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Crazy In The New York City – Episode 29

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Celine’s Pov


I was so shocked I forgot how to breath, I broke out into cold sweat but my gaze was fixed on Adrian.


“Adrian I…”


“Look it’s okay if you don’t know what to say now, I won’t rush you. Just know I love you” He says and heads out not before giving me a soft kiss on my forehead.


I pinched myself to be sure I wasn’t dreaming, the pain seemed more realistic than the proposal.


Adrian just asked me to marry him, it’s weird because have never thought about




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Marriage has never been on my mind and now, God am freaking out.


We’ve been together for almost 3 months now and the idea of marriage seems so early.


Adrian’s Pov


I got out of the elevators and headed straight to my office, Romeo was sitting down with a mug of coffee on his hand.


“Well you’re absolutely glowing” Romeo smirks.


“Someone get laid or what”


I punched his shoulder to shut him up.


“Please tell me it was Celine” He frowns and rubs his shoulder


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“Dude” I glare at him and he shrugs.


“You had a habit before, who knows you snapped due to lack of sex” I sigh, this guy just doesn’t shut up


“I asked her to marry me”


Romeo drops the mug on the table, he was as shocked as Celine was this morning. I don’t blame him, I used to be a man whore until I met her.


“Dude seriously. Is this a joke, tell me you are not joking. What did she say?”


“She didn’t say anything , I know it’s huge…”


“Of course it’s huge, Adrian Vandermir asking someone to marry him is not something small especially when it’s a lady he claims to hate”


I smiled and a knock was heard on the door, it was the secretary.



“Sir you are not going to like this” She starts with, my countenance changes immediately.


“Get to it” I frowned


“So, Mr Wung Chan our Chinese investor just pulled out. They’ve changed to a different company” She says hesitantly.


“I’ve tried to find out who or why but they refused to answer, they won’t even pick my calls anymore”


“What the” I cursed under my breath. They are our most valued clients. They invest in our software and have partnered in various projects. We had so much invested in each other and I couldn’t fathom why they would do this. They are going to receive a massive loss and pay for breach in contact.


“And they wouldn’t say who they moved to?” I asked through gritted teeth.



“No sir”


I dismissed her and looked at Romeo.


“Calm down dude okay, I know what to do. I’ll make sure I find out who is behind it” Romeo assures me. I sit back in my chair and thought desperately about what was happening.


Celine’s Pov


I got out of the bathroom and dried my hair, I was taken aback when I saw Mary lieing on the bed.


I didn’t know when she got inside and it’s been a while I saw her.


“Hey” I greeted rubbing the towel on my wet hair.


“What’s up” She greeted blankly.


“Is everything okay?” I asked, worry laced in my voice and sat beside her.


“Can I put my head on your leg for a little while?” She asked.


“Sure why not” I replied and sat on the bed facing her, she lays her head and closes her eyes.


“Am pregnant” She says and choked on a sob which eventually dissolved into a puddle of tears. I didn’t know what to say, obviously the baby was for Fred and am sure she must be feeling heart broken but a baby is supposed to be a source of happiness.


What are you going to do?” I asked.


“Am getting rid of it” She sniffles


I take a deep breathe.


“Mary..” I started with.



“Why do you want to get rid of this baby?” I asked, she opens her eyes surprised that I was asking her such question.


“It’s Fred’s baby Celine. How do you want me to keep it” She snaps at me sitting up.


“So that’s your excuse. Isn’t the baby also yours, is Fred the only parent of the baby”




“Do not get rid of this baby Mary, look I know how it feels to be born into a family where you are not loved so I won’t advice you to keep the baby if you are going to hate it….. But just because you don’t want a baby doesn’t mean you should deprive


an innocent child a life it deserves. If you can’t give your baby love then give him life. I want you to keep this baby Mary and once you’ve had him we would go together to an orphanage center and give the baby…”


“Why would I give my baby out” She sobs out, I smile and hold her hand.


“Your baby, you already love the baby but you haven’t realized it yet” I said and gave her a heartwarming smile.


“You’ll cross this bridge Mary”


“You are the best Celine” She says and hugs me deeply.


“Adrian proposed to me” I blurted out and Mary eyes lit up in excitement.


She looked so happy you wouldn’t know she was sulking minutes ago.


“And what did you say?”


“I didn’t say anything”


Her excitement fades away and confusion was written on her face, she frowns and gives me a light knock.


“Owwww” I groaned placing my hand on my head.



“What was that for?” I asked.


“All I gave you was just a light knock, you deserve a tight slap….” She gestures her


hand and I move away.


“Adrian proposed and you didn’t say anything, girl if I was you I won’t even let him pop the question”


“I just thought it’s still early”


“Your mates are married with three kids, Adrian is a limited edition. You don’t want to lose him” She says and gets out of the bed.


Deandro’s Pov


I am on a mission to destroy Adrian and I would do it as soon as possible, I know I might have lost Celine to Adrian but that’s not the end of everything. I have to start building a new company and I don’t care if blood is spilled in the process I do not care.


I already threatened Wung Chan to let go of his deal with Adrian, it didn’t take much to point a bullet on Wung Chan’s head and asked him to call off his deal with Adrian.


I know he’s going to be furious after hearing the news, he had lost Mr miller and now the Chinese investors.


I would end him completely.


Celine’s Pov


It was late in the evening and Adrian wasn’t back yet, he didn’t come this late and I was worried.


