off and trust me not to make empty threats” She threatened and walked out of the kitchen.


I smashed the cup on the wall shattering it in different pieces, me for thinking I wanted her.


There’s nothing I wanted more but to get rid of her.


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