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Crazy In The New York City – Episode 33

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Celine’s Pov


I looked at the cut on my arm, I got it from damaging Adrian’s cars. I was here on a mission, on a mission to destroy Adrian.


I am not in any way interested in material things or his money but am sure I would rid Adrian of everything he has.


Anger blazed in Adrian’s eyes as he entered my room, we didn’t sleep together and honestly I didn’t care.


“Why you little…” Without warning he yanked my arm so that I landed on him grabbing the hand where the arm was firmly causing me to feel pain but I didn’t show it, Adrian would never see me hurt.


I gasped at the contact and tried to yank my arm away but his iron fist remained.



“Let go of me Adrian” I grounded out through clenched teeth, my fury bubbling to the surface of his manhandling.

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He lets me go and I rub my arm softly, I noticed he had some of my blood on his hand.


“You think destroying some few cars is compared to what I have, you are on the wrong track Celine Greene” His face takes an incredulous look.


“You are so pathetic Greene, you Greenes are so pathetic” Adrian words cut into me and I felt my anger return to full force but a fake smirk was all I needed to keep it calm.


“First of all am a Vandermir, the marriage certificate proves so and secondly what’s more pathetic is the boring nights we spent together, tell me are you that lame at s3x or it was just one of your bad days. I mean I get the fact you were using me but couldn’t you at least give me something to remember…..” I noticed how my insults


were getting to Adrian, I was bruising his ego. A muscle worked in his jaw, his entire body rigid as though he was restraining himself. From doing what I had no idea but I knew that whatever was going through his mind at the moment was certainly not good thoughts.


“What I don’t understand is this?” I continued in spite of the warning bells sounding at the back of my mind telling me to back down.


“Those hoes who praise you for your mind blowing s3x. How much did you pay them to lie because for the record Mr Vandermir, you give the most boring s3x and that was why I cheated on you” His eyes darkened, he wasn’t just angry, I could feel the jealousy rush through his blood. Yes I lied, Adrian was my first and the way he touched me and made me feel, I don’t think any man would ever be able to do that.


Saying I cheated was another way to bring him down. Seeing Adrian so frustrated lightened my mood, it feels so good, even if it means telling a boldfaced lie.

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“You cheated?” The dismissive words burned a fiery part in his system, his fury kindling even stronger. He sets his jaw, eyes narrowed to slits and watched me intently, searching for some motion, an expression that would prove I was lieing



through my teeth. To my credit I met his gaze with an implacable one of my own, face betraying nothing.


Adrian’s Pov


I forced myself to relax, looking at Celine smirk victoriously at my defeat. It was so frustrating to figure out if she was being truthful or just saying it to bruise my ego, either way it upsets me.


I am danm sure the little minx was up to something and I would find out even if I have to throttle it out of her.


No women have ever been with as shrugged their experience with me as boring s3x and hearing Celine say it rankled my ego.


Boring s3x is it, I would make her eat her words.


“Oh sweetbites, You better make sure I don’t find out who you cheated with, because the day I do it’s bye bye boo boo for him” I threatened and walk out of her room.




“How could you have the wrong dammed files?!” I roared as I slammed the incorrect files back on my desk.


“I’m I’m sorry sir,it’s just I can’t get through to the right person at Deandro and Co” Clara apologized, I don’t blame her though. She was being a victim of transferred aggression.


“Are you f*cking Kidding me?!!” I slammed my hands on the desk making her topple over.


“They’re important!!”


“Am aware Sir, everyone’s in meetings all day, I’m trying my best to get the correct ones, but am just getting the run around” She was obviously feeling frustrated, after claiming ownership of Deandro’s company, work had doubled. New staffs, new clients and I had to send some of them to the company to work there after firing almost all Deandro’s workers.


“I’ll sort it out, go back and do your work” I sighed in exasperation.



“Next time check that you have the right one”


“Yes yes sir, am really sorry sir” She exclaimed and practically ran out the door.