I already solved one problem with Mary, I didn’t have time for another one.


My phone beeped and a message came up, it was from Adrian.



Come out of the mansion.


I dropped my phone and sighed, we really need to talk about his ordering attitude.


I got my flip flop on and ran downstairs, I walked out of the building and closed the gate.


I looked around and saw a limousine parked opposite the building.



Get in the limo.


I walked closer and looked at the car, I looked at the window and realized someone was coming behind me. Before I could be alert the person had covered my mouth and blindfolded me.


I was forced in the car and tried resisting the force but it wasn’t easy to, I made out a punch and I smiled knowing it hit someone but that wasn’t all I kept on kicking and they didn’t fight back. I couldn’t see anyone but it felt like they didn’t want to hurt me.


“Danm she’s feisty” One of the man mutters.


“What do you want from me?” I asked.


“You would soon know”


He says and but I was scared, fear gripped me and I feared the worse to happen.


The car stops and I take that as cue to fight away the men.


I was pulled out of the car and the blindfold was out of my eyes.


I looked around and got confused, what the hell was I doing in an airport.


“Hey” A familiar deep voice that sent shivers to my spine says behind me.


Adrian dismissed the men and walked closer to me smirking obviously proud of himself.


“So we are kidnapping now” I frown at him.


“It’s fun” He murmurs enjoying my discomfort. He makes a steeple with his fingertips and studied me as a wry smile forms on his lips.


“You look so hot when you are upset you know, lotta things I wanna do to you” He gestures.


“What are we doing here Adrian” I asked getting tired, it was late and I wanted to sleep.



“We going somewhere” He says and walks to the plane which had A.V imprinted on it.


I stopped and laughed sarcastically.


“There’s no way am getting in there”


“Sweetbites, cmon you don’t have to be scared. Am here yunno” I sigh and walk behind him wondering where we were off to. I looked at the time, it was few minutes after 8pm.


We got in the plane, I clutched close to Adrian since my acrophobia was still a thing.




“Celine” Adrian aroused me from my sleep


“We’ve landed” He says quietly and pulls me up.


“Where are we?” I asked rubbing my eyes.


“In Fiji” He replies and my eyes widened.


“Fi..ji” I repeated, Adrian never misses a chance to surprise me.


I looked at the time, it was few minutes after 12pm.


“I slept for 16 hours!!” I exclaimed.


“Yeah at a point I thought you died, who sleeps like that” He mocks and smiles, I shot him a murderous glare.


My breath was taken away when I looked out the window. It was beautiful. The ocean was crystal clear with sandy beaches. There was thick tropical foliage that constrasted with the vibrant blue of the sea.


“Welcome to Vandermir’s private island”


How many island does he have.


Warm air hit me and whirled around as we exited the luxury private plane and stepped onto the private landing strip.


“What do you think?”


I didn’t reply instead I just looked around, beautiful was an understatement.


“But Adrian what are we doing here” I was still curious.


“You’ll soon found out” He says and we get in the car that was waiting for us. We stopped at a surprisingly small bungalow. It was two bedroom and was


fairly open. A patio wrapped around the house and large windows looked out onto every view possibly.


What really stunned me was the ocean. The calm waves of the ocean soothed my eyes.


Adrian wrapped his hand around me and I felt protected under him, his cologne filling my nostrils in ways I couldn’t explain.


“I want us to be like this forever” He whispers in my ear.


Just that alone made me throb for him.


We got in the bungalow and I noticed a dress lieing neatly on the couch, the prize tag was still on it.


“Do you like it?” He asks, I look at the dress closely.


“It’s perfect” I said smiling.


Adrian was definitely spoiling me.


“Not as perfect as you”


I blushed and he chuckles, he shakes his head and pulls his shirt off.


I would have liked to watch him but I didn’t want to look like a complete pervert, but it.


I watched as his muscles flex and stretch and my eyes trailed down over to his toned chest and hard abs.


He catches me staring at him and I look away embarrassingly.


Adrian chuckles and pulls me onto his chest.


“It’s all yours baby, you can stare as much as you want”


“Am starving, would I eat you?” I asked and he laughs.



“Well I wouldn’t mind eating you up” He says. I blushed so hard I thought my face was on fire.


“I’ll prepare something” He says and releases me, I really wished he didn’t.


“Adrian why me??” I asked all of a sudden, I didn’t know where that came from but I knew I deserved an answer and only Adrian knows it.


He looks at me and smiles pulling me close to him.


“Because you bashed my car even before we met”


I laugh shortly at his joke.


“Because you laugh like that”


He nips my earlobe and suck lightly.


“Because you dare me in ways nobody has ever dared me” Our lips molded to each other, I pulled away feeling hot and excited.


“Because you make me feel what no lady has ever made me feel” I blushed and looked down, I didn’t miss the hard erection buldging out of Adrian’s trousers.


“It’s what you do to me” He breathes against me.


“Only you Celine Greene”


A pleasurable shiver ran down my spine, I released a shaky breath.


His lips continued from my ear and down to my neck, just as his slender fingers was about to make contact. A sound echoed throughout out the house.


We both froze, someone was at the door and that was unexpected.


Nobody knows we were here.


The banging on the door increased and I got scared.


“Stay here” Adrian says sternly and takes a pair of pants.


“Wait it could be dangerous” I said nervously.


“That’s why I want you to stay here” He says and leaves the room.


I bit my fingers wondering who could be at the door.

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