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Crazy In The New York City – Episode 3

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Celine’s Pov


I stood at a corner of the club and watched girls flock around the so called Adrian Vandermir. I couldn’t see him completely but I was able to see his eyes. His eyes were as blue as the blue ocean but cold too.


Why are girls flocking around him so much, Gosh girls are so cheap. Don’t they know he’s a liar.



“Hey stop the music , STOP THE MUSIC” I yelled and everyone’s attention was on me. Good


I stand on the table so everyone could see me, me for being short. Everyone keeps on looking at me except that Bastard Adrian, it was as if I never



“Hey Adrian look at me” I yelled and everyone makes a quick look at Adrian then faces me again still he wasn’t looking at me.


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I remove my gum and throw it at him, everyone gasps when the gum hits him. Now he was looking at me but his eyes now made my knees jelly but I’m not going to be scared of him.


“Yes I am that “prostitute” who bashed your car” I said proud of myself. I noticed the movement of his eyes and his evil smirk. Now I was scared.


“Get her” He orders his men and they all charge towards me. I jump down from to the table to the arms of one of his men, all wearing black suits.


“Thanks for the catch” I said and used my head to hit his head.


He falls to the ground while I touch my forehead in pain.


“This doesn’t hurts in movies” I groan and bend down immediately another one of his men tries to grab me, I use that opportunity to punch his balls.


“Am sorry” I apologized and pick a bottle on the floor.


“Wait” I said to the third guy, I pour the remaining content in his face and kick his chin.


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“Anyone who gets me that stupid brat would be rewarded handsomely” He says and smirks.


“Fuck” I muttered and run out of the club with almost half an hundred people chasing me.


Adrian’s Pov



Everything that just happened seemed like a dream to me, just one girl. How can just one girl make me loose my mind, I remove the gum from my


forehead and look at it.


She’s gonna regret this, for the fact that she had the effrontery to face me after what she did. Now am not going to show any pity




“For starters Adrian you called her a prostitute, I don’t think she’s like other girls”


“For starters??, Romeo you’ve forgotten that this wench bashed my car”


“Am sure there’s a misunderstanding there besides you know how many female enemies you’ve made over the years. Am sure….”


“But the I don’t know this girl. And she’s not even scared of me. If killing was legal, I would have shot her at the club”


“Dude calm down, so what do you want to do to her now”


“Have found out where she’s staying and who she’s staying with. Am gonna….”


“Don’t do anything okay, leave it to me ”


“No I’ll make her pay”


“Dude calm down okay send me address and I’ll settle everything”


I sigh heavily and throw my phone on the floor.


“Fuck” I groan and kick the table.


Romeo’s Pov


“Was that Adrian” Jessica asks. She kisses my cheek and lays down beside me on the bed.


“Yes baby, I guess he has found his match. A lady who also doesn’t give a about him” I say and my wife bursts into laughter.



‘Adrian Vandermir, find his own match. That’s like saying pigs can fly which we all know is impossible”


“Well I don’t know about pigs flying but I think have found out someone who can change our heartless Adrian”


“After what Julia did, I don’t think your friend can ever fall in love again”


“Jessica have you forgotten you were the one who mended my broken heart”


“That was because you were a player in high school you deserved the heartbreak you went through, Adrian on the other side was the good guy, he really loved Julia”


“Well look at how that turned out, am the good guy and he’s the player”


“All thanks to me” She says and kisses me.


Celine’s Pov


I looked at Mary as she kept yelling at me for making her lose her job all thanks to that Adrian.


“Do you know the consequences of what you just did, nobody upsets Adrian Vandermir and gets away with it. You’ve ruined me” She cries out


What’s so special about him, isn’t he a human just like us.


The door bell rings and I run to get it.


“Hi” I said frowning at him. Where the are all this handsome men coming from.


But he’s married, the wedding ring proves it.


“Celine??” He asked and I look at him suspiciously.


“Are you one of Adrian’s men” I said setting my fist to his face ready to destroy his nose.



“You really like to destroy faces” He says and puts my fist down.