I sighed and thought about everything, I had everything I wanted. The wealth, the power and the fame but it wasn’t complete, something was missing and I can’t place my hand on what exactly it was, perhaps I wasn’t just rich enough, but then I am the richest man in the whole of New York, Forbes already proved it, probably I should strive to be the richest in the whole of America and then the whole world, maybe then I would be happy.


Celine’s Pov


I grabbed some clothes and went to the bathroom.


It was 10am and I was already late for the work I had not even started, I had to work and be independent even though Erin disagreed. She didn’t want her daughter in law serving food in a restaurant as a waitress.


She wants me to have those white collar job but honestly with my qualifications I can’t pull that off.


Closing the door behind me, I looked at the mirror and studied my feature.


I looked pale and I promised to get myself a tan soon.


After I was finished with my shower, I dried my hair and let my hair fall freely. I looked at the necklace on the table, the same one the old woman gave me. I

reached for it but stopped and took another necklace.


I changed into a grey gown and wore a black scandals.


I wasn’t used to makeup so I didn’t bother doing any.


“Perfect” I say and pick my bag and run out of the house not before locking the kitchen door.


Nobody is eating while am not around.




“You’re late Mrs Vandermir” Cordelia growls, I smile through my teeth and apologize.


“My name’s Celine” I said, she spares me a hard look and looks away almost immediately.




“Nothing” I said and she throws an apron at me.


“Wear that” She orders and points at a table with teenagers.


“That’s your table” She says and walks away.


“I wonder what the wife of the richest man in NY is doing here” She mutters while leaving


I walk to the seat with a group of teenagers flashing my fakest smile ever.


“What can I get you” I asked.


“Water for now please” One of them said and looked up, he gasps and taps his friends to look at me.


“Celine Celine Greene” He says and stands up excitedly.


“Nice meeting you now sit down. I’ll bring your water” I said harshly and walked to get them water. I noticed they were taking shots already and honestly it was starting to bother me. I just wanted a normal life where nobody would recognize me just like the old times.


Julia’s Pov


I watched Deandro get off me as he picked his shorts and discarded the condom inside the trash can.


I pray Anthony doesn’t get to know my escapade with Deandro.


“Well you know something Julia, i might have regretted betting on Celine but I’ll never regret f*cking you” He says hastily catching his breath.


I smirked and sat up using the sheets to cover my chest.


When Deandro told me about the bet I was the happiest woman on earth,I always knew there was a reason Deandro wanted Celine so bad and Adrian wasn’t the type to just fall in love especially not with the sister of the person who broke his heart.



“So you foolishly gave your company away. From the 11th richest man you’ve drooped so low to the 23rd. I feel really bad for you Deandro”


“Shut up” He scolds.


“Adrian might have won this round but now he’s alone, the last time he had Celine but now I am going to destroy him. Watch me bring Adrian Vandermir’s name to the mud” He growls angrily.


Adrian’s Pov


Boring s3x, I have no idea why that word still keeps on playing in my head.


Honestly if another woman said this to me I would ruin her.


To think she cheated, I wonder who she cheated with.


Whoever it was dared me, he knew Celine belonged to me and still had the guts to touch her.


The day I find him am pulling his head off.


But honestly I don’t believe Celine cheated, she’s crazy but not that kind of crazy.


Am going to believe she only said that to make me mad which actually worked.


The thought of getting laid comes up in my mind and I know I needed a woman and this time around we won’t be going to any hotel, I’ll be bringing her home and I’ll f*ck her on the same bed Celine and I made love on. I would make sure Celine hears her m0an and scream and then she’ll regret underestimating me.


She would wish she was the one screaming and m0aning my name.


It’s one of my rules never to bring a woman home for s3x but for Celine I’ll break any rules in the world just to see her cringe.


I discard the thought and pick up my phone and hit the line for my secretary.


“Get Mr Miller” I instructed Clara. He might have pulled out of his partnership deal with me but ever since I claimed ownership to Deandro’s company he knew he had no choice but to work me if not he’s going to incur huge loss.