“Can I come in”


“Why??” I yell at his face and watch him chuckle.


“You’re so cute” He says fondling my cheek.


He walks inside without my permission but it seems Mary was familiar to him.


“Romeo what are you doing here, in my house” She asks smiling.


“Mary I didn’t even know you live here. Am so sorry you lost your job but don’t worry I’ll get you a better one”


“Thanks so much Romeo and what of Adrian” She asks looking at me.


“Adrian isn’t happy with your little friend here, that’s exactly why I am here. I have a job for you too Celine but first you’ll have to apologize to Adrian”


“No no no, I would rather commit suicide than…”


“Celine you’ll do as he says unless you are going back home”


“Fine” I said giving up.


Adrian’s Pov


I walked to my office looking with a good expression on my face, my secretary must be shocked since all I do is frown.


Thanks to Romeo that spoiled brat would apologize to me but I am still going to make life difficult for her, she’s going to regret her bad choice of actions.


“Sir the Chinese investors called, they want the deal again” The secretary says.


“Tell them 30% or nothing, they have no choice anyways” I said and she nods.



“Deandro is here as well” She continues and I slam my hands on the table but a smirk is able to form on my face.


Deandro and I have been enemies since high school.


“Let him in” I said and she nods her head.


He walks in smiling, God knows how bad I wanna destroy those teeth of his. There’s a scar on his face, we will never be able to forgive each other because that scar is a reminder of our history.


“So you were able to get the investors back. Well at least you were able to collect something back” He says in a mocking tone.


I knew who he was referring to.


“Deandro what do you want” I asked folding my palm together.


“I came here personally to invite you to a party, my company’s net worth just increased by zero point five percent, it’s a good thing to celebrate don’t you think” He says and drops the invitation on the table.


“Hope you bring your woman” He laughs and walks out.


The bastard just reminded me of why I despise women and also use them as sex toys.


I lay my head back and tap on the table looking at the invitation card, of course I’ll have to honor the invitation. Ohhh this should be fun, am going to give Deandro a taste of his own medicine.


Celine’s Pov


Romeo walks me to Adrian’s office while everyone keeps on looking at me like I was something they’ve never seen before.


A young blonde lady sitting behind a computer greets Romeo and flirts with him. Did she just flirt with a married man.


I walk to her and knock her head lightly.


“You know he’s married and you still flirt, if I was his wife I would have beaten some sense into you”


Romeo apologizes for my character and pulls me inside Adrian’s office.



That smirk, I hate that smirk on his face and I wish I could walk over there and slap it off, oh wait I can.


I walk to him and attempt to slap him but he holds my hand, at first I felt my whole body vibrate like I was shocked but he pushes me floor my butt hitting the ground hard.


“Is this thing going to apologize to me, it just tried to slap me again” He said while Romeo helps me up.


“Did he just refer to me as a non living object” I said and charged for him. Romeo grabs me while he keeps on smirking.


“Keep on smirking like that, let Romeo release me and I’ll destroy your ugly face, you think you can come and make life miserable for me, My name is Celine. Ask about me in Brooklyn, I break noses and destroy faces for a living. Just because am in New York city doesn’t mean I’ll bow down to any dick. Am in NYC, NYC should be scared of me. I’ll kill you today Adrian” I yelled trying to free myself from Romeo’s grip.


“Celine this was not what we talked about” Romeo says.


“Okay fine let go of me, I’ll apologize” I said.


“Promise” Romeo says and releases me.


I go down on my knees and watch that irritating smirk come up his face, I pull off my shoes immediately and stone him with it. He was lucky to dodge it but he passes me a killer glare and this time around he charges for me but Romeo stands in our middle.


“Am gonna kill her today I swear to God” He yells while I make funny faces at him.


“Adrian calm down” Romeo says pushing him away. My eyes catches a vase on his table, I take it and attempt to hit Adrian’s head with it but unfortunately for Romeo he took the hit.


I drop the vase and now I was calmed down.




“So Celine are you ready to apologize” Romeo asks his hand covering the white rag that contains the bleeding.


“Ye__ ye____yes” I stammered feeling defeated.