After five minutes I was on the line with Mr Miller.



Adrian what can I do for you son His gruff voice was unpleasantly pleasant.



You still haven’t giving any of my team the files, I need the files by tommorow


morning I stated.



Okay I’ll send it to you, what are they for



The files on freight and shipping



Okay I’ll have it organized” He sighed, his tone becoming more irritated.


I end the call and got back to work.


My meetings ran late and ended up running back to back. We didn’t get much of a break at all.


By 6pm I had dismissed Clara and finished off as much paperwork as possible. At 7 I couldn’t take it anymore, I figured I’d just come in early in the morning

and finish the rest.


I pulled on my suit jacket and coat, I phoned my supposed date and she chose a restaurant.


I made my way to the car and drove to the restaurant using google map.


Celine’s Pov


First day at work is always the worst especially when you are known almost everywhere.


It was like the whole of NYC came to the restaurant just to see my face. It was annoying when people start asking questions about my husband. It took God’s grace and maturity not to beat anyone up.


“This is the best sales we’ve made so far, all thanks to you” Cordelia smiles.


Oh so now she’s nice.


I looked at the young lady sitting at an empty table, she refused to order anything and it was pissing me off.


I wanna go home but she’s making it impossible, I can’t say anything due to the stupid policy customers are always right.


She looks like she’s waiting for someone though, all dressed up with makeup that screamed “f*ck me am a slut”


I raised my head up when I sensed a particular cologne.


Amazement and Dismay swelled within me at the last man on earth I wished to encounter, I tried looking away but it was too late.



Adrian Vandermir stood there in all his evil glory, in the very restaurant I was in looking at me with that same mocking smile I had come to loathe.


He ignores me smiling proudly and walking to the lady.


I glared at them when realization dawned on me. She was waiting for Adrian.


That slut.


“Waiter please come here” She waves at me.


Adrian’s Pov


This night just got interesting, I watched impa*ssively as my date stood up to hug me.


I had to admit she looked good . The figure hugging red dress setting off the olive complexion of her skin, glowing under the soft lightening in the room, golden hair piled atop her head giving the illusion that she was taller. Celine’s words came back to me


It had been a while since I had s3x, too busy with the company.Perhaps it was time to remedy that situation, my date was a beautiful woman, s3xy too. Whether she would meet my special needs remained to be seen.


She waves at Celine who walked towards us glaring at me.


I must say she looked more attractive when she frowns like that.


“What can I get you?” She says feigning politeness.


“Your best wine” My date replied.


Celine walks away and two minutes after she was back with two gla*ss of wine.


She pretends to slip and spills the wine on my date, Oh Celine.


“Oh ” She exclaimed while my date stood up angrily looking at her ruined dress.


“What is wrong with you” She screamed.


“Oh am so clumsy. Am really sorry” Her tone was with false concern


“The restroom is that way” She says pointing at a door.


She walks away and I face Celine.


“Why are you so jealous Miss Greene” I ask smirking triumphantly.


She scoffs and rolls her eyes.


“Oh please Jealousy is the last thing on my mind”


“But the look on your face proves otherwise” I state.


“You know you really think high of yourself, I am only upset because my date….”


My eyes darkened at the word “date”


“….is waiting for me and you and your date are obviously wasting my time. Am


just going to have to call him to give me few more minutes” She brings her phone out of her pocket and I snatch it from her throwing it across the room.


She looks at the direction the phone had taken and looks back at me.


“Why you bastard, How dare you” She snaps and launched herself at me slapping me across the cheek, nobody has ever done that before. Nobody.


I grabbed her arm and looked at her coldly, she swallows but remains calm.


“Don’t you ever try that again, I can accept a lot of things from you but not that” She looks at me and raises her chin not in any way feeling threatened.


“A slap is nothing compared to what I have in store for you Adrian Vandermir” She says and walks away.




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