I face Adrian and watch him smirk again, I hate this smirk. It’s a sign of defeat for me.


“Am sorry for bashing your car”,I said and he nods his head disapprovingly.


“Nobody apologizes to me while sitting , go on your knees” He says.


“That’s it, have had it” I say and head out.


He pulls me back and grabs my arm, I swear it hurts.


“This is your last chance Celine, apologize now or regret it for the rest of your life” He threatens. The only thing I could see in his eyes were hatred.


“No” I said and tried releasing myself but God this guy is strong, he was hurting me.


“Adrian you are hurting her” Romeo says and comes to the rescue but Adrian stops him and faces me.


He hardens his grips on me and the pain made tears drip from my eyes, No man has ever made me shed tears before.


“Apologize” He yells at my face and I was taken aback.


“No” I insisted.


“Fine” He smiles evilly and pushes me outside of his office.


He picks my shoe and throws at me.


What the hell just happened


Adrian’s Pov


I look at Romeo harshly and go back to my seat.


“What!!” I asked looking at Romeo.


“That was too bad, have never seen you use so much force on a woman before”


“You call that thing a woman and you know she attacked me first”


“So have you forgiven her now”


“Oh no oh no, until she kneels down and apologizes I won’t forgive her” I said. The fact that this lady reminds me of someone I don’t want to ever see in my life


again makes me hate her more than I ever hated any woman.


“Deandro sent me an invitation personally'” I say changing the topic.


“Well that’s new so are you going or what” Roman asks.


“Of course I would go, I’m going there with a little surprise. I mean what are friends for” I say and look at Romeo’s head.


“Has the bleeding stopped ”


“Yes I think, Jessica must not see this. She’s really a crazy girl”


“You see what I am saying” I said and thought of a good plan to destroy the ugly witch.


Celine’s Pov


I get down from the cab and walk inside the house, I know Mary’s gonna be very upset if she finds out I didn’t apologize to Adrian.


I walk inside hoping to avoid Mary but she hugs me from behind.


“Am so grateful to you Celine, you apologized to Adrian and you even touched his heart, Guess what..” She stops and looks at me.


“What” I asked shocked.



“Adrian has promised to open a club for me as compensation for me loosing my job” She says happily. Have never seen her this happy before.


“You are the best Celine, I love you” She says and kisses my cheek.


What the hell just happened, God knows I didn’t apologize to that arrogant bastard and I will never do that so what’s going on.


My phone rings and I look at the caller ID, it’s an unknown number.


“Who’s this” I muttered.


“Hello sweetbites”


“You” I snarl getting upset after listening to the voice of the person I hate the most.


“Mary must be very excited to find out she’s getting a club isn’t she”


“What’s your plan Adrian” I asked wishing I could talk to him face to face and break his nose.


“Mary is not getting any club and any time soon she won’t have any place to live, you see that smile on her face you better get use to it because soon I would be replacing that smile with sorrow and that would be all thanks to you”


“Adrian don’t you dare….”


“There’s nothing you can do Celine, you have only choice and that’s to apologize to me on your knees if not Mary would pay for your stupidity, you have 24 hours to decide” He says and drops the call.


Mary runs down and holds my hand.


“Am going to make chicken sauce, I know you are going to love it. You deserve more than that Celine” She says and hugs me again. I don’t want Mary to suffer for my deeds, God I hate that Adrian.




I walk inside Adrian’s office for the second time the same day.


Do this for Mary Celine


I walk to his table and kneel down.


“Am sorry” I apologized and he chuckles.


“Oh no sweetbites that’s not going to work again, you’ve done a lot of damage and am sorry can’t repair it”


“What do you want me to do” I ask angrily.


“I knew you were going to come and so I called the press, I want you to apologize publicly for bashing my car. Tell the media you are really a prostitute who tried faking a pregnancy to tie me down”


I stand up immediately and glare at him.


“I will never do that” I say and he chuckles.


“Think about Mary, you don’t want to hurt her feelings” He says.


“I hate you Adrian, I hate you so much” I said and sniffed to hide my tears.




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